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Vivobarefoot Motus Parkour Shoe Reviews 2020

By admin / December 14, 2018

Parkour, sometimes known as free running, began in a little corner of Paris almost 50 years ago. It was initially used as a way to train the body by introducing urban obstacles and using the body to overcome them. Part art, part science and part sport, parkour remains one of the most unique activities in the world.

In the 21st Century parkour has made its way into the mainstream. Aided by the rise of social media, parkour videos have been watched around the world with millions of people in awe of the flow and movement. While a lot of parkour is still shrouded in mystery there’s a definite culture that’s emerged which has drawn people in.

With huge growth internationally new specialist parkour companies are releasing products to help parkour practitioners. Today, there is more parkour gear than ever before helping you to reach that next level.

Vivobarefoot Shoes and Parkour Gear

Vivobarefoot Parkour ShoesParkour is accessible because you don’t need any equipment to participate, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have the right gear. For parkour, that means clothing and accessories that you can wear while you train and perform.

Parkour gear has two main vital functions. Firstly it’s too offer protection to the body. We’ve all seen the parkour fail videos online of people who’ve missed their timing or slipped, what we don’t always see is the aftermath of those events and the extent of the injuries that can be sustained. Parkour is an inherently dangerous activity which often involves high altitudes and no safety nets. If a single move goes wrong you can seriously harm yourself, potentially in ways that you won’t recover from.

Parkour clothing is about freedom and flowing creativity. Parkour shoes helps promote this and let’s you train with confidence.

What You Need in Parkour Shoes

Now we understand the importance of parkour clothing we can have a look at the important part of the ensemble is, parkour shoes. As you know, parkour is fueled by the legs and the feet will take a lot of impact while you train. Having the right pair of shoes is paramount and if you’re only going to get one piece of gear, make sure it’s a good pair of parkour shoes.  If you are interested in more options then check out TheBestParkourGear Homepage!

Parkour shoes offer similar qualities to other sports trainers but with their own specific twist especially for parkour. So what makes a good parkour shoe? Well it starts with the design. A good parkour shoe will have a thick sole that is designed to give protection, it will also use breathable materials to avoid over sweating.

A good parkour shoe will also consider the materials involved. Given the constant impact and wear these shoes will see, it’s important you find a durable model or brand otherwise you’ll have to replace them within a month. Parkour is intense and you need a shoe that can keep up.

Fit and grip are the final aspects for a good parkour shoe. With the right, snug fit your shoe will give you full range of motion and feel like an extension of your own body. This is important when balancing on uneven surfaces. The best parkour shoes also feature a higher level of grip than standard sports shoes, and again this is to counter the specific challenges faced by traceurs.

There is a lot to consider when looking for a parkour shoe but thankfully there’s a lot of choice out there. We’ve found what we consider to be one of the best parkour shoes, let’s take a closer look at what’s on offer.

Vivobarefoot Motus Parkour Shoe Reviews

The Vivobarefoot Motus has been designed to be as close to barefoot as possible. This has been achieved by slimming down existing models but retaining some of the more important qualities like grip and durability that are essential. It’s been specifically created for activities like parkour and crossfit where you need that added protection without the bulk.

Vivobarefoot Motus Parkour ShoesVivobarefoot, often called Vivo for short, are a British company that create modern footwear for physical activities. As the name suggests, the whole company ethos is centred around creating that natural and barefoot feeling. The belief is that feet are one of the ultimate feats of bioengineering and should be used to the full potential without the limitations imposed by some shoes. By doing this they believe it creates a link back to our ancient ancestors who would have been barefoot for their everyday lives.

According to the dictionary definitely Vivobarefoot do not make shoes. Instead they have reinvented the offering for the customer by getting rid of traditional elements like excess padding or cushioning. In doing so they’ve designed something that fits with the general philosophy of free movement that is prevalent with parkour.

Vivobarefoot now have a range of products ideal for freerunning and have shown they know how to make a unique and useful shoe. The quality and innovation shines through and shows they’re offering more than competitors.

Vivobarefoot Motus: Key Features

There are several different features which made the Vivobarefoot Motus stand out for us:

  • Flexibility

Vivobarefoot broke the mold making this shoe because they challenged pretty much every existing design. They scrapped the excess padding, got rid of any heels and brought this shoe very much back down to earth. It’s made to be natural and bends the way your feet naturally would. This gives you a level of flexibility you haven’t been able to realise before.

  • Work Out Shoes

Vivobarefoot ReviewsThe Vivobarefoot Motus features a built in toe guard to offer your feet protection and despite the removal of the extra padding, Vivobarefoot still recognise the need to protect you from impact. They developed an extra drop of 4.5mm into the shoe so that there’s room to absorb the impact. While this makes them suitable for training, you may find you can’t wear them all the time so make sure you have a spare pair handy.

  • Breathable

Parkour is intense and you will sweat, a lot. Lightweight, breathable materials have been used on this shoe to allow you to stay dry even during a long workout.

Vivobarefoot Motus User Reviews:

Whenever you’re considering any purchase it’s always worth checking out the feedback from other customers. These reviews will give you a first hand, honest look at the products so that you can make an informed decision.

After a quick look round we could see that the Motus was creating a storm and there is a lot of feedback out there to choose from. The majority of the feedback is positive with a lot of positives being brought out around the style used by Vivobarefoot:

“Its like going barefooted but not having to worry about what you step on” – Jeff B.

“Shoes are great. Definitely let you feel the earth beneath your feet tons more. Resulting in better kinetic energy.” – David A.

It might be slightly different from traditional trainers, but we can see from the reviews that it’s a big hit.

Barefoot parkour shoesThe most common criticism of the shoe is that there isn’t enough stability. With a less rigid design the Motus doesn’t have some of the usual features that are built into a shoe and therefore there can be less stability, however this is generally something that takes time to get used to.

The Vivobarefoot Motus can take time to break in, longer than traditional shoes, because you’ll have to adapt to taking more strain on your feet. Ultimately this can be a huge positive once you get used to them but it can be difficult.

Overall the feedback from customers on the Vivobarefoot Motus is very positive. Users generally score it 4.5/5 stars with lots of positives regarding the performance of the shoes.

Vivobarefoot Motus Price

The Vivobarefoot Motus is one of the more expensive products around but it’s not that surprising because it’s specialist. While you might have to spend a little more to get a pair, the shoes have a long lifespan and are durable even with a tough training regime. Overall this means that the Vivobarefoot Motus parkour shoes offer some great value. 

Vivobarefoot Motus Shoes

The Vivobarefoot Motus offers something that other parkour shoes don’t, a natural feel. When you slip it on it simply feels like another layer of skin or perhaps a thin sock. This allows you free range of movement and to feel the earth beneath you. It’s the natural feel of this shoe that really appeals to us and made it stand out.

The Vivobarefoot Motus simply offers more than most competitors and while it may be slightly more expensive it should be treated as an investment. As a brand Vivobarefoot have a strong philosophy and as a shoe it shoes great creativity. In this way it mirrors the core components of parkour and makes it one of the best options around.

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Picking the Best New Balance Parkour Shoes 2020 – Reviews

By admin / November 25, 2018

One of the best ways to transform your body and get in shape is to start getting involved with parkour. There’s quite a steep learning curve, but once you get into it you’ll start to see the benefits to your mind and body almost instantly.

The rise of parkour has been meteoric and over the last 10 years the number of parkour practitioners (traceurs) has almost doubled. Social media has facilitated this by sharing content across borders and allowing people to share and develop ideas to help others.

Parkour is accessible to everyone because you only need your own body. That being said you need to make sure you’ve got some key pieces of kit before you start or you might run into some trouble.

You Need a Pair of Parkour Shoes

One of the must have elements you need to have for parkour is a reliable pair of shoes. You might be tempted to dust off the old casual trainers and give them a go, and while for other sports that might work fine, for parkour you risk some serious injuries.

Parkour shoes have evolved over time and now they have come to a point where they add a lot to performance. They have a lot more grip than casual trainers and come with built in protective features to look after your body. Casual trainers might be your usual go to, but for parkour you will need to upgrade.

