Best Parkour Gloves 2020 – Freerunning Glove Reviews and Comparisons

By Chris / January 25, 2019

There is much speculation on how to protect your hands when practicing parkour, some like gloves and others don’t.  I personally need parkour gloves when I go out and train.  But, because there are so many different pairs of gloves on the market, it can be extremely difficult to pick the best ones for you.  Because of this, I have made a PK gloves comparison table to help layout the differences in a simple and easy to read format.

Product Review Rating Price

Under Armor Clean Up VI Gloves


Mad Grips Parkour Gloves


Seibertron 1/2 Finger Gloves


Best Parkour Free Running Gloves For You

Parkour is one of the most demanding sports today. It is a training discipline that has been developed from a military obstacle course. The Participant’s hands usually take a beating and bear the brunt of the entire course. Some of the best gloves for parkour can ease them down.  Below you will find our reviews for the three best parkour gloves to keep your hands safe!

1. Fluescent Precisions Parkour Gloves

If you are a fan of parkour and free-running then you have probably heard of Precisions Parkour.  This company has a handful of products that are all created with parkour in mind.  These Precisions gloves are extremely lightweight and breathable with a very stylish look about them.  These gloves are a unique style, because they are a combination of fingered and fingerless with 2 full fingers on your index and middle finger, and then fingerless on thumb, ring, and pinky finger.

This unique styling not only looks nice, but it also improves performance.  By having your strongest fingers fully protected and full of grip, and your supporting fingers free, it allows you to get the perfect combination of grip and natural feeling.


Grip is one of these gloves strongest features.  As you can tell just by looking at them, these gloves are feature a latex finish that gives it sublime amounts of grip which really helps with climbing and scaling.  Overall the grip is one of my favorite features, and really helps in all sorts of weather and conditions.


Comfort is another important factor to look at, and thankfully these gloves do a great job of keeping your hands comfortable while training.  These gloves are extremely breathable which prevents your hands from sweating, and overall in great comfort.


Flexibility is important in these types of gloves because you need to be able to naturally move your fingers free without any restrictions.  This glove does a great job of keeping it natural feeling and doesn’t impose on your range of motion.


The one flaw of these gloves is that the don’t offer much protection.  These gloves are quite thin so don’t expect any hard plastic to protect you from major scrapes and scratches.  That being said, they do a pretty good job of protecting from blisters and minor scratches.

Final Thoughts on Precisions Gloves:

Overall these are some of my favorite gloves to train in.  These gloves are lightweight and breathable, and the unique design makes it perfect for traceurs.  The grip these gloves provide are one of the highlights and they do a great job of keeping the feeling natural.  Overall if you are looking for a pair of gloves, these are the first ones to look at!

2. Mad Grip Pro Palm Parkour Gloves

Mad Grip have come up with the perfect gloves for anyone looking for grip and comfort. The F100 Pro is made of polyester and rubber. It offers incredible grip and is easily one of the best training gloves available in the market. These gloves are washable and provide seamless cushioning that provides amazing comfort to the hands.

Pros Cons
1. Extremely durable and comfortable.1. Very little cushioning on the back.
2. Easily washable.2. Lack of wrist support.
3. Great at preventing blisters and scrapes.
4. Can be used in all weather conditions.


These rubber and polyester gloves provide for fantastic grip and comfort even on rough surfaces. The rubber coating ensures durability and is perfect for use on wet and slippery surfaces.


The Mad Grip F100 Pro gloves come with seamless cushioning that makes it comfortable to use while going about the tough Parkour drills. The polyester material at the back of the hands makes it very comfortable to wear even in boiling conditions.  Overall these gloves are very comfortable, and they allow for a good amount of ventilation so it doesn’t get too sweaty.


The F100 Pro gloves provide great flexibility because of its design and material. The elastic material on the wrists makes it ideal for maneuvering around tough Parkour courses.  Unlike some other gloves, I haven’t ran into any problems relating to flexibility during my training sessions.


The rubber and polyester design and seamless cushioning provide excellent protection to the palms and the fingers. Due to high rubber cushioning between the fingers, these gloves are ideal for tight Parkour courses. The only flipside to these gloves is the lack of secure wrist straps. The absence of these belts can cause gloves to slip off, and that can prove dangerous on challenging obstacles.  That being said I haven’t had any issues of these gloves slipping off or anything like that, but it could be a concern.

My Final Thoughts on Mad Grip Pro Palm Gloves!

