Seibertron Men’s Black Parkour Gloves Reviews and Tips – 2020

By Chris / July 3, 2016

seibertron parkour gloves


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1. Durable polyester fabric1. Relatively less padding.
2. Extremely lightweight2. Little protection from splinters and sharp objects
3. Fingerless design for flexibility3. Difficult on slippery and wet surfaces.
Seibertron Men’s Black gloves look incredibly stylish. The first thing you would notice about the gloves is they are fingerless. It makes the movement of the fingers easier and keeps the hand comfortable. These Seibertron gloves are useful for Parkour, only if you are not spending too much time on slippery surfaces. These gloves do not offer a lot of protection on wet surfaces as it is made of polyester. The extra padding on the fingers makes it a perfect option to keep your fingers protected. The best part of these gloves is these are washable and lightweight.

On top of that, the fingerless design also makes it easy to wipe the sweat from your brow without wetting the gloves. The Special Ops Look Assault Gloves (S.O.L.A.G.) is a good option to use for Parkour especially if you can’t afford the higher end and expensive options. These gloves are said to be perfect for women as they are small enough to fit the smallest of hands. Let’s explore who these gloves are suitable for:


Many Parkour participants need a lot of grip during their drills. If you are one of them, then these gloves are not for you. These Seibertron gloves are for participants who do not rely on needing grip for their excursions. The polyester material makes it difficult to provide grip and traction. It does provide good wrist support with a clamping strap.


The Seibertron gloves are extremely comfortable. The polyester fabric feels light on the hands and eliminates sweating as well.


The Seibertron gloves provide for greater flexibility due to its fingerless design. This design combined with the lightweight polyester material makes it feel more like gym gloves rather than Parkour gloves.


The only protection provided by these Seibertron gloves is the padding above the fingers. However, due to the fingerless design, there is little protection offered in case of a fall. Also, barriers provided by the Parkour courses can cause damage to your fingers as well.


Although these may not be perfect gloves for Parkour, it is a comfortable pair to have around. It is ideal for use on smooth surfaces or in the heat. However, these gloves may not be best for heavy Parkour workouts but still they are a good choice available in the market. Available in five standard sizes, it is handy for other sports that are not rigorous and merciless to your hands.

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