The good news is that there’s a lot of choice out there and you won’t need to break the bank in order to afford them. There’s loads of specialist parkour brands offering parkour shoes but even traditional sports shoe brands now have ranges of running shoes which are suitable for parkour. In fact it’s with these well known sports brands that you can find some great value for a new pair of parkour shoes.

Top 3 Best New Balance Parkour Shoes

New Balance has been in existence in one form or another for over 100 years. In that time they’ve grown a global empire producing sports shoes and activewear. Their slogan is ‘we were born to move’ which is pretty much the catchphrase of parkour, so it’s no surprise they have shoes perfect for freerunning.

New Balance combine function and fashion in their products because they don’t believe that performance should compromise the look or feel of a shoe. They’ve built a name for themselves by supporting athletes and offering everything an individual needs to get out there and succeed.

New Balance have a lot of well made top quality products. We’ve looked and identified our top 3 parkour shoes from their collections which are perfect for any freerunner looking to upgrade their trainers.

New Balance M390Bw2 Running Shoes

Available in signature black and white, or orange and blue the New Balance M390Bw2 running shoes are made with the classic style of New Balance. While this has a lot of the same qualities as a running shoe you can see that it’s been made stronger and adapted for tougher conditions. With increased grip, padding and additional features, this trainer is definitely up to the challenge of parkour.


The New Balance M390Bw2 has a synthetic outside which defends against the elements. Inside is a mesh overlay and textile overlays wrap closely round your foot to give a secure hold. A removable imeva midsole has been included as extra padding and protection, giving another layer to absorb any impacts.

Unlike some other running shoes New Balance have opted to put additional padding in the base of the shoe. A heel 1.5 centimeters tall has padding inside and offers increased impact resistance for landing. This model is lightweight and built for speed with no heavy materials used to add weight.

Best Features:

The New Balance M390Bw2 may not look like much at first glance but beneath the surface there’s a lot of different elements in play that make this one of our top picks:

  • Built for Speed

Everything about this shoe is made for speed. The lightweight materials used mean they  only weigh 599 grams which means you’ll barely even feel it. This, combined with the tight fit, means you’ll have maximum flexibility in this shoe.

  • Impact absorption

Made with a rubber sole, a large padded heel, a removable insole and a padded collar there’s a lot of protection at play to defend your feet when moving. Plus there’s a heel counter at the rear of the shoe to offer even more protection. Whether you’re running or landing from a height the shoe is built to take the impact so you don’t have to.

  • Breathability

New Balance M390BW2The entire interior of this shoe is made with an advanced mesh structure. This has tiny holes which allow airflow in and around the shoe. This lets your skin breath and prevents the build up of moisture from sweating, keeping you clean, fresh and dry.

All in all New Balance have created a sports shoe that’s suitable for a range of disciplines. It’s not specifically a parkour shoe however the features mentioned above prove that it is up to the task. The reviews of the New Balance M390Bw2 are very positive and it’s scoring 4.5/5 stars overall.  The lightweight and cushioning makes it feel like you’re walking on air, taking the pressure off your feet

The New Balance style is pretty iconic and they guarantee quality in their shoes. This means a longer life for your trainer and great value for money for you.

New Balance 790 Training Running Shoes

Second on our list is the 790 training running shoe which is one of the most popular models that New Balance have created. This is another shoe which has been built for speed, offering a range of features to keep you moving and prevent you having to slow down. They’re designed intelligently to offer you a full range of movement without having to slow down.


The New Balance 790 training shoes are made without seams and as one overall unit. This helps protect the shoe because there’s little to no risk of them tearing or breaking. Synthetics are used all over with textiles on the inside giving a more comfortable feel.

The signature of this shoe is the ABZORB heel. This has been created by New Balance to counteract the impact that can be felt from extreme physical activity. While this is useful for running, it’s invaluable for parkour and once you’ve got used to it you won’t want to go back

Finally, but potentially most importantly, New Balance have made this shoe with optimal grip. This will give you traction on a variety of surfaces and can even be used in wet conditions.

Best Features:

The New Balance 790 training shoes are classic sports shoes that could be used for a variety of sports. They’ve made our list because we think they can give specialist parkour shoes a run for their money with these features:

  • Lightweight

Not an uncommon theme in sports shoes, but the New Balance 790 training shoes are ridiculously light. Weighing under 300 grams these shoes really are built to get you places. The breathable mesh allows airflow around your feet but also keeps the entire shoe as light as possible. Perfect for parkour where you need all your speed and strength.

  • Stylish

New Balance are one of the most stylish brands around with their signature logo sitting prominently on the lip of the shoe. Compared to other parkour trainers these look a lot more natural and could easily be used casually or when training. Available in 8 different colour palettes you should be able to find one that suits you.

  • Affordable Protection

For the protection offered in this shoe you would have expected a bigger price tag but New Balance are living up to their name and have managed to strike a balance here. The ABZORB heel and unique heel offer a level of protection found in the mid range trainer but you can pick this pair up for as little as $30.

New Balance have used some high quality materials to create a high quality shoe. It’s perfect for parkour and will let you get the most from your workout. Users have rated this 4.5/5 with the only criticism being the sizing. Make sure you pick one size up from your usual to ensure these fit correctly.

New Balance Vibram Minimus Training Shoe

We’ve potentially kept the best New Balance parkour shoe til last here as the Vibram Minimus is the perfect companion for any freerunner. This shoe has made the top 5 list on several parkour websites because of the traction and longevity of the trainer.

The tight fit of the trainer mean that you might not even realise you have them on and the flexibility in design will give you the full range of motion you would have with your bare feet. With 3 unique designs the Vibram Minimus is where form meets function and the result is impressive.


These shoes are made entirely from synthetic materials, with fabric used on the interior. A foam molding helps the shoe to fit closely and preserve the shape of the trainer. A lightweight Vibram sole is built into the shoe which will let you feel everything underneath you in detail.

These shoes features a burrito tongue which also helps keep it in place while you’re wearing it. A Revlite midsole has been added into the shoe to give more impact resistance and help protect your feet.

New Balance have used some high quality materials to allow you to move quickly unimpeded in this shoe. Light and responsive, it’s perfect for parkour.

Best Features:

The Vibram Minimus has a number of key aspects that make it perfect for parkour but we’ve identified the features for why it’s made our list:

  • Strong Traction

The New Balance Vibram Minimus is made with a Vibram sole. This offers optimal levels of traction and increased grip even on wet surfaces. For traceurs this means a shoe you can rely upon when the terrain gets tricky.

  • Invisible Feel

These trainers are made with foam molding to allow them to hug your feet tightly. Whether they’re laced up on not this means they won’t slide or fall off. On top of this the trainers are so light, under 400 grams in weight for increased speed. All of this means you’ll have full freedom and you might even forget you’re wearing them.

  • Long Lasting Comfort

The number one thing that users are commenting on is the comfort of these shoes. A lot of performance shoes are suitable for short term use but you wouldn’t want to keep them on afterwards. The New Balance Vibram Minimus are suitable for all day wear and perfect for long distance sessions.

This New Balance parkour shoe is slightly more expensive than the other two but still a lot cheaper than competitors at $85. With incredible traction and breathable materials it’s not hard to see why users are rating this a perfect 5/5. If you’re looking for a long lasting, high performing pair of parkour shoes then look no further.

Choosing New Balance Parkour Shoes

With any niche activity it’s always tempting to go with the specialist brand. Certainly there are a lot of parkour brands which offer a range of different shoes and most of them will do you fairly well, however New Balance has created a mainstream alternative that is much more affordable.

New Balance have been making shoes for a long time, so it’s no surprise they can cater to parkour needs. They pride themselves on spending money entirely on product research, rather than promotion, so they can reach new heights in the industry.

The innovation in their shoes adds a lot of value and makes them a good investment when selecting some new parkour shoes. The 3 listed above are good not only for beginners but for experienced traceurs too, so if you’re in the market then make sure you check these out.

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Top 3 Best Five Finger Shoes of 2020 – Reviews and Comparisons

By admin / November 17, 2018

 Parkour is an activity that involves getting from A to B as creatively and efficiently as possible. This means relying on your body and mind to find a path and make your way through. It’s a simple idea but a lot more challenging than it might seem.