For all Parkour enthusiasts, the Mad Grip F100 Pro Palm Gloves are an amazing option to own. These gloves provide comfort, flexibility, and protection. These are all things that any Parkour athlete would have on their checklist for the perfect gloves. With only the lack of wrist straps as the drawback for these gloves, these gloves are ideal for use in rough terrains. It keeps the hands safe from rough terrain and provides perfect grip on slippery surfaces. It is a safe investment to make as there are very few drawbacks to these Mad Grip gloves.

Further adding to this, these gloves are washable and durable, which would mean that you would not need to invest in another pair of gloves for a few years after getting these gloves.

3. Under Armor Men’s Batting Gloves

These Under Armour Gloves are the most stylish gloves available in the market. These gloves cover the entire fingers and are one of the great options available for Parkour today. The Under Armour Clean-Up Batting Gloves are available in fifteen different color choices. It means that there will always be something that will catch your attention. These gloves are made of synthetic material and provide excellent comfort to all Parkour participants. It is also made of netted material on the back of the hands that provides support and does not cause the hands to sweat.

1. Heat gear to reduce sweating1. Very little padding
2. Goat skin provides comfort and durability2. Risky option on rough surfaces
3. Additional, grip, support and flexibility.3. Strenous workout can lead to ripping.
4. Contoured wrist straps for best fit.


The Under Armour Gloves is embossed with a synthetic overlay that provides added support and grip. This design also provides excellent flexibility. These gloves are ideal for Parkour activists to use on wet and slippery surfaces.


The goat skin leather used in making these gloves provides soft comfort to the hands without sacrificing on durability and grip. The netted design on the back of the hand and between the fingers provides fantastic ventilation.


The goat skin synthetic material offers extra flexibility. The extra strapping on the wrist and contoured wrist closure also help in keeping the gloves snug in the hands without the possibility of the hands moving inside.


Under Armour Men’s Gloves does offer enough protection to all those using it for Parkour. Due to it being full finger gloves, it provides extra protection to the fingers. However, the downside is the netted material between the fingers and very little padding across the gloves. The netted material at the back of the hands and between the fingers makes it difficult to use on rough surfaces as any sharp objects may cause damage to the hands and fingers.

My Final Thoughts on the Under Armor Batting Gloves For Parkour

The Under Armour Men’s Clean Up Batting Gloves are a solid choice for free running gloves. The full finger design and netted material keep the hands comfortable and sweat free. The only downside to these gloves is the lack of protection it offers. Parkour activists look for freedom and a stress-free environment when they go about their training.  That being said, if you are simply looking for gloves that provide grip, then I think these Under Armor gloves are a great choice!

4. Seibertron Fingerless Parkour Gloves

Seibertron Men’s Black gloves look incredibly stylish. The first thing you would notice about the gloves is they are fingerless. It makes the movement of the fingers easier and keeps the hand comfortable. These Seibertron gloves are useful for Parkour, only if you are not spending too much time on slippery surfaces. These gloves do not offer a lot of protection on wet surfaces as it is made of polyester. The extra padding on the fingers makes it a perfect option to keep your fingers protected. The best part of these gloves is these are washable and lightweight.

On top of that, the fingerless design also makes it easy to wipe the sweat from your brow without wetting the gloves. The Special Ops Look Assault Gloves (S.O.L.A.G.) is a good option to use for Parkour especially if you can’t afford the higher end and expensive options. These gloves are said to be perfect for women as they are small enough to fit the smallest of hands. Let’s explore who these gloves are suitable for:

Pros Cons
1. Durable polyester fabric1. Relatively less padding.
2. Extremely lightweight2. Little protection from splinters and sharp objects
3. Fingerless design for flexibility3. Difficult on slippery and wet surfaces.


Many Parkour participants need a lot of grip during their drills. If you are one of them, then these gloves are not for you. These Seibertron gloves are for participants who do not rely on needing grip for their excursions. The polyester material makes it difficult to provide grip and traction. It does provide good wrist support with a clamping strap.  But because of the material, grip is limited on these gloves.


The Seibertron gloves are extremely comfortable. The polyester fabric feels light on the hands and eliminates sweating as well.  Along with this, because they are fingerless gloves, they are extremely breezy and comfortable!


The Seibertron gloves provide for greater flexibility due to its fingerless design. This design combined with the lightweight polyester material makes it feel more like gym gloves rather than parkour gloves.


The only protection provided by these Seibertron gloves is the padding above the fingers.  This padding on the knuckles is quite handy and it has provided me adequate protection in a few different situations.  That being said, because it is a fingerless design, then you will be lacking adequate protection on the ends of your fingers.

