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Take Flight Shoes – A 2020 Review of the Take Flight Stealth Ultras

Parkour was first created in the 1980s in France and it wasn’t until the early 21st century that it blew up. Now it’s rare to find anyone who hasn’t taken part, watched a video or at least heard of parkour as viral videos are all over Facebook, Instagram and sites like Reddit. That’s where I first heard about the Take Flight Stealth Ultras in fact!

Despite parkour coming across as an extremely dangerous sport it’s still rising in popularity and traceurs (those who take part in parkour) can be found in every major city in the world. Hard work, training and dedication has allowed these individuals to make the most of the urban jungle, created unique paths to travel across the man made landscape.

Parkour is more than just an activity now, it’s a lifestyle. There’s a real sense of freedom to parkour which has brought a cult following that goes beyond what people do and now heavily influences even the clothes they wear. In 2020 there’s more choice than ever for parkour clothing.

Take Flight Shoes and Parkour Gear (The Take Flight Stealth Ultra)

Take Flight Parkour Shoes ReviewParkour clothing is less technical perhaps than other sports clothing, but getting the right gear is important nonetheless. Performance is all about maneuverability in this setting so you’ll want your clothing to give you the full range of motion.

Parkour tops and pants are normally loose with more fabric than other athletes would wear. This is to stop any inhibitions to movement and allow the body to quickly adapt and change direction while taking part in parkour. This is essential for the fast paced, creativity needed.

Socks may not seem like an important part of the wardrobe, but for parkour they are vital. Specialized parkour socks will normally incorporate a high level of grip (usually with outside ridges) that stop your feet slipping in your shoes. They will normally also be thick and durable for heavy wear and tear while remaining breathable.

In parkour, your shoes will make the biggest difference. Your feet will take the most impact so you need a shoe that can give protection. On top of that you need higher levels of grip than a normal pair of trainers to allow you to climb and cling to surfaces.

Beyond performance, parkour clothing is also about comfort. The right materials and fits will be best for your body and prevent any distractions while you’re training. This is where parkour brands come in.

Why You Need Parkour Shoes

In parkour you build from the ground up and shoes are the most important part of kit you will own. On our homepage you’ll find a complete guide on picking the best shoe for your needs.  Without the right pair you can’t perform at the highest level and in you can even put yourself at severe risk of injury from falling or slipping. If there’s one element of your parkour clothing you don’t want to rush, it’s your shoes. Let’s explore what makes a good parkour shoe.

Take Flight ShoesParkour will put a different kind of strain on your shoe than other activities. The constant impact on various hard surfaces will take its toll quickly and it pays to think ahead. A durable rubber sole is important for longevity and finding the right pair with the best materials will save you forking out month after month.

The impact on your trainers will quickly transfer to impact on your legs unless you find the right pair. Parkour trainers need to be resilient but also offer a certain level of protection to your body. Cushioning on the inside, and a thick heel, will provide some support and protection against constant jumping and landing. On top of this you need a strong grip that allows you to climb and retain your balance in every situation.

Style should of course never be overlooked especially when it comes to parkour. Parkour brands often incorporate designs from around the world in a way that creates something you can’t find elsewhere. This is of course a personal choice and you’ll know exactly what you want.

We can’t say it enough, parkour shoes are important. So we’ve looked around for all the qualities above and found a great parkour shoe. 

Take Flight Parkour Shoes Review

TKFLT Shoes ReviewTake Flight Parkour Shoes stand out from the crowd in the best way and they’re currently our top pick for parkour shoes . They’re designed to fit well and benefit your all round performance while you’re out on the street and have a number of key features:

  • Flexible

Made with mesh and a rubber sole the shoes are flexible to allow a full range of motion while training. Essential for top level performance.

  • Traction

One of the most notable features of the Take Flight shoe is the insane grip and traction. While climbing and clambering over uneven terrain you can have the confidence it’ll keep you steady.

  • Durable

Parkour shoes take a lot of strain with constant impact on the concrete. Take Flight parkour shoes are durable and specially created to take the pressure and these shoes have a long life.

  • Breathable

Breathable materials and mesh will help keep your feet cool and remove sweat. This is essential during an intense session.

  • Attractive

Take Flight knows how to make an attractive shoe and that comes through with this design. The Grey on Blue works well with a range of clothing and makes the shoe suitable for casual wear as well as training.

Take Flight themselves are one of the most well established parkour clothing brands on the market with a wide range of different products.

So what are the best qualities of the Take Flight parkour shoes and what sets it apart from the crowd? For us there’s two major factors which draw us to these shoes. Firstly there’s the quality of the shoe. A large part of this is the design and the fact this comes from a company that understand the needs of the customer. This means using a range of materials which will stand the test of time.

Ultimately the quality comes down to the brand and Take Flight are known for their durable products. With their experience in developing and designing parkour clothing you can put your faith in these shoes.

Secondly the Take Flight parkour shoes style grabs us. They have an instantly recognisable style which is adaptable but goes well with all of the current parkour style. There’s a lot to be said for a shoe that’s versatile and performs well, but when you have that combined with aesthetics it’s a winning combination.

Take Flight Parkour Shoes Price

Take Flight ReviewsThe price of parkour shoes varies quite a bit from brand to brand and the price you pay will be determined by your budget. Generally for a quality parkour shoe you will want to spend between $50 and $150 but there are some cheaper alternatives if you’re on a tight budget.

The Take Flight Parkour Shoes are available between $90-100 which makes them around the average price mark. While it may be more expensive than some of the alternatives it’s actually very good value at this price point. The durability and quality of the shoe means that long term it’s a good investment and for us beats a lot of the more expensive alternatives.

Take Flight Parkour Shoes User Reviews

There’s a lot of reviews of the Take Flight Parkour Shoes online and they are overwhelmingly positive (See how it stacks up in our top 7 parkour shoes list). Positive comments reflect the shoes performance and the design:

this shoe is awesome for parkour, has great grip, flexible” – Steven C.

“Great grip! My son loves them. Get these in conjunction with the ultra parkour gloves and you’re in business!” – Andrea P.

There’s a lot of positivity surrounding the Take Flight parkour shoes and how suitable they are for parkour. Owners of the shoes overall rate it at 4.5/5 which in our view is pretty justified and matches our rating of 9/10.

Final Thoughts on Take Flight Shoes

Parkour is different from all other sports because you really don’t need any equipment. In fact all you really need is your body, and a solid pair of shoes, to get up and running. There’s a lot of parkour shoes available but the Take Flight Parkour shoes are a cut above. Whether you’re just starting out, or if you’re making regular videos they offer the grip and flexibility you need.

Parkour is all about style, freedom and individuality. Parkour clothing is built around being unique and ultimately you have to go with what works for you so take your time, have a look around and find the right fit for you.