Completely different from other sports or activities, parkour has no equipment involved at all. In parkour all you need is your own strength to propel you and lift you across obstacles, however don’t let this fool you because there are a few things you won’t want to overlook.

While you, strictly speaking, might not need any equipment, you’ll definitely want to get your hands on some parkour kit before you begin. There’s full ranges of parkour clothing available with some unique characteristics and styles. Parkour tops and trousers will focus on giving you uninhibited freedom of movement to prevent any limitations. Gloves and hoodies will focus more on protection from slips, falls or even just the elements.

While all of these are extremely beneficial to you they are ultimately optional. One thing you cannot afford to leave out though is your parkour shoes. Parkour involves a lot of jumping, landing and climbing on a different range of surfaces. Having the right shoes is crucial so you don’t badly injure yourself before your parkour journey has even begun.

There’s been a lot of time and development invested in specialist parkour shoes by companies around the world. This has led to the creation of the five finger shoe which is the latest offering for parkour enthusiasts.

What Are Five Finger Shoes?

Unlike traditional shoes, five finger shoes are specific shoes that have pockets for each of your toes, similar to gloves on your hands. Often referred to as ‘toe shoes’ this unique type of footwear looks extremely weird at first but actually they have a number of uses which make them extremely well suited to parkour.

You have a much greater range of movement with a five finger shoe. Each of your toes is able to move independently which gives you much more strength and grip on surfaces. These individual pockets also offer support and protection for each individual toe, helping prevent sprains or injuries while moving.  This ability to use individual toes while running makes these great shoes for parkour.

Originally five finger shoes were designed to give a more natural feel and boost performance in outdoor activities. There are now several different versions available both for indoor and outdoor pursuits but they are most used in climbing and bouldering.

The specific design of the five finger shoe makes them perfect for parkour where you need to use every part of your body to full effect. This means you can better grip surfaces and ultimately push yourself further while training.

Top 3 Best Fiver Finger Shoes For Parkour and Running

Five finger shoes have now grown in popularity and there’s more choice than ever before. While it’s great to have more selection, it can be quite a daunting prospect to try and find the right pair for you.

When considering your options you’ll want to first look at the quality and determine, if possible, they will be suitable for your needs. For parkour you need durability as the shoes will come under considerable strain. Secondly you’ll want to see if the level of protection being offered is good enough. Finally you’ll want to consider the style and design of the shoe because, let’s be honest, we all want to look good.

There are only two companies currently producing the five finger shoe, Vibram and Fila, but even so there are still a lot of shoes to choose from. To make it easier we’ve identified our top picks for both of the producers based on the qualities outlined above. Both of these are great quality, good value, and certainly worth considering.

The Vibram Men’s V Trail Runner Shoes

We’ve started with the Vibram Men’s V Trail Runner which is potentially the best known of all five finger shoes. This shoe has been designed to be useful for all manner of outdoor activities and isn’t specific to any discipline. Made to be durable and survive even extreme conditions the Vibram Men’s V Trail Runner is a practical but effective shoe which is available in 4 different designs.

Vibram themselves are well known for their wide range of five finger shoes, with several different pairs that deserve a spot on our list. The company has been operating for over 80 years and was initially founded by the famous climber Vitale Bramani who was also the inventor of the first rubber lug sole.

Vibram know their craft and understand the needs of the customer with a wide range of specialist outdoor gear. They have thrived for 80 years by putting quality into their products and making shoes that last even in tough conditions.

Key Qualities

The Vibram Men’s V Trail Runner has made it onto the list because of a number of key features:

  • Added Comfort

A well designed shoe that anticipates the needs of the user, the Vibram Trail Runner has an added insole which gives an extra layer of comfort. This also helps absorb the impacts of any jumps or falls, preventing injury to your body.

  • Durable

The Vibram Trail Runner has been made with quality materials that make them robust. This means the material should stand up to heavy wear and shouldn’t deteriorate, meaning a longer life and a better investment.

  • Odor Control

A unique feature of the Vibram Trail Runner is the antimicrobial inner sock. This layer helps stop any nasty odours that can come from sweating and helps prevent any infections on your feet.

  • Easy Clean

It doesn’t matter how dirty you get these five finger shoes because they’re easy to clean. Completely machine washable you can just throw them in and forget about them, with no need for expensive specialist cleaning products.

User Reviews

So what are the users saying about this shoe? Well given the popularity of this shoe there’s a lot of information out there, however it is pretty much all positive. Customers seem extremely impressed with the quality of the materials and how well the shoes fit:

“my first time with the trail running 5fingers. remarkable grip. great feel.” – Stanley Y.

The only criticisms of the shoes seem to be sizing issues. If you’re ordering internationally make sure you’re aware of the conversion from EU sizings or you might have some problems.

Overall the feedback seems to give this shoe 4.5 stars which is a well deserved positive rating.

The Vibram Trail Runner is a well made, solid five finger shoe that meets the needs of the customer. It’s practical but not simple in any way with some integrated features that are well thought out. Durable and reliable it’s definitely one to look out for.

Fila Men’s Skele-Toes Five Finger Shoes

The Fila Men’s Skele-Toes are another extremely well known product internationally with thousands of users worldwide. This shoe has been designed with protection in mind and features a thick rubber sole. This not only helps with landing and impact but also provides more impact against the elements. Suitable for wet environments and the sea, these shoes are quick drying and lightweight making them very practical. They’re also available in 8 different colour designs to fit your personal tastes.

Even though there’s more range of five finger shoes than ever before, the only two companies producing them are Vibram and Fila, so it’s unsurprising that a Fila pair are next on the list. Fila themselves are an Italian company with a long history dating back to 1911. They not boast a huge range of sportswear which is popular around the world and known for its quality.

Key Qualities

The Fila Men’s Skele-Toes have a number of key features which have set them apart from the competition and earned them a place on the list:

  • Added Protection

The signature element of these shoes is the thick rubber sole. This is not only because it provides extra protection to your feet, but also because it makes walking on hot sand or cold surfaces no problem. For parkour and other outdoor activities this added protection is extremely useful.

  • Quick Drying

The materials used in the Fila Skele-Toes are very quick drying and suitable for use in a range of different environments. The hook on the back lets you hang them up handily until they’re dry.

  • Range of Styles

With over 8 different styles this is pretty much the most versatile five finger shoe you’ll find on the market. The colour ranges make it easy to match these with your existing parkour clothing.

  • Affordable

Priced at under $100 these five finger shoes are some of the most competitively priced for the quality they offer. However, please be aware that the price can vary depending on sizing.

User Reviews

The reviews for the Fila Skele-Toes have been unilaterally positive with very few negative reviews out there. People seem to appreciate the minimalist design but also the practical nature of the shoe. Users seem to really appreciate the grip, fit and versatility of the shoe in particular:

“Comfy, and sturdier than I expected, proving very useful indeed (particularly good to drive in)” – Charly K.

Some negative reviews seemed to be linked to specific one off issues with delivery, which is unfortunately to be expected with a company this big, however overall the feedback is 4.5 stars out of 5. A well deserved score for a well made shoe.

Fila have created a sturdy and reliable five finger shoe which is durable even in wet conditions. Reasonably priced and stylish, this makes it a very attractive five finger shoe for anyone involved with outdoor activities and definitely one to consider when you’re browsing.

Choosing Your Five Finger Shoes

Five finger shoes are the latest development to help aid performance and once you try them you won’t look back. Whether you’re looking for a replacement pair or for your first pair take your time and see what’s available. Personal preference will have a role to play of course, but you really can’t go wrong with any of the shoes listed above and they are definitely worth considering.

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Best Asics Parkour Shoes – Reviews and Comparisons

By admin / November 15, 2018

Parkour is the latest trend which is all about movement and creativity. In order to achieve this you’ll have to use your body’s strength to negotiate a path around, over and sometimes through obstacles using your mind to craft the route. Parkour really is all about your capability and as you learn more you’ll see how you grow as a person and a traceur.

