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Best Body Weight Exercises For Parkour (An Ultimate List)

By Chris / September 20, 2016

Body Weight Excercise For Parkour In Parkour, your playground is your surroundings. You have to adapt to your environment to perform the Parkour. But Parkour requires body strength and fitness. So, what you must do to gain such power and developing of your muscles. So, here we come with most high body weight exercises to […]


Top 10 Health Benefits Of Parkour & Freerunning (It Could Save Your Life)

By Chris / August 28, 2016

Being a physical exercise, Parkour is very beneficial for an individual’s health. It requires a complete focus and can-do attitude overcome the real obstacles. Thus parkour makes you super strong both physically and mentally. The health benefits of parkour are not limited to a few. Moreover, it is not like a traditional training that you […]


Parkour For Overweighted or Obese People!

By Chris / August 22, 2016

Parkour is an intense activity. It demands intense muscular and physical strength. That said, does it mean parkour is only for the physically fit people? No, it’s for everyone. Obese individuals can also be a part of it. The thing is that they have to do a bit more hard work as compared to the […]


Parkour Diet: A Complete Guide To What To Eat And When To Eat?

By Chris / July 14, 2016

Parkour Diet A well-optimized parkour diet can take your performance to the next level and can cut your practice efforts to half. Parkour Running is an anaerobic activity combined with sub-maximal aerobics. It requires some extreme power to perform the various maneuvers within a quick span of time. Thus, the runners or trainees have to […]


Staying Safe! – Common Parkour Injuries & How To Prevent Them

By Chris / April 28, 2016

Parkour gоt itѕ start in France, whеrе twо teens started practicing methods of gеtting оut оf аn area quickly in case оf emergency. Aѕ thеу leaped оvеr trash cans аnd slipped оvеr stair rails, a nеw extreme sport wаѕ born. Aѕ аn extreme sport, it dоеѕ carry ѕоmе risk оf ѕеriоuѕ accidents. Bеfоrе уоu start […]


Ultimate Guide Parkour Strength Training And Conditioning! – Stay Fit!

By Chris / April 18, 2016

What is Parkour? Parkour has originated from France and is basically a training discipline which was developed through the military obstacle course training by one of the legend of the field David Belle. Parkour moreover looks like a non combative martial art where the practitioner aims to get from a source point to the destination […]


An Ultimate Beginners Guide For Parkour – Starting Exercises & Technique

By Chris / April 16, 2016

Are you eager to learn parkour? If yes, then you must read this beginner’s guide first. However, you must be strictly aware that this kind of training is not an easy task. It requires agility, speed, endurance, balance, and power. It may look entertaining and as much as attractive on videos and televisions, being able […]