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Picking the Best Parkour Backpack 2020 – Parkour Bags Reviews and Tips

Last Updated: Sep 16th 2020 It doesn’t need to be explained why you need a backpack. To say the truth, it’s been evident that backpacks have now become the go-to accessory for every individual irrespective of their age. The question is not whether or not you should get a backpack for parkour but which one should you get. The problem with picking the best parkour backpack possible is you want a backpack that can hold all your gear, but you still want it to be small and compact when you're moving.  This can be a difficult balance, but thankfully more freerunning/parkour bags are being made all the time, and there are some great ones out right now!

In a Hurry?  The test winner after 17 hours of research and testing:

Why Is It The Best?

  • Designed Specifically For Parkour and Fast Action Sports.
  • Well Padded While Staying Snug and Secure.
  • Extremely Durable
  • Two Large Front Storage Compartments
  • Osprey Will Repair Any Damage or Defect Free of Charge

Parkour Backpack Comparison Table

Backpack Model:


Best For:

  • Designed For Parkour and Free Running
  • Extremely Durable
  • Enough Storage to Hold Anything You'll Need While Training
Everest Sling
  • Extremely Lightweight and Minimalistic
  • Comfortable Enough to Wear All Day While Training
  • Good Amounts of Storage Space
  • Holds 1.5 Liters of Water for Easy Hydration
  • Stays Stable and Secure on Your Frame While Training
  • Extremely Durable and Can Take a Beating
  • Weighs less than 10 oz
  • Water resistant sleeve for wallet or phone
  • Tight, secure design
  • Leg bag if you are on your back a lot
  • Smallest bag in our list by far
  • Snug fit, even underneath clothing
  • Holds 50oz of Water for Easy Hydration
  • Stays Stable and Secure on Your Frame While Training
  • Extremely Durable and Can Take a Beating

My Top 6 Best Parkour Backpack Reviews

If you're looking for the out and out best parkour back on the market, then the Daylite Daypack by Osprey is the one for you.  

This sleek and durable designed bag is designed for athletes on the move, and does a great job of keeping your possessions safe and secure!  Here are some of my favorite features:

  • This bag weighs less than 1 lb. That means it is a light-weight, which can accompany you everywhere.
  • The backpack has been made with the chest jacket and the hip-belt features which mean that you will never ever lose it. You can strap your backpack to your back and carry it around easily.
  • The dimensions of the pack (18 x 9 x 9 inches) are perfect for storing all your belongings. From books to your gym clothes to your vacation accessories, Parkour Backpack serves all your purposes.

The Osprey Daylite bag has been designed as a perfect grab-and-go item for emergency getaways. The item is offered in three colors—black, dark denim and olive. Inside it has multiple little compartments which prove useful for the storage of numerous accessories. This bag is a perfect solution for all your needs such as the gym, the school, the trekking trips, the training sessions and camps and everything else.

Everest Sling

Yes, that’s a sling bag and no, they are not only for women. The evolving fashion trends have rendered the use of sling bags to women as a fashion accessory. But Everest doesn't think so. Everest has strived to remain true to the fact that sling bags were brought into the notice of mankind via men and Everest has managed to re-create that fashion in the most sophisticated way possible. Everest Sling Bag offers the gentlemen of the Earth to stay classy while keeping it simple.

 The most important feature to be considered while shopping for sling bags is the weight. Since sling bags can only be worn on one shoulder, it is important that they weigh as light as possible.

The Everest Sling Bag weighs only around 1.1 pounds which is one of the lightest bag-weight you will ever get. The bag is made of 100% polyester and is available in 7 colors—black, Navy, Turquoise, Dark Purple, Orange, Burgandy and Hot Pink. While it has been designed with the main focus on the utility for men, some of the colors available make it a perfect item for women as well!

It is designed for right shoulder use with a 12” shoulder drop and height and width of 18.5” and 15” respectively. The bag is quite spacious and also offers two outer pockets to store small items that you use often. It’s dimensions are 19 x 13.5 x 6 inches and can store up to 730 inches3.