While parkour is all about your body and your journey, there is some gear that can give you a headstart on your way. Specialist products ranging from gloves to shoes have been developed by companies in order to give you that boost and take you to the next level. There’s now a diverse range of products out there helping you get the most from your training.

What You Need in Parkour Shoes

The most important piece of gear you’ll need for parkour is a solid pair of shoes. While parkour uses your whole body you’ll find that your feet are keeping you moving and at the same time absorbing a lot of the impact to your body.

Parkour shoes are different from regular trainers in a few ways. They offer increased protection and support, they give greater grip and they allow you a greater range of movement.

There are a lot of parkour specific companies out there but that doesn’t mean they always have the best products. The biggest brands in the world are now making shoes which are multi purpose, with several ranges that are suitable for freerunning and parkour.

Picking the Best Asics Parkour Shoes

Asics are well known for their range of running shoes and activewear. They’ve been around for a long time, since 1949 to be exact, and in that time they’ve steadily increased their product range. Now they create shoes and clothing for a range of different sports and activities.

Asics believe in helping individuals create a quality lifestyle by providing intelligent sport technology. This means moving away from the generic and creating individual and unique products which are specifically created to fit the needs of the customer.

Asics have survived several economic downturns by staying true to their mission. They’ve established themselves as a competitively priced brand that offers quality and innovation in their products and it’s no real surprise that they have a range of shoes suited for parkour.

We’ve explored their product ranges and found the top 3 Asics parkour shoes which are perfectly suited to meet your needs.

Asics Gel Venture 6

The Asics Gel Venture 6 has built upon the previous models of the same name by adding in some new features. These upgrades have made this the perfect parkour shoe and surprisingly haven’t had a huge impact on the price of the shoe, making it great value.

We already know that Asics know how to make useful and practical shoes but it’s showcased in the Asics Gel Venture 6. It features a striking design which works well alongside existing parkour products allowing you to combine both performance and aesthetics.


The Asics Gel Venture 6 is made with breathable mesh on the outer layers. The tiny perforations in the fabrics allow for airflow keeping you cool and removing sweat from your feet as you train. Abrasion-resistant layers have been used on different areas of the shoe helping protect your feet from whatever environment you’re in.

The signature piece for the Asics Gel Venture 6 is the gel cushioning used in the interior of the shoe. This unique gel is incorporated to provide cushioning that not only protects your feet but supports them as you move.

Best Features:

The Asics Gel Venture 6 has a number of key characteristics that make it well suited for the unique sport of parkour. It’s these features that have stood out for us and put it on the top of our list

  • Extreme Durability

The Asics Gel Venture 6 has been built for trail running so you know it’s durable. It features a rugged outer sole which will stand up to hard wear and tear. The abrasion resistant overlays will limit the damage that any impact or other terrain can have on the shoe. A stitched down toe bumper also provides extra protection. This shoe is built to last and will not have an issues with wear and tear. 

  • Long Lasting Comfort

The Asics Gel Venture 6 has a removable EVA sockliner which will mold to the shape of your foot. This provides support, while the Asics gel provides cushioning for the soles of your feet. As we said this shoe is built for trail walking and you won’t feel any discomfort even if you’re wearing them for long periods of time.

  • Affordable

With all the features built into this shoe you might think you would break the bank, but actually this is one of the lowest cost parkour shoes around. Available from just $30 you can instantly see the value with this shoe.

All of these qualities make the Asics Gel Venture 6 perfect for hardcore parkour training in an urban setting. The reviews are overwhelming positive with an average 5/5 stars for this shoe. Competitively priced and extremely durable, this shoe will provide you with great value for years.

Asics Gt-1000 Running Shoes 

Built for running rather than trail running, the Asics GT-1000 running shoes are made to be light, weighing only 599 grams. Parkour requires flexibility and speed, which the Asics GT-1000 helps provide with a gum rubber sole that encourages fast movement. Breathable outer layers and innovative internal technology will keep you dry in any environment while the 9 different colours will allow you the freedom to choose your style.


Asics have designed a modern running shoe which is entirely seamless. This means it’s much less likely to tear or break even under strain and adds to the durability of the shoe. A super-seva midsole has been built into the shoe and they’ve added their unique gel cushioning to help absorb the impacts from physical activity.

The outsole gives optimal levels of grip and has been tested on various surfaces to make sure it performs. On the inside a removable sock liner also helps you get as comfortable as possible. This shoe has been built from the ground up for mid to long distance running, but the features incorporated make it a great choice for parkour.

Best Features:

The Asics GT-1000 running shoe is built to the high standard that we would expect from Asics shoes. While it’s clearly great for running it’s the following features that have made us sit up and take note that this shoe may be perfect for parkour.

  • Unique Support System

The Asics GT-1000 features a Dynamic DuoMax Support System to give greater support and stability while you train. This system involves incorporating a dual-density midsole that absorbs impacts from movement associated with running. Alongside this a SpEVA midsole has been included which gives greater bounce to the shoe and even helps prolong the lifespan of the trainer.

  • Dry Technology

The Asics GT-1000 features a ComforDry Sockliner which has been specially designed to keep you dry and comfortable when pushing yourself. This removable inner lining sock features cool wicking and keeps you comfortable and hygienic while you train.

  • Lightweight and Breathable

This modern running shoe is extremely light and you’ll barely feel it on. It also means you’ll have increased flexibility without the rigid structure of traditional trainers. The breathable mesh will let you stay cool even during intense workouts.

Asics have shown again that they really know how to make a sports shoe. This runner uses the latest technology both on the inside and outside to give protection that aids performance, making this an ideal candidate for a parkour shoe. Customer reviews give this a perfect score of 5/5 stars and it’s easy to see why. Light, fast and dynamic, the Asics GT-1000 running shoe is a very versatile parkour shoe.

Asics Gel-Kayano 25 Running Shoes

Part of Asics more modestly priced selection of running shoes, the Gel-Kayanos offer the next level of durability to boost performance. These shoes have some of the same features as the others on our list, gel cushioning, but has a little more attention to detail. A handmade interior gives a quality comfort and the interior dry technology is next level. An additional toe-box space has been created to allow you greater push off, effectively giving you more control and power while performing.


The Asics shoe is made with synthetics on the outside which are durable, but on the inside handmade materials are used to give more protection to your feet. A rubber sole allows you to bounce back and the whole shoe has been kept lightweight for maximum movement.

A flytefoam cushioning midsole has been included to give another layer on protection. This unique foam not only protects your feet but also protects the shoe by ensuring it keeps its shape. Asics have also introduced their new jacquard mesh which is breathable but gives a might tighter fit.

All in all Asics have thrown everything they’ve got into this shoe. There’s comfort and protective technology incorporated to pretty much every element which shows just how innovative trainers have become.

Best Features:

Asics have combined a lot of different elements in this shoe to make it versatile. Here are the features which stand out for us:

  • Expertly Engineered

The Asics Gel-Kayano 25 running shoes are designed differently to give you more. An extra toe box has been added to allow you to use your full foot for more speed and power, a MetaClutch external heel has been added which secures the shoe to the rear of your foot, preventing any slipping or sliding and discrete eyelets have been added to disperse the tension to give even greater comfort. All of this engineering has led to a shoe that really does stand out compared to the competition.

  • Sweat Resistant Technology

The Asics Gel-Kayano 25 features a removable ortholite X-40 sockliner. This keeps your feet secure and dry during workouts while still allowing your skin to breathe. A dual layer of mesh is on the upper layer on the shoe so there is maximum airflow, this helps keep you irritation free.

  • Hard-wearing

A common theme for the Asics shoes but this one is particularly hard-wearing. A tough outer layer and rubber sole mean the shoe won’t suffer from repeating impact and a flytefoam cushion helps the shoe to retain its original shape. All of this means an expert and hard working shoe that lasts.

The Asics Gel-Kayano 25 offers a great deal more for traceurs than even the parkour brands. Asics have put their latest technology into this shoe with the ortholite sockliner and two layer mesh combination. This makes this one advanced trainer that blows a lot of the competition out of the water.

