Best Adidas Parkour Shoes – Reviews & Comparisons 2020

By Chris / November 14, 2018

Parkour is everywhere and though it's still fairly niche it's beginning to make its way into the mainstream. Every month we see more videos being created and shared with new websites, forums and parkour gyms for new people to get involved. The appeal of parkour is pretty apparent , especially for young people, and it's never been easier to start your parkour journey.

However, before you jump in you should consider if you have everything you need. Parkour is extreme and even when training you can risk some serious injury if you don’t take it seriously. Before you even think about starting you need to make sure you have all the right tools.

Why You Need Adidas Parkour Shoes

With parkour you build from the ground up. Your feet and legs will be the most important part of the sport so you need the right pair of parkour shoes before anything else. Without the right pair of parkour shoes you can risk causing damage to your whole body. Jumping and landing without adequate protection can leading to bruising or straining of muscles. In extreme cases you might even cause a break which can put you out of action for months.

Trying to take part in parkour using a standard pair of trainers can also end in disaster. Normal trainers don’t have the grip necessary for varied surfaces and because of the nature of parkour a single slip can mean injury or even death.

If you value peak performance, then parkour shoes are absolutely necessary. Specially designed for parkour they’ll let you train smarter and for longer allowing you to grow and develop.

What You Should Look For In Parkour Shoes

Getting the right pair of shoes for parkour isn’t really optional, it’s a necessity. But what exactly makes a good parkour shoe? Parkour shoes aren’t massively different from other sports shoes but they’ve been tweaked by the designers to make them more suitable to freerunning and parkour.

Parkour shoes are typically lightweight and much lighter than standard trainers. Parkour relies on movement and flexibility so a lightweight shoe is essential so that you retain that level of freedom. Similarly, parkour shoes are usually made to be flexible to fit with the natural movement of your feet.

Grip is also an important quality in parkour shoes. Parkour involves ascending and descending quickly over a range of surfaces, there are also elements of climbing. Parkour shoes need adequate traction so you won’t slip or fall in a vital moment.

Durability is a must have quality with parkour shoes. The impact sustained by parkour shoes is much higher than other trainers and you don’t want to have to be replacing them all the time. Durability generally comes down to manufacturing quality and materials used. In most cases it’s worth spending a little more for this extra resilience.

Breathability is another important quality for all sports shoes, but even more so with parkour. Intense activity ultimately leads to sweating and without the right, breathable materials you’ll end up with soaked feet. Parkour is one of the most intense exercises out there so this is an absolute must.

Shoes which are suitable for parkour don’t necessarily have to be made by parkour specialists. They can be shoes which are used for other activities which incorporate some of those key qualities listed above.  On our homepage we have a whole guide on picking the best shoes for your parkour needs.

Adidas Parkour Shoes: Reviews and Comparisons

Adidas are one of the best known brands in the world in need of little introduction. Now operating globally with hundreds of product lines they shown they understand the changing marketplace and can meet the customer’s needs.

Adidas have a large range of performance shoes for all different spots. What sets Adidas apart from the competition is that they are constantly investing in development and research. They have one of the most advanced testing departments who are engineering new designs and updating their collection. This means whatever you buy is cutting edge.

Adidas are known for their quality and innovation. It’s no real surprise that they have a range of shoes which are well suited for parkour. Readily accessible and with a proud customer satisfaction guarantee, Adidas are superior in more ways than one to a lot of parkour specialists.

We’ve identified our top 3 Adidas parkour shoes which are offering great features at reasonable price points. Let’s take a closer look.

Adidas ZX Trainers Review

Top of our list are the simple but effective Adidas ZX Trainers. Designed for performance, these lightweight shoes are suitable for indoor or outdoor activity. Made with comfort and protection in mind Adidas have produced an all round shoe which is perfect for any kind of sport. Available in over 5 different colour schemes this is a versatile shoe that is perfect for parkour.


The Adidas ZX trainer uses synthetics on the outside of the trainer which helps protect the shoe both from general wear and tear and the elements. Inside textiles have been used to give your feet the comfort they need

Made to be lightweight the shoe provides extra stability without getting in the way. High levels of grip on the rubber soles mean that whatever texture of terrain you’ll have confidence that you won’t slip. Plus there is a breathable membrane to the material, helping remove sweat and preventing odor issues.

Best Features:

The Adidas ZX Trainer has some great features which highlight its suitability for parkour and other intense outdoor sports:

  • Robust

Weighing in at only 998 grams this trainer is incredibly lightweight, but don’t let that fool you because it is made to last. The quality that’s put in to Adidas products shines through with these parkour shoes with stitching that won’t come apart easily. This means you can guarantee a long life with the Adidas ZX trainers.

  • Protective

The Adidas ZX trainer is built with a protective heel cup. This has the dual feature of keeping your foot in place but also offering impact protection for landings. It also features the EVA midsole which has been specially designed by Adidas to offer increased impact protection, offering the necessary protection for parkour practitioners.

