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By admin / December 14, 2018

We all know parkour, or at least we’ve all experienced it in some way. Whether we’ve taken part ourselves or just seen a video of it we’re all aware of the unique type of movement that is parkour. However what you might not know is how parkour has been developing in other ways.

Parkour itself is relatively new. The combination of gymnastics with fighting styles and athleticism has wowed the entire world but we’re only just understanding some of the deeper meaning behind it. New literature from some of the world’s best practitioners have given us insight into the philosophy of parkour; the spirit of freedom of creativity that is being expressed through urban scenes worldwide.

Another previously unknown element of parkour was the style. Parkour has adopted an original combination of cultures and created its own style that is now being sported internationally. This parkour clothing shows a story and combines aesthetics with practicality in a very different way.

Parkour is more than just the freerunning that we’ve seen go viral. It’s almost a subculture that’s become a way of life and it’s no surprise that there’s more parkour style clothing available than ever before.

The Use for Parkour Gloves

Parkour is in one way more complicated than any other sports because of this combination of ideas. In another it’s purely the simplest because to take part you really don’t need much. Whereas for a lot of mainstream sports you’ll need a pitch or a ball, for parkour you only need your body.

While parkour is fueled entirely by your body and relies on your strength, that doesn’t mean that having the right gear doesn’t make a difference. In fact the best traceurs use some of the most advanced and newest parkour gear and gloves because it helps in two main ways.

Firstly, and most importantly, parkour gear facilitates safety. Parkour involves jumping, landing and pretty much entirely risk taking. Having clothing which is supportive, offers padding and can take the impact of a fall will help protect your body. Also having the right grip will help you handle yourself and limit any unnecessary risk.

Secondly parkour gear can help facilitate better performance. By having the right fit of clothing you can minimize any limitation to your body movement, as movement is at the core of parkour this is crucial. The right parkour gear can also allow you to perform on a variety of surfaces with confidence.

A whole industry has been set up to cater for these needs, and a lot of the heavyweights in the industry now operate their own stores. There’s certainly more choice than ever before and it can be difficult to find the best products, however we’ve done some of the hard work for you and have found a pair of parkour gloves that will definitely be an asset.

Precision Parkour Gloves Review 2019

Parkour gloves are important for a variety of reasons but perhaps the most important factors are grip and protection. Parkour involves using your hands to lift yourself up and having a solid grip is important to stop any slips or potentially dangerous falls. Gloves also offer protection is you do fall or land badly, plus they offer protection from the elements.

But what makes a good parkour glove? Well for us there are a number of factors and one of the most important is the material. The material of a parkour glove needs to be tough because it will encounter some serious wear and tear. At the same time it needs to be lightweight enough so that it won’t slow you down.

You’ll need to be able to have full range of movement of your hand while in the glove or it won’t help you when you’re out training. However the balance needs to be struck between this movement and the protection it will offer. The best parkour glove designers recognize this and offer a solution which fit the bill.

There’s a few different elements that need to come together to form a good parkour glove but for us it all comes down to precision. For parkour you need a glove that will let you move with precision, limited impact but increased protection. This precise movement and control is what the best practitioners have, and some precision gloves can really help you raise your game.

Fluescent Precision Parkour Gloves

Fluescent is a company set up specifically to aid with parkour and freedom of movement. The work itself means becoming fluent, smooth or natural and this idea has been fed into each of their products. The idea behind most of their range is to design something that allows you to tap further into your unused potential, with parkour clothing that aids performance.

The Fluescent precision parkour gloves have been designed uniquely in that they feature open and closed fingers on each glove. The first and second finger are covered while the thumb, fourth and fifth finger remain open. At first this might seem like a strange design choice but actually it makes a lot of sense.

Your first and second finger and regarded as the strongest fingers and they are responsible for most of the strength in your grip. These two therefore need the most protection which is offered by the closed glove, while the remaining open fingers allow you the freedom of movement. In this way the precision parkour gloves offer before protection and precision.

The glove also features a fitted style which hugs your hand. This avoids the bulky feeling when you wear some gloves which can mean you’re unclear where your handhold is. Red and black colouring is featured throughout which means it works with most gear you might already own.

Stylish and effective, let’s take a closer look at some aspects of this glove.

Fluescent Precision Parkour Glove Materials

This glove has been specifically engineered by Fluescent to be non slip and give a high level of grip. Leather has been used in combination with other materials to give this effect and a thin layer of padding helps protect the ‘power fingers’. This gives the glove a unique look of something between a casual and survival glove offering elements of both worlds.

This glove has been designed to give the feeling that it is barely there. With a snug fitted cut it hugs the skin with lightweight material. While it might not feel like it’s there it will stop any injury to your skin even under duress.

The materials used are tough and durable, meaning that they can take a lot of strain without tearing or breaking. Suitable for rough or smooth surfaces the Fluescent parkour gloves are certainly well made.

Fluescent Precision Parkour Glove Reviews

There’s been a lot of feedback over the glove and it’s caused quite a stir in the parkour world since its release. Generally the feedback has been positive and customers seem really pleased with their purchases. Reviewers praise the good grip of the glove and others are really pleased with the design:

“The design may not make much sense to some people at first but they really do work. On some surfaces the material on the covered fingers grips better than skin and then you still have uncovered fingers”

The Fluescent gloves are designed to be fitted and really hug your skin, so that you can barely notice them. You should be aware when ordering that the sizes may be a little small and you might need a bigger size than usual.

Overall the feedback about the design, grip and look of the glove is very positive. Users overall have given a 4 stars rating and it’s easy to see how that score has been achieved.

Fluescent Precision Parkour Glove Best Qualities

There is a lot of competition out there but there are a couple of reasons that this glove really stands out from the crowd:

  • Lightweight and Breathable

Parkour is an intense physical activity but the breathable material used by Fluescent helps remove any sweat and keep your skin dry and comfortable. The lightweight material limits any change to how you would normal feel as you train.

  • Unique protection

The approach adopted by Fluescent to protect the first and second fingers is very innovative. There’s an increased grip but no impact on your dexterity with this glove.

  • Different Style

This unique approach has led to the creation of a very different glove. Parkour is about standing out from the crowd and with this glove you certainly will.

  • Positive Reviews

Ultimately a very strong point for this glove is the overwhelming positive reaction. It’s something different that’s proving effective with users, so you don’t just have to take our word for it.

Fluescent Parkour Glove Price

We can’t provide all the information about the specs without mentioning the price of the glove. Fluescent generally are one of the more affordable brands and this glove fits within that category. In fact these gloves come in cheaper than a lot of competitors.

Fluescent are offering some pretty decent value with these gloves. While they may not be the lowest priced around the materials and durability offer a longevity that you won’t get from competitors. This definitely makes them a worthwhile investment and if these aren’t within your budget then it might be worth considering spending a bit more this time around.

Choosing your Precision Parkour Gloves

Precision parkour gloves are a really important piece of clothing that will add some tangible benefits to your training instantly. It’s worth making sure you get the right pair and of course a lot of this will come down to personal preference.

For us the Fluescent Precision Parkour Gloves offer a unique solution to the debate over protection and movement. This also leads to a different style of design that, incorporated with the colours and fit, makes the glove pretty attractive. Durable and practical, this is definitely our recommendation for precision parkour glove. 

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