Priced at around $100 this certainly isn’t the cheapest parkour shoe out there, but when you look at exactly what you’re getting it’s actually great value. Customer reviews are giving this a perfect 5/5 and for a parkour practitioner it’s a valuable asset.

Choosing Asics Parkour Shoes

Asics really know their craft and thanks to their long history, internal innovation departments and established supply chain they are able to keep their costs low. This makes them accessible for all budgets and provides a much cheaper alternative to the specialist parkour brands.

All three of these products have a range of benefits that are well suited for all outdoor activity but it’s the durability that is most impressive. These shoes are built to stand the test of time and can handle even a tough parkour workout. If you’re looking to upgrade your parkour shoes then all of these offer great value and are definitely worth considering.

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Best Adidas Parkour Shoes – Reviews & Comparisons 2020

By Chris / November 14, 2018

Parkour is everywhere and though it's still fairly niche it's beginning to make its way into the mainstream. Every month we see more videos being created and shared with new websites, forums and parkour gyms for new people to get involved. The appeal of parkour is pretty apparent , especially for young people, and it's never been easier to start your parkour journey.

However, before you jump in you should consider if you have everything you need. Parkour is extreme and even when training you can risk some serious injury if you don’t take it seriously. Before you even think about starting you need to make sure you have all the right tools.

Why You Need Adidas Parkour Shoes

With parkour you build from the ground up. Your feet and legs will be the most important part of the sport so you need the right pair of parkour shoes before anything else. Without the right pair of parkour shoes you can risk causing damage to your whole body. Jumping and landing without adequate protection can leading to bruising or straining of muscles. In extreme cases you might even cause a break which can put you out of action for months.

Trying to take part in parkour using a standard pair of trainers can also end in disaster. Normal trainers don’t have the grip necessary for varied surfaces and because of the nature of parkour a single slip can mean injury or even death.

If you value peak performance, then parkour shoes are absolutely necessary. Specially designed for parkour they’ll let you train smarter and for longer allowing you to grow and develop.

What You Should Look For In Parkour Shoes

Getting the right pair of shoes for parkour isn’t really optional, it’s a necessity. But what exactly makes a good parkour shoe? Parkour shoes aren’t massively different from other sports shoes but they’ve been tweaked by the designers to make them more suitable to freerunning and parkour.

Parkour shoes are typically lightweight and much lighter than standard trainers. Parkour relies on movement and flexibility so a lightweight shoe is essential so that you retain that level of freedom. Similarly, parkour shoes are usually made to be flexible to fit with the natural movement of your feet.

Grip is also an important quality in parkour shoes. Parkour involves ascending and descending quickly over a range of surfaces, there are also elements of climbing. Parkour shoes need adequate traction so you won’t slip or fall in a vital moment.

Durability is a must have quality with parkour shoes. The impact sustained by parkour shoes is much higher than other trainers and you don’t want to have to be replacing them all the time. Durability generally comes down to manufacturing quality and materials used. In most cases it’s worth spending a little more for this extra resilience.

Breathability is another important quality for all sports shoes, but even more so with parkour. Intense activity ultimately leads to sweating and without the right, breathable materials you’ll end up with soaked feet. Parkour is one of the most intense exercises out there so this is an absolute must.

Shoes which are suitable for parkour don’t necessarily have to be made by parkour specialists. They can be shoes which are used for other activities which incorporate some of those key qualities listed above.  On our homepage we have a whole guide on picking the best shoes for your parkour needs.

Adidas Parkour Shoes: Reviews and Comparisons

Adidas are one of the best known brands in the world in need of little introduction. Now operating globally with hundreds of product lines they shown they understand the changing marketplace and can meet the customer’s needs.

Adidas have a large range of performance shoes for all different spots. What sets Adidas apart from the competition is that they are constantly investing in development and research. They have one of the most advanced testing departments who are engineering new designs and updating their collection. This means whatever you buy is cutting edge.

Adidas are known for their quality and innovation. It’s no real surprise that they have a range of shoes which are well suited for parkour. Readily accessible and with a proud customer satisfaction guarantee, Adidas are superior in more ways than one to a lot of parkour specialists.

We’ve identified our top 3 Adidas parkour shoes which are offering great features at reasonable price points. Let’s take a closer look.

Adidas ZX Trainers Review

Top of our list are the simple but effective Adidas ZX Trainers. Designed for performance, these lightweight shoes are suitable for indoor or outdoor activity. Made with comfort and protection in mind Adidas have produced an all round shoe which is perfect for any kind of sport. Available in over 5 different colour schemes this is a versatile shoe that is perfect for parkour.


The Adidas ZX trainer uses synthetics on the outside of the trainer which helps protect the shoe both from general wear and tear and the elements. Inside textiles have been used to give your feet the comfort they need

Made to be lightweight the shoe provides extra stability without getting in the way. High levels of grip on the rubber soles mean that whatever texture of terrain you’ll have confidence that you won’t slip. Plus there is a breathable membrane to the material, helping remove sweat and preventing odor issues.

Best Features:

The Adidas ZX Trainer has some great features which highlight its suitability for parkour and other intense outdoor sports:

  • Robust

Weighing in at only 998 grams this trainer is incredibly lightweight, but don’t let that fool you because it is made to last. The quality that’s put in to Adidas products shines through with these parkour shoes with stitching that won’t come apart easily. This means you can guarantee a long life with the Adidas ZX trainers.

  • Protective

The Adidas ZX trainer is built with a protective heel cup. This has the dual feature of keeping your foot in place but also offering impact protection for landings. It also features the EVA midsole which has been specially designed by Adidas to offer increased impact protection, offering the necessary protection for parkour practitioners.

  • Great Fit

A common problem, especially with parkour shoes, is that they don’t fit well and can take a long time to break in. Adidas have used leather and synthetics on the top of the shoe so that it fits tightly to your ankle. This ensures a comfortable but snug fit.

  • Affordable

Adidas specialize in putting a lot of quality into their affordable shoes and this is one of the best features of the Adidas ZX trainer. Available between $60 and $100 depending on size and design, Adidas have been able to keep the costs low in this competitive market without any compromise. This means great value for you.

The Adidas ZX Trainer isn’t a specialist parkour shoe, but it’s got a lot to offer. Customer reviewers are giving this shoe 4.5/5 stars and it’s clear to see why. It’s Well made and priced reasonably, definitely one to consider.

Adidas Aerobounce Running Shoes

Coming in second on our list is the Adidas Aerobounce running shoe. This trainer has been made for running with a breathable outer layer and rubber sole to keep you moving. It’s incredibly lightweight at only 553 grams and while it might not be specifically designed for it, it is well suited for parkour. There are also 3 different colour schemes available so you can customise your style.


The Adidas Aerobounce running shoes are made from a mesh outer layer, with a breathable second layer underneath. This keeps it light and lets you stay dry even when sweating. Blown rubber is used for the thick soles which gives support without adding to the weight.

What sets this shoe apart is the patented Adidas Bounce technology. This extra layer gives your foot extra comfort but also allows for greater flexibility while you perform. For parkour practitioners this allows you a full range of movement.

The material choices for the Adidas Aerobounce running shoes have focused on keeping it light and bouncy. This means more speed and less bulk which ultimately make this a great candidate for a parkour shoe.

Best Features:

The Adidas Aerobounce is more than just a running shoe, it’s a free runners delight. It’s made our list because of the following key features:

  • Bounce Technology

Without going into too much of the science behind it, Adidas have effectively put another layer in for this shoe which both absorbs impact and improves your speed. This is great for running but even better for jumping, landing and general parkour.

  • Lightweight

This is one of the lightest trainers we’ve come across in this category giving you little to no resistance when moving. This, combined with a tight fit that is held in place by the outer material, will make the trainers barely noticeable.

  • Style

Up until now we haven’t really mentioned style but actually with the Adidas Aerobounce you can’t help but notice how good it looks. The striking orange really stands out in a crowd but the grey and black also look impressive. Of course they all come with the signature Adidas stripes.

The Adidas Aerobounce running shoes are incredibly versatile and suitable for a lot of activities. The response from customers has been positive with these shoes also receiving 4.5/5 stars across the board. If you want to feel more free and get more speed then this pair is definitely for you.