The Everest Sling Bag has got everything you can possibly need in a fully-functional sling bag. It is one of the lightest sling bag that can be very useful in parkour. This back pack is perfect to carry the essential items of your need and it won’t get too heavy! This bag serves as a perfect sack to store the heavy items that men can’t carry around in their pockets and can be doubled as a fashion accessory. It enjoys more popularity among public commuters and cyclists, but has been quite accessible to high school students as well.

Water Backpack or Hydration Packs, as they are commonly known—have become the new favorite of the people worldwide. It’s fashionable and really practical and useful too. Hydration Pack by Camelbak is a water backpack which offers a 1.5 liter bladder. The bladder keeps the water comparatively cooler and also provides screw cap which allows you to add ice cubes if you wanted to. This bag is practical for parents with small kids or people who trek a lot. But that’s not all the audience that this bag is limited to. This bag can be enjoyed by anyone and anywhere.

Available in blue, the Hydration Pack by Camelbak has been designed to fit anyone between kids and teenagers with chest size 27” and adults—both men and women—with chest size of 50”. The highly-flexible chest strap can be adjusted to prevent it from bouncing back on movement.

Apart from the 1.5 Liter replaceable bladder, Hydration Pack from Camelbak also offers spacious compartments that can easily contain a laptop ranging from 11” to 12”, cameras, iPads etc. The side pockets just add to the storage capacity and allow you to store all your items.

Since there can be doubts that the water might damage the electronics or other items in the bag, the main compartment of the bag has been covered with a water resistant Nylon material that curtails the wear and tear and keeps your bag water resistant for long. Camelbak also offers 100% cash back guarantee on your purchase price.


  • Adjustable Tight Fit, Stays Secure No Matter What.
  • No Need For a Water Bottle.
  • Comfortable Fit.
  • Adequate Storage Space.


  • Can't Really Roll With a Water Sack on Your Back.
  • Can Be Heavy Depending On How Much Water You're Carrying.

The hydration pack weighs 15.2 ounces and serves all your purposes practically. It is perfect for a long day of hiking, running and biking. The hydration pack also proves useful to parents with small kids out on errands. You can tie the pack to the kids’ chest or to your own and feed them whenever required. These packs are also commonly used in training camps and gymnasiums, and are comparatively easy to clean. While the sizes of hydration packs usually vary depending on their purpose, the Camelbak Hydration Pack offers the most ideal bladder capacity for everyday use.

Vrypac Parkour Bag

Vrypack is a pretty new athletic apparel company, and one of their newest products is their Vrypack backpack.  The beauty of the Vrypack is its tight and compact design, which gives you an extremely comfortable pack, that allows you to be able to hold a healthy amount of items while running and training.

Along with this, this backpack is extremely light and it lines up with your spine which helps to keep it neutral and not throw off your balance in any way.  This light backpack has quite a few features that make it great for traceurs.  Below is a quick list of some of the best features:

  • Weighs less than 10 oz.
  • Features a water resistance sleeve for cash and electronics! 
  • Adjustable straps make it the perfect fit for nearly any body style!
  • Tight design which keeps the backpack secured to your body as you are on the move!

Overall this is a great backpack that is currently one of my favorites.  One of the main thing I love about this backpack is just how snug it stays while moving.  When I put this backpack on, I can literally sprint and jump and I don't feel like it restricts my movements or that it's flopping all around.  In the end of the day I think this pack and the FastBreak are some of the best purely parkour bags.

For the fifth review on our list we have another unique option for a carry bag while you train.  The PK Tactical Parkour/Freerunning bag is design to be a "Leg Bag".  You can think of leg bags similar to running belts, except it is designed to be worn almost on your hip/upper leg.  This bag features two different straps with one going on as a belt, and the other going around your upper leg.  These straps are adjustable and are one size fits all.  This double strap foundation gives you the upmost fit, and keeps the bag extremely secure along your leg.  This bag is truly the most practical, more stylish version of a fanny pack.  Because of it's unique design it doesn't get in the way while you are running and flipping.

