Mad Grip F100 Pro Palm Gloves For Parkour – Reviews and Tips 2020

By Chris / July 3, 2016

mad grip gloves for parkour


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Pros Cons
1. Extremely durable and comfortable.1. Very little cushioning on the back.
2. Easily washable.2. Lack of wrist support.
3. Great at preventing blisters and scrapes.
4. Can be used in all weather conditions.

Mad Grip has come up with the perfect gloves for Parkour enthusiasts. The F100 Pro is made of polyester and rubber. It offers incredible grip and comfort and is easily one of the best Parkour gloves available in the market. These gloves are washable and provide seamless cushioning that provides amazing comfort to the hands.


These rubber and polyester gloves provide for fantastic grip and comfort even on rough surfaces. The rubber coating ensures durability and is perfect for use on wet and slippery surfaces.


The Mad Grip F100 Pro gloves come with seamless cushioning that makes it comfortable to use while going about the tough Parkour drills. The polyester material at the back of the hands makes it very comfortable to wear even in boiling conditions.


The F100 Pro gloves provide great flexibility because of its design and material. The elastic material on the wrists makes it ideal for maneuvering around tough Parkour courses.


The rubber and polyester design and seamless cushioning provide excellent protection to the palms and the fingers. Due to high rubber cushioning between the fingers, these gloves are ideal for tight Parkour courses. The only flipside to these gloves is the lack of secure wrist straps. The absence of these belts can cause gloves to slip off, and that can prove dangerous on challenging obstacles.


For all Parkour enthusiasts, the Mad Grip F100 Pro Palm Gloves are an amazing option to own. These gloves provide comfort, flexibility, and protection. These are all things that any Parkour athlete would have on their checklist for the perfect gloves. With only the lack of wrist straps as the drawback for these gloves, these gloves are ideal for use in rough terrains. It keeps the hands safe from rough terrain and provides perfect grip on slippery surfaces. It is a safe investment to make as there are very few drawbacks to these Mad Grip gloves.

Further adding to this, these gloves are washable and durable, which would mean that you would not need to invest in another pair of Parkour gloves for a few years after getting these gloves.

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