Adidas Cloudfoam Racer Performance Running Shoes

The Adidas Cloudfoam running shoes definitely look a lot bulkier than the other two on our list but that doesn’t mean they impact your movement or performance at all. Weighing in at 998 grams the Cloudfoam Racers are still light and give protection to your feet and ankles. Streamlined and attractive, the Adidas Cloudfoam running shoes are available in black but also have 4 other colour schemes depending on what you’re in to.


Despite the larger feel of these shoes they use a synthetic and leather outer layer combined with mesh panelling. This keeps the weight down and lets your skin breathe through the mesh. A tight fit and laces means this shoe won’t slip and there is a lot of grip to be had from the sole.

What really sets this shoe apart is the dual layer cloudfoam sock lining. This gives a new level of protection with the shock of impact being absorbed before it reaches your feet. It also provides comfort to your feet so you can keep going for longer without any discomfort.

Cloudfoam layering is just another innovation Adidas have introduced into their running shoes which makes them well suited for parkour.

Best Features:

The Cloudfoam Running shoes aren’t just for running and in fact they’re already being used by crossfitters and free runners around the world. These key features made them stand out for us:

  • Cloudfoam Support

Made with unique cloudfoam layers the shoes are able to absorb up to twice as much impact as regular running shoes. This doesn’t just protect your feet but allows you the freedom to try new techniques with confidence that they shoes can handle it

  • Durable

More robust than the competitor shoes, the Adidas Cloudfoam racer is sturdy and well made meaning it will stand the test of time. Adidas offer a guarantee on all products and you can expect to get a lot of use from these shoes.

  • Freedom of Movement

While the Cloudfoam racers are built to be protective and durable they are still a flexible shoe. The synthetic materials and breathable mesh let your feet breathe and gives you a full range of movement which is essential for parkour.

These shoes are also scoring highly with the users and they’ve earned an average score of 4/5 stars. Retailing at under $50 these shoes aren’t just high performing but they’re great value. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to refresh your collection, there are a lot of reasons to pick the Adidas Cloudfoam Racers.

Choosing Adidas Parkour Shoes

Adidas have a long history of creating the best shoes. They have a well established brand that can afford to put a lot into trainers without having to transfer the price to the customer. This has allowed them to create a set of trainers that are very well suited for parkour.

Each of the three models above offer something that beats out the rest of the field. All of them are durable and will provide the protection you need to get out there and train. So if you’re looking for your next parkour shoe then we recommend checking out all three of these first.

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Top 4 Best Split Toe Parkour Shoes 2020 – Reviews + Comparisons!

By admin / August 23, 2018

One of the most important things to any parkour athlete is a quality pair of shoes that not only are comfortable, but will supply them enough grip, traction and durability to be used in the rigorous and demanding sport of parkour.  There are hundreds of different types of parkour shoes on the market, click here for our ultimate parkour shoes review guide, but in this article we will strictly be talking about split toe shoes for parkour!

What Are Split Toed Shoes and Why Are They Good For Parkour?

Split Toe ShoesI’m sure you have seen split toed shoes around, they are quite unique looking.  Split toed shoes started as hiking and camping shoes that eventually made their way into being more athletic and fast paced shoes.  These shoes are form fitting around your foot, and each of your toes is split and has it’s own section.  This mimics the feeling of running barefoot but gives you enough protection and grip to keep you safe and comfortable.

These shoes are great for parkour because of how lightweight and comfortable they are.  These shoes mimic running barefoot, which for some athletes is the most comfortable way to run.  This allows you to be closer to the ground, and it’s also been proven to be good for your knees and ankles because the mechanics are more natural.  Along with this, these shoes provide enough comfort and protection for your feet, which makes them a great choice for parkour or free running!  That being said, below I have reviewed my 4 favorite split toed shoes for parkour, and I’m sure you’ll find something you love!

Fila Skeletoes Split Toed Parkour Shoes

The first pair of shoes we have on our list is created by Fila who is known for their athletic apparel and shoes.  These shoes are extremely close to being barefoot which makes them extremely comfortable and natural.  These shoes were originally designed for runners and hikers, but they make great parkour shoes.  These shoes are extremely tough and have a layer of extremely tough rubber on the bottom that is designed for jagged and rough terrains while hiking.

Along with this, these shoes are extremely comfortable and don’t take long to break in.  A great feature of these shoes is that they are completely waterproof!  That means you can just as easily wear them when you’re out training, as you can with a day at the lake!  That being said, these shoes come in a handful of different colors which makes it great for style as well as practicality.

Pros of Fila Skeletoes:

  • Fila is a big name brand who is known for having high quality apparel.  You can really stand behind the craftsmanship of these shoes without having to worry about them falling apart!
  • Because of the rubber bottoms on the Skeletoes, these shoes have extremely grippy bottoms, even when running in wet surfaces.  I have never felt like I was going to slip or fall when wearing these.  That being said, it also makes these shoes a great choice for those who also enjoy hiking or running and want to use these shoes.
  • These shoes are more natural with your running mechanics because you are closer to the ground.  Studies have shown that split toed shoes can actually reduce the risk of ankle and knee injury while running.
  • These shoes come in eight different color styles which makes it great for those who are looking for a specific color or pattern!

Cons of the Fila Skeletoes:

  • Some can argue that you are paying a few dollars more for the Fila brand, but that being said these shoes are some of the cheapest on our list!
  • A few people have mentioned that the first few times they wore these shoes they felt a slight rubbing on one of their toes, but after wearing it 3 or 4 times the rubbing stopped and the shoes became much more comfortable.

Overall these are a great choice for shoes for someone who is looking for split toed shoes that are not only comfortable but they also are extremely grippy and durable!

ZemGear Mens 360 XT Split Shoes

The next pair of split shoes on our list is manufactured by ZemGear, who has made quite the name for themselves in the split shoe market.  These are a great pair of parkour shoes that really is design for action sports such as parkour and free running.

These shoes are extremely light weight and weigh only 2.6 oz!  These shoes are designed with PORON performance cushioning which helps to absorb shock and punishment while still keeping the shoe extremely lightweight and comfortable! Along with this, these shoes are great for running mechanics because it is so similar to running barefoot with minimal over excessive rubber on the soles of the shoes.  This will not only help you train more efficiently but it also can keep you safer!

Along with this, these shoes are extremely flexible which makes it form expertly to your foot, and provides an extremely comfortable wear.  That being said, just because it’s comfortable and flexible doesn’t mean it can’t get the job done!  These shoes feature Lite Phylon and Gecko-Grip outsoles which make them extremely durable and grippy.  I always feel like I am in complete control when I’m wearing these shoes and I don’t have to worry about slipping or losing traction.  Along with this, these shoes feature foxing bands and rolled edges along the shoe to help enhance foot protection.  Another little nice safety feature of these shoes is the reflective EVO 1 tech-bands which will help cars and pedestrians see you in dark environments!

Pros of the ZemGear 360 XT:

  • ZemGear was originally started for parkour and free running athletes.  They know what parkour athletes need in shoes, and they know what will keep them safe!
  • These shoes are extremely close to a barefoot feel, which keeps you in more control and in better running mechanics.  People have actually reported feeling less knee and back pain after switching over to these minimalistic shoes!
  • Extremely comfortable: These shoes are designed to fit like a sock while giving you the durability and protection of a shoe!

Cons of the ZemGear 360 XT:

  • Sizing:  Some state that the 360XT is harder to find the correct size for, with it being a little larger than the original ZemGear 360 shoes.  Some say they miss the snug fit that the originals brought.  You might be able to solve this by sizing a half size down.
  • Firm/Stiff:  Some state that the 360 XT’s are quite stiff and rigid when you first try them on. I noticed this too, but once I began wearing them a few times they started to break in, and they became much more flexible and comfortable.

Overall these shoes are great choice for someone who is looking for split shoes or minimalistic shoes for parkour.  These provide a barefoot feel while still giving you protection from the ground.  Along with this, the ZemGear brand is known for providing shoes for parkour and martial arts athletes, so they know what we want as traceurs!

