Under Armour Men’s Parkour Gloves Reviews and Tips – 2017

By Chris / July 3, 2016

Under Armour Men's Parkour Gloves

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Under Armour Men’s Gloves Review

1. Heat gear to reduce sweating1. Very little padding
2. Goat skin provides comfort and durability2. Risky option on rough surfaces
3. Additional, grip, support and flexibility.3. Strenous workout can lead to ripping.
4. Contoured wrist straps for best fit.

These Under Armour Gloves are the most stylish gloves available in the market. These gloves cover the entire fingers and are one of the great options available for Parkour today. The Under Armour Clean-Up Batting Gloves are available in fifteen different color choices. It means that there will always be something that will catch your attention. These gloves are made of synthetic material and provide excellent comfort to all Parkour participants. It is also made of netted material on the back of the hands that provides support and does not cause the hands to sweat.


The Under Armour Gloves is embossed with a synthetic overlay that provides added support and grip. This design also provides excellent flexibility. These gloves are ideal for Parkour activists to use on wet and slippery surfaces.


The goat skin leather used in making these gloves provides soft comfort to the hands without sacrificing on durability and grip. The netted design on the back of the hand and between the fingers provides fantastic ventilation.


The goat skin synthetic material offers extra flexibility. The extra strapping on the wrist and contoured wrist closure also help in keeping the gloves snug in the hands without the possibility of the hands moving inside.


Under Armour Men’s Gloves does offer enough protection to all those using it for Parkour. Due to it being full finger gloves, it provides extra protection to the fingers. However, the downside is the netted material between the fingers and very little padding across the gloves. The netted material at the back of the hands and between the fingers makes it difficult to use on rough surfaces as any sharp objects may cause damage to the hands and fingers.


The Under Armour Men’s Clean Up Batting Gloves may not be the best fit for Parkour, however, it is not the worst available gloves out there. The full finger design and netted material keep the hands comfortable and sweat free. The only downside to these gloves is the lack of protection it offers. Parkour activists look for freedom and a stress-free environment when they go about their drill. Having gloves that will make them careful about where they place their hands is not ideal for these drills.

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