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6 Best Parkour Movies to Get the Blood Pumping – Reviews 2019

By Chris / September 14, 2016

best parkour movies

Some of the Best Parkour Movies Are

Parkour has gone so familiar that the film industry treated it as a modern aspect of future movies. Inspired by Parkour, many films are directed and being led to realize people the inimitability of the game. With such inspiration, we are reviewing some of the great movies that you must watch to take inspiration from Parkour runners.

Assassins Creed (2016)

Assassin’s Creed has been a franchise that has been very mainstream in terms of parkour and free running type movement style in the form of video games for the past 10 years.  The story follows Cal Lynch played by Michael Fassbender as he travels back to 15th century Spain via technology that allows you to travel back to history via your ancestors DNA.  Lynch’s ancestors happen to be a part of a legendary group of Assassins and Lynch must help this organization save the free will of the present day from the control of the power hungry Templar organization.

In this movie, the group of Assassins are experts at parkour and free running, and the cinematography is amazing as we watch these characters travel through 15th century Spain with many recognizable, and technique accurate parkour moves.  Overall this movie is quite entertaining, and the scenery is what we all dream of practicing on!

Watch Assassin’s Creed!

Prince Of Persia: The Sand Of Times


An adventurous child-based movie beefed up to appeal to youngsters. The film is based on a video game where the player can rewind the time to try something again using the ‘Dragger Of Times’. The film was set in 6thcentury Persia which was ruled by a nobleman- ‘King Sharaman.’ But King’s brother Nizam was an evil Lord, whose fantasy was to enslave all humankind. For this, he must acquire the ‘Sand Of Times’ or say the ‘Dagger Of time,’ a legendary gift from God, which allows its owner to back the time up whenever he wishes to. But, Dastan, an orphan adopted by the King Sharaman, who has the skills to run on walls, rooftops, jump from high walls, and leap back to back on a herd of horses, in short, a great Traceuer. Its a treat for Parkour aspirants.  That being said I would recommend some better parkour shoes than what they wear in this movie!

Watch Prince of Persia!

Traceurs (2015)

traceurs 2015 parkour

The movie revolves around the character ‘Cam’, a bike messenger, who owes a loan to a gangster mafia group. He was struggling to get out of this situation and one day when his motorcycle crashed with a stranger named ‘Nikki’, he becomes intended to join her group as Nikki and his friends showed him some Parkour skills like rolling, jumping from walls, running on rooftops, leaping and much more. Cam realized this is the solution to get him safe from the gangster mafia.

Nikki then takes Cam to her crewmates who pull off the Heists. Cam joined the group and started pulling off the Heists by applying the Parkour training abilities which he did before joining the Nikki and her crew. Later on, they took a dangerous diamond robbery and Cam flees away with Nikki in a car tracking the Miller, the controller of Nikki’s team, and surrendering the diamonds to the Chinese gang while he gets caught when chased by Miller.

Watch Tracers!

Freerunner (2011)


The movie is based on the concept where the runners are racing for their lives. In the film, athletes compete in daily races in the fictional city of the metro. The gambling based game whose head is Reece. The shady billionaires bet on the runners who will die first as explosive collar are placed on their neck which if they try to remove, will explode automatically. So, the athletes are fighting against each other to reach the targeted points by running on rooftops, jumping from high buildings and other ways to win the race. Overall, the movie is enjoyable and exciting one.

Watch Freerunner!

Brick Mansions (2014)

brick mansion parkour movies

A crime-thriller film based on the rising thunder of criminal gangs. In the Detroit, the brick mansion being the house of vulnerable groups was covered by colossal containment wall by the police to protect rest of the city from their cruel practices. ‘Damien,’ an undercover cop, battling with such gangs every day to keep the city safe and on the other hand, ‘Leito’ who has to fight with them to live an honest life. But when drug kingpin Tremaine Alexander kidnaps the Leito’s girlfriend, Leito and Damien joins hand to fight against them and to save Leito’s girlfriend. Besides, they also have to thrash about to stop a sinister plan that involves a stolen bomb to kill the entire city. The movie is full of exciting actions and stunts where Leito uses his Parkour skills to save his girlfriend and the city.

Watch Brick Mansions!

District B13

district b13 parkour movies

The film revolves around the poor situation of Paris, especially, District b13, where the community was overrun by the too many social problems. Government after realizing everything out of control built a high wall topped with barbed tapes and ordered the citizens to live without proper education, utilities, and police security. After some time, the district was more exploited by gangs.

David Belle as ‘Leito’ in the film, fight against such gangs and uses rooftops, high walls to befool the group members. Later on, the leader of groups, ‘Taha’ kidnapped Leito sister ‘Lola’ and also activated a Nuclear Bomb accidently with 24 hours of exploding time. Leito and Damien, an undercover cop, joins hand to save Lola and the District. They were successful in stopping the bomb from exploding. Later on, they described that it was all the Government’s plan to get rid of the situation of District b13, and Leito and Damien went their building and recorded all the truth to save the District from villainous persons. David’s presence in the movies makes it a must watch.

Watch District B13!

GI Joe Retaliation

GI Joe Retaliation parkour movie

A fictional action movie where the Cobra (a terrorist organization), whose operative is ‘Zartan’ trying to rule the world by impersonating the president of US. Besides, the Cobra was successful in framing the Joes as traitors and decimated them in an airstrike. But luckily, few of them survived and can get out of the situation. Later o, the Cobra Commander brought all the world leaders under the Cobra’s control and gained access to their advanced warheads. But surviving Joes, who are outnumbered and outgunned, took the help of General Joseph Colton to destroy the Cobra organization from its roots. The movie has unique animated graphics and surprising views and actions, especially a fighting sequence in the mountains.

Watch GI Joe Retaliation!

Final Thoughts on Parkour and Free Running Movies

The movies mentioned above are very daring and are made with such attention that it serves the purpose of the story and the future of Parkour game. These videos are highly recommended for the beginners so they can get motivated by seeing the beauty and uniqueness of Parkour game.

At the same time, I must put in a warning. You must watch the movies so as to take some inspiration and ideas but not to mimic. After all, they are movies and not some reality. The stunts, performed in the movies, are captured with some security arrangements and performed by highly professional peoples. Do not mimic them. Thanks!

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