Qansi Breathable Barefoot Parkour Shoes

These Qansi barefoot shoes originally came about as hiking shoes.  They provided an extremely comfortable and breathable shoe that allowed you to walk “barefoot” while still being protected from jagged rocks and sharp objects.  The first time I saw these shoes I knew they would be awesome for parkour!

These shoes are 100% seamless and designed out of 100% polyester microfiber which gives them an extremely lightweight and comfortable feel.  This makes the shoes form to your feet, and actually allows them to dry extremely quickly!

Along with this, these shoes go above and beyond when it comes to grip and safety.  These shoes are manufactured with strengthened toes and toe protectors to help protect your feet incase you stub them on something.  Along with this, these shoes come with an extremely unique and innovative anti-slip rubber sole which gives you a huge amount of control, even on wet surfaces!  Furthermore, the soles of these shoes are quite flexible for being as durable as they are.  They flex with your foot which allows for a more natural and comfortable movement which makes them great for running and training while still protecting your feet!

Pros of the Qansi Barefoot Shoe:

  • Extremely breathable:  The mesh design of this shoe gives it an extremely breathable design which you don’t get from split toe shoes that are built out of entirely rubber and plastic.  This allows you to remain comfortable no matter the temperature.
  • Flexible:  These shoes have extremely flexible soles which give you a more comfortable and natural walking mechanic all while still protecting your feet!
  • Grip: The grip on these shoes are fantastic!  One struggle with split toe shoes is that a lot are made out of hard rubber/plastic which makes it durable but doesn’t have much grip.  These shoes are built out of just the right amount of hard rubber which allows you to feel protected but still have the level of grip you need.

Cons of the Qansi Barefoot Shoes:

  • Heel: Some people complain that these shoes rub on the back of their heels.  I personally haven’t experienced this but I could see how it could be an issue.

Overall these shoes are a great option for those who are looking for a comfortable and extremely grippy split toe shoes!  These shoes give you the ability to train parkour or go for a hike.  The durable bottoms protect your feet and give them huge amounts of grip while still being flexible enough to form to your footing and feel extremely natural.  Overall this is one of the best split toe shoes for parkour!

Vibram KSO Evo Cross Training


These shoes are designed with an innovative rubber grip sole which allows you to have the perfect amount of traction no matter the environment.  Along with this, these shoes are some of the most form fitting shoes on our list.  These are the most barefoot feel out of any shoes, which is great for those who are looking for a more natural feel in their shoes.  For those who are looking to reduce injury and looking for a more natural running mechanic this is also a good option!

One of the main points that stick out in the reviews of these shoes, are how many people have fixed nagging injuries by switching to these shoes.  The Amazon reviews are filled with those who have relieved their knee pain, or their ankle pain simply by switching to these shoes.

As for protection, these shoes are quite thin, but also have just enough protection.  These are the type of shoes for those who really want to be in the most control possible.  They allow you to feel the ground underneath you, while still protecting your feet from cuts and scrapes!

Pros of the Vibram EVO Cross Training Shoes:

  • Barefoot Feel: These shoes are the closest thing to running barefoot on the market!  This natural feel has led to many reviews stating that they have relieved nagging injuries related to knee pain and ankle pain.
  • Flexible: These shoes are extremely flexible and help to give you that natural feel by being able to bend and move with your foot.
  • Adjustable Laces: Believe it or not, many split toe shoes don’t feature any laces to adjust the fit.  The EVO Cross feature laces which allow you to adjust the fit to exactly how you like it!

Cons of Vibram EVO Cross Shoes:

  • Tight Design: Some of the reviews have stated that these shoes are quite tight width wise, and they can’t fit their foot fully in it comfortable.  I haven’t noticed this but if you have a wider fit it could be a possibility.

Overall this is one of my favorite parkour split toe shoes.  It gives you an extremely comfortable and natural barefoot feel while still giving you the protection and the grip that you need in shoes. I have never felt so natural running and training in these shoes.  I felt closer and more connected to the ground, and I felt overall safer because of it.  I definitely recommend you take a look at these shoes!

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Best Parkour Shoes for Kids 2020 – Maintain Safety With the Best Shoes!

By Chris / July 1, 2018

Take Flight Shoes Now Come in Youth Sizes!

Last Updated Aug 15th 2020 Parkour is one of the new and biggest athletic movements, and as children are getting older, there’s no doubt that they will want to train also!  If you are a parent, you might be a little skeptical because parkour can seem to be a dangerous sport, and although it does have risks, the real meaning of parkour isn’t about jumping off buildings or doing crazy stunts, it’s really all about controlling your body in an environment.  Overall Parkour is one of the best sports for people of any age as it is a great workout, and it teaches you a discipline similar to martial arts.  Note: the shoes below are designed for children.  If you are looking for adult parkour shoes, then check out our guide on the best overall parkour shoes.

Now that your child is interested in parkour, you need to get them the best shoes!  In this post I go into detail on what type of shoes are good for your child and what factors you should look for while shopping for shoes.  Along with this, I have created a quick comparison table for you to get a good idea on what’s a good shoe!

The Best Parkour Shoes For Kids Comparison Table!


Take Flight Stealth Ultra

Now in Youth Sizes!

New Balance KL574 Kids Parkour Shoes


New Balance KL574

New Balance KL574 Kids Parkour Shoes


Under Armour Micro G

Under Armour Micro G Kids


Feiyue High Top

Feiyue High Top Parkour Kids

Onitsuka Tiger

Onitsuka Tiger Mexico Parkour

Shoe: This is the name of the shoe.

Grip: This is my 1-10 scale on the grip the shoe is featured with.

Comfort:  This is my 1-10 scale on the comfort the shoe is featured with.

Durability:  This is my 1-10 scale on how durable this shoe is.

Rating:  This is the 1-5 rating from Amazon.

The Benefits With Parkour Training With Kids

Thank you for visiting TBPG!  Parkour means moving from one place to another, passing over some of the most challenging obstacles, but in a fast and efficient way. Such a path is covered by different traits such as running, climbing, jumping, vaulting, rolling over and much more.

It’s a fascinating, challenging and an incredible sports game that requires only one machinery or equipment and that is the body.

Parkour Running helps to make the body fit and strengthens it from the core. Besides, it also builds cardiovascular endurance and confidence in runners.

It mostly involves the intense and speedy movements, especially, of the foot. Thus, a person reacts as fast as possible while performing the body movements.

parkour shoes for kids

Is Parkour Safe For The Kids?

Nothing in the world comes off the hook. There is always a risk factor involved whether low or high. Like riding a bike may meet with a brake fail or accident, the person doing front flips can get injured.

Similarly, Parkouring also involves some risk of getting an accidental injury. But it doesn’t mean it is not for kids. All is the safety measures that one should opt for to minimize the chances of getting injured.

For example, playing cricket without helmet or gloves is not a good idea as one can get injuries but using such safety equipment can reduce the risk. It’s all about risk management involved in a task.

Thus, kids should do parkour but using proper security measures and under individual coach guidance. If your child shows any sign of interest in the Parkour, let him go as it will not only develops his physical fitness but also enhances his mental strength and confidence to face challenges as he grows up.

Factors To Consider While Selecting Traceur Shoes For Kids

As we discussed earlier, parkour involves severe and quick body movements. But the movements of the foot are at the most. So, if a kid belongs to Parkour, its must that he/she must have worn the right pair of shoes to protect the feet from getting injuries. So, here I provide you the essential factors that one should consider before purchasing any Parkour shoe pair for your kids:

1.The Shoe Sole: First, the sole of the shoe must be thin as It is a must for balancing and rail techniques. Besides, it also provides greater sensitivity that is a must for a Parkour runner as he has to feel the landing.

Secondly, the sole must be single-piece with thin cushioning as they are more durable than multi-layered soles. Not only the latter are less durable but also gets ripped off quickly. Besides the rubber sole must not be too hard as it will reduce the traction that is risky for a traceur. It must be made of soft compounds as they provide greater grip holdings.

2.Arches Must Lean You Forward: As parkouring aims at reaching a certain destination within the shortest possible time, runners put their weight in the forward direction to move fast while running and jumping. They have to make the quick landings as soon as they can. Such involvement requires arches in the shoe that help them to move quick when they lean their weight forward.

