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Best Pants for Parkour in 2019 – Parkour & Freerunning Pants Reviewed!

By Chris / March 13, 2016

Last Updated January 1st 2019 As we all know, Parkour is a uniquely entertaining sport in which one has to move very quickly throughout an area like as performing stunts into a giant playground. Moving, jumping, climbing is considered into this game. Remembering safety in mind, one must try to keep their comfort level as first preference. Movements are repetitive in this game. One has to take care of each and everything related to parkour, whatever it be your stunts or the gear on your body including your clothes and shoes. So in this article, we are going to tell you regarding what type of pants are suitable for Parkour and what Parkour experts used to wear for comfort while keeping in mind that movements which are not favorable and can result in injuries sometime.

Parkour Pants Comparison Table

Because there are so many different types of parkour pants on the market it can be difficult to find one that is perfect for you.  As someone who has gone through quite a few different pairs, I’ll be the first to tell you that each pair is different.  Because of this, I have made a quick comparison table for my favorite pairs of parkour sweatpants to help you make a quick decision.


Untamed Parkour Pants


Puma Contrast Pants

Parkour Pants


Nike Dri-Fit Stretch

Nike Parkour Sweat Pants

Woven Dri-Fit4.9/5

Heads Athletic Sweatpants


Thai Fisherman Pants


Champions Fleece Sweatpants

Champions Fleece Parkour Sweatpants


Pants:  This is the name and brand of the pair of pants.

Material:  This is the material the pair of pants is made out of.

Price:  This is the $-$$$$$ rating of how expensive the pair of pants is.

Rating:  This is the 1-5 Amazon rating of each pair of pants.

That being said, when you are looking at pants online, it can be difficult to find pants that are comfortable enough and fitted well enough to allow you to practice in colder weather.  Because I had some difficulties of my own trying to find just the right pair, I’ve decided to leave some reviews below of my favorite pairs of parkour sweat pants!

Some of the Best Pants For Parkour Are:- 

1.HEAD Men’s Performance Workout Fleece Pants

Parkour harem pants


  1. Very Comfortable Material.
  2. Warm Material. Appropriate For Cooler Days.
  3. Smocked Waistband With Drawstring.
  4. Flexible And Lightweight


Head Men’s Game Crusher Athletic Fleec Pants is another great sweatpants for equally great sport. It can be an excellent choice for traceurs if one like doing the sport in colder days. It’s comfortably warm without compromising with the weight.


The excellent threading of cotton and polyester provides a heavenly comfort and is aptly flexible for doing difficult tricks. The carefully engineered cloth is durable as well as greatly suited for parkour and similar sports.

Styling and Looks 

The sweats also feature side-seam pockets therefore not restricting them to just training but also for casual wearing. Hence they give you a great look especially when matched with a pair of running sneakers.


A slight drawback of these pants is that they do not wick sweat that well and can become a bit wet. Still these inexpensive pants make a great pair of sweatpants for parkour.

2.Puma Men’s Contrast Track Pants

Parkour Pants


  1. 100% polyester imported and easily washable material.
  2. Elasticated waist with an internal cord.
  3. Contrast side panels.
  4. Zipper side pockets.


Puma Contrast track pants is a good choice for athletes who enjoy hardcore training. The excellent material and comfortable lining makes it one of the favorites of joggers or traceurs.

Styling and Looks 

It is available in dark colours and the sidelining is made up of thin cloth which makes it breathable. These track pants look great and can be worn for some casual purposes if one might wants to. The contrast side panels provide a good casual look and one may not need to restrict its use to workout.


The track-pants fit well and is provided with an elasticated waist which grips up well. The pants also feature side zipped pockets, so if one wants to carry any light thing or currency notes, the pockets can come to use. The track pants are made up of 100% polyester and therefore is flexible enough to provide support for parkour tricks.


The pants are made of 100% polyester and hence may not take a huge toll even on extremely wild workout days. Puma Contrast parkour sweatpants is an excellent choice for those who want good pants for parkour without compromising on looks. The contrast side panels provide a good casual look and one may not need to restrict its use to workout.

3.Nike Men’s Stretch Woven PantsNike Parkour Sweat Pants


  1. Lightweight and breathable protection.
  2. Elastic waistband and an internal drawcord.
  3. Ankle zippers for easy on/off transitions
  4. Zipper side pockets.


Nike’s stretch-woven pant is one of the best gifts by Nike to athletes. They are flexible, breathable and durable. These pants keep you dry and comfortable throughout your training.


It is made up of 100% polyester and woven in the way to provide extremely lightweight and breathable protection. Hence it is not only strong but also lightweight.