This bag measures 8 inches wide and 11 inches which makes it the perfect size to hold your phone, wallet, keys and any other essentials.  Along with this, it features 3 pockets for ample storage and options.  That being said, this little bag is extremely durable, and features a water proof design, with heavy duty zippers and a polyester design.  I love this bag, when it's loaded up with all my essentials it does a great job of not getting in the way of my movements and doesn't distract me at all.

Overall if you are looking for a unique solution to holding your valuables while you are practicing parkour, then this is the option for you!  This snug little bag fits right along your upper leg and stores your valuable items without impeding your movements.  I have been able to train for hours without worrying about the bag falling off, or interfering with my movements.

Another great option for those that are looking for a parkour hydration backpack, then CamelBak is surely a company that you've heard of.  CamelBak is a company that focuses primarily on extremely high quality hydration backpacks for active users.  The CamelBak Octane Dart backpack is no different and it focuses on providing a hydration pack in an extremely sleek and compact design which allows you to wear the pack comfortably while running and jumping.

CamelBak Octane Dart Hydration Backpack

This pack is designed with a new and improved harness that gives you a comfortable and secure feeling while you train.  Along with this, it of course features an extremely lightweight water bladder that allows you to hold water without the need for a backpack.  

Along with this, this abc features two essential pockets on the sides which allows you to store your essentials like your keys, wallet, and phone without having to worry about them getting lost or damaged.

Compared to other hydration backpacks on the marketplace, this backpack is extremely lightweight and compact. This hydration pack design allows you to run and jump without feeling weighed down or without having your movement restrained because of their bulky designs.  This bag truly feels like you're simply wearing a sling bag, and you often forget that it's a hydration backpack!  Overall this is an excellent choice of a backpack for free runners because of it's compact and sleek design matched with its hydration functionality.

Factors to Consider While Choosing a Parkour Backpack:

When you are out training, having a backpack can be extremely helpful to store all your stuff without it getting damaged and without it affecting your training.  That being said, here are a few factors you should consider before you purchase:

  • Budget - The first step towards choosing a back pack is to determine the purpose it is needed for and subsequently determine your budget. If you know why you need a bag, you will be able to narrow down your options accordingly.
  • Weight - Since you will be carrying around the backpack for most of your day, you should always compare the weight of the back pack being offered by different merchants. If you decide to purchase a kitbag that offers technical accessories, you should definitely check out the weight of the backpack and the way it fits on your body when all the accessories are loaded.
  • Useful Accessories are a great benefit- There are merchants who provide multiple technical accessories along with their backpacks which prove to be highly functional. Features like mobile phone holders, water bottle containers, DSLR holders and hydration bladders provide for a highly-functional pack.
  • Match your personality - While shoulder bags are a unisex accessory and practically go with all kinds of attire, it is important that you choose a backpack design and color which suits your personality and, more importantly, your purpose.

Why Do People Use Backpacks for Parkour?

Back packs for parkour have gained much popularity in the recent years. While a sophisticated collection of bags are loved by everyone from teenagers to adults, many still wonder why people use backpacks for Parkour. The quality and practicality of the backpacks are just some of the fundamental reasons for their popularity.

  • Light-weight : The primary reason for the popularity of  carry bags for parkour is their light-weight. They are an accessory that has to be carried around on your shoulder for most of your day. Therefore, it should be as light-weight as possible.
  • Practical use and capacity: Some Backpacks are quite spacious and serve all of your purpose. You can get multiple uses from them and they are good to carry your electronics as well.
  • Technical accessories: Many models of Parkour backpacks offer technical accessories along with them such as water bladder, camera holders, mobile phone holders etc. This increases their utility furthermore and helps you make your life easier while doing parkour.

My Final Thoughts on Backpacks for Free Runners

I know it can be a difficult balance between small and light, and also having the ability to carry your gear, but hopefully my guide helped.  These were some of the top recommendations for backpacks for parkour that I personally have used, and recommend to my friends.  You won't go wrong with any of these, and I'm sure there are plenty of other great bags on the market right now!  Thank you for visiting TheBestParkourGear.com!