  • Great Fit

A common problem, especially with parkour shoes, is that they don’t fit well and can take a long time to break in. Adidas have used leather and synthetics on the top of the shoe so that it fits tightly to your ankle. This ensures a comfortable but snug fit.

  • Affordable

Adidas specialize in putting a lot of quality into their affordable shoes and this is one of the best features of the Adidas ZX trainer. Available between $60 and $100 depending on size and design, Adidas have been able to keep the costs low in this competitive market without any compromise. This means great value for you.

The Adidas ZX Trainer isn’t a specialist parkour shoe, but it’s got a lot to offer. Customer reviewers are giving this shoe 4.5/5 stars and it’s clear to see why. It’s Well made and priced reasonably, definitely one to consider.

Adidas Aerobounce Running Shoes

Coming in second on our list is the Adidas Aerobounce running shoe. This trainer has been made for running with a breathable outer layer and rubber sole to keep you moving. It’s incredibly lightweight at only 553 grams and while it might not be specifically designed for it, it is well suited for parkour. There are also 3 different colour schemes available so you can customise your style.


The Adidas Aerobounce running shoes are made from a mesh outer layer, with a breathable second layer underneath. This keeps it light and lets you stay dry even when sweating. Blown rubber is used for the thick soles which gives support without adding to the weight.

What sets this shoe apart is the patented Adidas Bounce technology. This extra layer gives your foot extra comfort but also allows for greater flexibility while you perform. For parkour practitioners this allows you a full range of movement.

The material choices for the Adidas Aerobounce running shoes have focused on keeping it light and bouncy. This means more speed and less bulk which ultimately make this a great candidate for a parkour shoe.

Best Features:

The Adidas Aerobounce is more than just a running shoe, it’s a free runners delight. It’s made our list because of the following key features:

  • Bounce Technology

Without going into too much of the science behind it, Adidas have effectively put another layer in for this shoe which both absorbs impact and improves your speed. This is great for running but even better for jumping, landing and general parkour.

  • Lightweight

This is one of the lightest trainers we’ve come across in this category giving you little to no resistance when moving. This, combined with a tight fit that is held in place by the outer material, will make the trainers barely noticeable.

  • Style

Up until now we haven’t really mentioned style but actually with the Adidas Aerobounce you can’t help but notice how good it looks. The striking orange really stands out in a crowd but the grey and black also look impressive. Of course they all come with the signature Adidas stripes.

The Adidas Aerobounce running shoes are incredibly versatile and suitable for a lot of activities. The response from customers has been positive with these shoes also receiving 4.5/5 stars across the board. If you want to feel more free and get more speed then this pair is definitely for you.

Adidas Cloudfoam Racer Performance Running Shoes

The Adidas Cloudfoam running shoes definitely look a lot bulkier than the other two on our list but that doesn’t mean they impact your movement or performance at all. Weighing in at 998 grams the Cloudfoam Racers are still light and give protection to your feet and ankles. Streamlined and attractive, the Adidas Cloudfoam running shoes are available in black but also have 4 other colour schemes depending on what you’re in to.


Despite the larger feel of these shoes they use a synthetic and leather outer layer combined with mesh panelling. This keeps the weight down and lets your skin breathe through the mesh. A tight fit and laces means this shoe won’t slip and there is a lot of grip to be had from the sole.

What really sets this shoe apart is the dual layer cloudfoam sock lining. This gives a new level of protection with the shock of impact being absorbed before it reaches your feet. It also provides comfort to your feet so you can keep going for longer without any discomfort.

Cloudfoam layering is just another innovation Adidas have introduced into their running shoes which makes them well suited for parkour.

Best Features:

The Cloudfoam Running shoes aren’t just for running and in fact they’re already being used by crossfitters and free runners around the world. These key features made them stand out for us:

  • Cloudfoam Support

Made with unique cloudfoam layers the shoes are able to absorb up to twice as much impact as regular running shoes. This doesn’t just protect your feet but allows you the freedom to try new techniques with confidence that they shoes can handle it

  • Durable

More robust than the competitor shoes, the Adidas Cloudfoam racer is sturdy and well made meaning it will stand the test of time. Adidas offer a guarantee on all products and you can expect to get a lot of use from these shoes.

  • Freedom of Movement

While the Cloudfoam racers are built to be protective and durable they are still a flexible shoe. The synthetic materials and breathable mesh let your feet breathe and gives you a full range of movement which is essential for parkour.

These shoes are also scoring highly with the users and they’ve earned an average score of 4/5 stars. Retailing at under $50 these shoes aren’t just high performing but they’re great value. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to refresh your collection, there are a lot of reasons to pick the Adidas Cloudfoam Racers.

Choosing Adidas Parkour Shoes

Adidas have a long history of creating the best shoes. They have a well established brand that can afford to put a lot into trainers without having to transfer the price to the customer. This has allowed them to create a set of trainers that are very well suited for parkour.

Each of the three models above offer something that beats out the rest of the field. All of them are durable and will provide the protection you need to get out there and train. So if you’re looking for your next parkour shoe then we recommend checking out all three of these first.

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