Styling and Looks

The Nike stretch woven pants have a bit reflective colour and hence give a sporty look. Nike has maintained its forte by providing great looking products with a superior comfort.


The elastic waistband provides a great fit and the internal drawcord helps to find a fit just right. These track pants also have zipper side pockets and provide greater storage than the Puma T7 track pants. These trousers also feature ankle zippers which are an excellent support for traceurs. One can adjust according to one’s need. The best feature of this track pants is that they are very breathable and do not overheat. You will never feel sweaty in then and hence offers a great comfort.

4.Champion Men’s Open Bottom Eco-Fleece Sweatpants

parkour clothing pants


  1. Strong Material With Covered Elastic Waistband
  2. Adjustable Inner Drawcord
  3. Made of Cotton And Polyester Providing Flexibility
  4. Side Seam Pockets


Champion has been outfitting athletes since a long time now including sports like basketball. But the brand is equally good when it comes to supporting a street sport which is much wilder than any other. The Champion’s open bottom eco-fleece sweatpants are a great choice for traceurs. They are strong, not too heavy, flexible and every other thing which a traceur wants it to be.


The Champion sweatpants allow good movement supported by strong material and lining. They are durable and inexpensive and therefore one may not need to care much of wear and tear of pants while performing parkour.

Styling And Looks

The styling of pants may not keep you in run with latest fashion but it makes a perfect pair if you are wild and passionate for your runs.


The Champion brand has always put a great focus on comfort and same shows in the eco-fleece pants too. They can absorb a good amount of the sweat and are extremely flexible and thus are efficient partner for your runs.


The only drawback can be the length which is slightly long and may need to be altered according to height. Else it makes an almost perfect pair of pants for parkour.

Parkour Harem Pants

If you have ever seen any parkour videos, then you might have seen the athletes wearing these extremely baggy pants.  These baggy pants with a tight elastic waistband are called harem pants, and they are often consider the original parkour pants.  These are great pants for parkour because of how loose they are which doesn’t restrict your movement in anyway.  Along with this, they are great for summer because they are breezy and lightweight.  These pants originally became such a hit because of their unique style and flair they bring to parkour!

Factors To Consider While Choosing Parkour Pants Are:

1. Extremely Lightweight Materials

Look for a selection of the pant that is made up of light material as it can help you in workouts and for total body fitness on the ground. Running and jumping over and through obstacles requires work pants that are loose and long length.

2. Long In Length And Stretchable Not Skin-Tight

Game-related fitness includes balance, power, speed, comfort and playing time. In parkour pants, you have to match up these skills when jumping, climbing and balancing through obstacles. Though these all feature skill set isn’t required for everyday life, but are still very beneficial to have in ensuring your physical fitness. So the pants should be in the same way that can help in achieving the all comfort zone.

3. Don’t Go For Jeans As They Are Restrictive And Too Small In Size

Like many other reasons, another one is that the parkour pants should not be made up of jeans material, as the tight material can affect bone strength. While playing, a number of high impact lower body and upper body movements happens that enable your body to do constant moving and jumping which is not possible while wearing jeans material.

While you don’t exactly need too long pants, they are very uncomfortable. If you’ve ever trailed on rough concrete in shorts, you will exactly understand the same feelings. Also, on concrete or bricks, you’ll quickly accumulate scratches and corrosion. Longer length sweatpants protect your legs. In addition, a pair of loose, flowing long sweatpants seems cooler than your (likely hairy and bloody) legs do in athletic shorts. The moves look cleaner because the material of the pants tends to make your legs look straighter, which looks better and also let you play conveniently. Exercises will become rather difficult if you’re wearing the kind of dress for games like athletic/basketball which are usually in short length. The cloth tends to fall and gather around your area, as well as, you come to the picture. The jeans material isn’t good for Parkour. They’re too tight and strict to skin, although they do a good job of protection which is a reason not helpful for playing the Parkour.

Final Thoughts on Free Running Pants

While buying parkour pants, one must look for pants that won’t be too hot and don’t have elastic at the bottom, as it can be a restriction in movements, as well as aren’t skin-tight. The pant should fall straight down from about the middle of your thighs to the ground so that it can help you playing conveniently. Whether it maybe just a little bit too long for you when standing naturally. Just see what are your favourite pants which can help you to win the tricks in the most confident manner and try to use that pants or some other pair of the same model every time. According to me, the Champion open bottom eco-friendly sweatpants are the best pants for parkour sport. They are cheap, flexible, not too tight and a great brand value that you can believe in blindly.

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