My Final Thoughts on Seibertron Fingerless Traceur Gloves

These are some of my favorite fingerless gloves and are a comfortable pair to have around. It is ideal for use on smooth surfaces or in the heat. However, these gloves may not be best for heavy Parkour workouts but still they are a good choice available in the market. Available in five standard sizes, these are also handy for

Should You Wear Gloves For Parkour?

You should go with your personal preferences. The opinion for gloves for parkour/free running is divided. The general idea is that gloves should be worn for Parkour. Usually, they are used to enhance grip and provide protection. Some feel that wearing gloves while parkouring can take away the experience and even affect the performance in many cases.

There are others that believe that wearing them for Parkour can enhance the experience and provide much-needed safety. Some of the main reasons provided for not using gloves while training include:

  • Grip: Many Parkour participants has an opinion that gloves provide better grip than a bare hand but, at the same time, some are against the view.
  • Sensitivity: Many are of the opinion that wearing gloves can reduce the sensitivity of the hands, and it may reduce control.
  • Conditioning: A lot of participants are of the view that with continued exposure, the hands become hardened and conditioned. While this may be a good thing, it has its own problems as well.

The best thing to do when you just start Parkour is investing in a good pair of gloves. It will ensure that your hands don’t get slaughtered initially, and you can continue the activity without much initial pain. Once the hands are hardened and trained, you can do it without them.

Why Wear Gloves For Parkour?

Our hands are one of the most important parts of our body, and you should take care of them. If you want to keep your hands looking good and feeling soft, you need to invest in an excellent pair of gloves. Without gloves, your hands will bear the majority of the brunt and will get sore now and then. Here are the various advantages of wearing gloves:

  • Eliminate Injuries: While training, it is easy to get blisters and bruises on your hands. If the condition worsens, you may have to give up on Parkour as well. Using an excellent pair of gloves can reduce injuries.
  • Repeated Techniques: When you do the same drills over and over again. It can provide protection against the repetitive exercises.
  • Winter Training: Training in cold weather can be extremely painful. If your hands start feeling numb, your training will get affected. A good pair of gloves keeps your hands warm and helps you train.

Features Of The Best Parkour Gloves

Choosing the right pair of gloves can be tough as there are a number of styles available in the market. Here are a few tips to help you make a decision about choosing the perfect gloves for Parkour.

  • Sound Design: Always look for a design that provides strength in the fingertips. Selecting such a pair provides protection against fingertip sensitivity.
  • Breathable: Having sweat building up inside the gloves can become extremely uncomfortable. Always look for a pair of gloves that has breathable material on the back of the hand. It will prevent sweat build up and keep the hands cooler. The sweat build-up may lead to some fungus infections.
  • Good Grip: Parkour requires an excellent grip. Always choose gauntlets that have a non-slip material on the palms and fingers. It will prevent your hands from slipping in general and even when your hands get sweaty.
  • Secure Wrists: Always select a pair of gloves that have a safe wrist strap. This strap will prevent the hands from sliding around inside the gloves. It will also help you secure a good grip while climbing and jumping.
  • Quality Material: Gloves made with specially treated leather are the best choice when it comes to quality content. This material ensures that the pair lasts longer. Additional features like double stitching and reinforced fingertips make it last longer.
  • Right Size: There are many sizes of gloves available in the market. There are color choices available as well. Always choose the right fit and colors that suit your personality as well.
  • Perfect Style: There are two major types of PK gloves available in the market – full finger and fingerless gloves. Your personal preference of look and feel will decide which pair you need.

Measuring For The Right Fit

For comfort and protection, selecting some snug-fit gloves is critical. If they don’t fit well then they can cause problems in training and may result in injuries. Always get your hands measured for gloves. Here are a few simple ways to get an accurate measurement of your hands.

  • Glove Width: This is the area around the palm that is level with the knuckles. A small size is 7.5 inches wide, a medium size is 8.25 inches wide, and a large size is 8.75 inches wide.
  • Glove Length: This is the length from the wrist to the tip of the middle finger.

Measure your hands with a scale and then choose a pair accordingly. I advice trying on and buying gloves for parkour in late morning hours or at noon. Our hands are at its full size during those hours.

My Final Thoughts on Gloves for Free Running and Parkour

Choosing the traceur gloves is purely based on your personal preference. What may be the perfect pair for you, may not be as great for someone else. With all the information in the article, make an informed selection. Go through all the different styles and sizes before making the final choice. You need to select carefully with various padded gloves and various colors as well. Always try and understand how they can benefit you and which is best suited to your routine.

If you are still not sure whether you require gloves or not, then our suggestion is to buy a good pair of gloves and train with them for a while. Then try training without them. See the difference in performance and feeling and judge for yourself. Hope That helped.  Thank you for visiting!


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