So, when you choose to buy a thick sole shoe pair, must check the arch. In a thin shoe pair, no need to check this feature. Also, see whether there is any plastic arch in the shoe. If yes, put the pair aside as they are very slippery, and runner may get injured heavily during bad landings.

3.Shoe Weight: In Parkour, the person requires a lot of endurance to jump, roll, vault, climb etc. So, its must that he should wear the shoes which are light at their most because light-weighted shoes are more shock absorptive and also enables the runner to gain more heights while jumping.

As a runner has to handle his body weight, thus, wearing heavy shoes only reduces his efficiency to perform and makes him tired soon. So, one should buy light-weighted shoes to achieve speedy performances.

4.Shoe Fitting: Obviously, it is a must that the shoe you purchase fit your feet snugly otherwise the pair you bought is useless. If the shoe size is larger, the foot can meet with injuries while having the impact with obstacles. If the shoe size is significant than required, the foot may slip or twist while running or jumping. Similarly, if the shoe size is too tight, it may pinch your foot because foot spread outs when lands on something.

So, it requires a little room to adjust itself. There should be a breathable space in the shoe, especially, at the toe area and heel portion to eliminate the chances of getting slipped or injured.

Recommended Shoes For Children to Practice Parkour

To ease your job, I scoured through some of the great products and handpicked some of the best parkour shoes for the kids. To save you time and money, pick any product below and you will be fine:

New Balance KL574 Grade Lace-Up Running Shoe (Big Kid)

New Balance KL574

The finest shoe made with a great combination of leather, synthetic, and textile. The shoe is available in a variety of colors which gives it a unique and dashing look. One can choose any color as per his/her choice. Besides, the sole of the shoe is made of rubber and has an EVA midsole offering excellent shock absorption and TPU heel clip for added comfort. Also, the design is made in such a manner that it fit perfectly providing the foot a great support and breathable room. The shoe is sturdy enough to last long and is affordable.

Overall I think this a great shoe for your child that will not only be extremely durable and last a while, but it will also give them enough support and comfort to keep them safe!

You Check Out Prices and Reviews on Amazon Here!

Along with this, I have written an extremely indepth guide on the New Balance KL574’s.  In this guide I go into what I absolutely love about these shoes, and also some points that hopefully will be improved upon with their next shoe.  You can view the complete guide here!

Under Armour Kids Boy’s UA BGS Micro G Velocity RN Sneaker

under armourThe shoe has a durable flat mesh lining that provides proper ventilation inside the shoe. The shoe comes up with perfect lace-up closure to ensure a snug fit. Its breathable lining and padded collar provide extra comfort to the foot. Its flex grooves allow better striding, and the non-marking rubber outsole has the shock absorption capacity.

The soles are antimicrobial treated, thus, are odor and infection-resistant. Besides, its Dual layer Micro G-foam provides extra comfort while landing on the surfaces. Durability, lightweight and less bulky are some of its principal features. The shoe is available in a variety of elegant colors.

Overall I think these are pretty great shoes for your child.  Under Armor has always stood behind their products, and promoted safe and comfort use.  My child and my nephew both have tried these UA shoes, and they really enjoyed them!

You Can View Prices and Reviews on Amazon!

Along with this, we have made a more in-depth review of these shoes where we really cover the nitty gritty.  I definitely suggest you take a peak at it.  You can Read The Complete Review !

Feiyue High Top Shoes (Select Child Sizes)

feiyue high top shoes

Feiyue is the china’s most popular martial art shoes which offer great comfort and ankle support to the foot. It has a sleek and straightforward design. It has a white canvas upper along with lace-up top with light, minimal padding. The shoe is constructed to provide extreme durability, stability, flexibility and secure fitting. It has tan rubber with deep grooves to provide incredible grip like claws. The shoe works great on painted surfaces, bricks, woods, asphalts. Besides, the shoe is very light-weighted and are great for precisions. The shoe is best for the people with a wide foot.

Overall these are pretty great shoes for parkour, they’re stylish, feel good, and provide good grip.  The only downside with these shoes for children is that they only offer select sizes.  So if your child is wearing up to size 4, then they should have their size available, but if they aren’t quite at that size then I would recommend one of the other choices!

You Can View Prices and Reviews on Amazon!

Along with this, we have written a very detailed review on these Feiyue high top shoes where we have gone a little more in depth.  If you are interested I definitely suggest you take a look.  You can read the complete review here!

Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 Slip-On Classic Running Sneaker

onitsuka mexico

A classic sneaker with durable canvas and suede upper. The shoe has a lace-less construction with metallic eyelets on the vamp. It comes with a synthetic sole and cushioned footbed to provide all-day comfort to the foot. Its flip top heel gives it an elegant look. It has two-toned EVA midsole and canvas cushion lining for additional support. It features suede T-toe overlay and rubber toe bumper for extra protection. Its has signature stripping covers on the sides and has great grip holding. Besides, the shoe is light-weight and comes with extra durability.

This Onitsuka is one of my favorite shoes for both adults and children.  It really is extremely comfortable and durable, and I currently wear these when I train.  I definitely suggest this for your child as they train, and for yourself as well!

You Can View The Prices and Reviews on Amazon!

Along with this, we have written a more in-depth review of the Onitsuka Tiger for kids. In this review we go and talk very indepthly about what we love and what we don’t love about the Onitsuka Tiger.  You can check out the review here!

Final Thoughts on Parkour Kids Shoes!

Overall there are plenty of shoes for you to pick out for your kids, and it can be hard to make a decision.  But thankfully, all the shoes I have listed above are great choices, and you can’t go wrong with any of them.

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Feiyue Parkour Shoes Review – Durable, Comfortable, and Affordable

By Chris / July 30, 2016


Star Rating

1. Excellent Traction1. Less Cushioning
2. Incredible Flexibility2. Relatively Less Durable.
3. Affordable
4. Extremely Light-weighted.

Feiyue Parkour Shoe Review

Feiyue is a popular Chinese brand offering excellent services to its satisfied customers all over the globe. The brand is in operation since 1920’s, located in Shanghai, China and provides a variety of shoe products for martial artists, athletes, and other running activities. The quality and features of the shoe are so superior that people from all over the globe adore it.  If you are looking for other parkour shoes, check out our complete guide on the best parkour shoes here.

Besides, scattering its roots in Parkour community, Feiyue has gained immense popularity worldwide. Many traceurs find Feiyue a great brand for buying shoes which matches best to their skills and activities and ‘Feiyue High Top Shoe’ is one among them. Let’s explore the product in detail:

Feiyue Shoe Design:

The design of the shoe is very straightforward and sleek. The sole is tan rubber with deep grooves. It has a thin white upper that is very soft and breathable.

Feiyue Comfort:

Talking about the comfort and fit, the shoe loses some points here. It lacks proper cushioning and also the upper body is not much sturdy. So, it is not suitable for the persons who are not familiar with wearing minimal shoes. The pair provides a wider fit, but if you find it little snugger, you can lace up more tightly.

Feiyue Weight:

The weight of the shoe is very light, and the foot feels sensible to the ground. Due to its light-weight, it offers great balance than any other running shoe.

Feiyue Shoe Flexibility:

One of the biggest strength of the product is its high flexibility. It can be twisted, bent, and crumpled in any direction. Besides, its thin upper canvas provides excellent unimpeded ankle flexibility.

Cushioning on Feiyue:

Feiyue shoes have minimal or no padding. The shoe doesn’t provide protection against shocks or heavy impacts. That means one must have to be extra-careful while practicing or training.

Feiyue Grip:

The shoe offers excellent grip holding on flat surfaces allowing traceurs to parkour harder. If you are a novice at performing your techniques the grip will be more than enough. But the grip destroys soon due to the poor sole.

Durability of Feiyue Shoes:

Talking about the strength, the shoe lags behind. The sole is not very sturdy, and the grip looses quickly due to cumbersome and intense training. But, other parts of shoe i.e. the metal eyelets, canvas, lace-up system all are safe and durable.

Final Thoughts on Feiyue Parkour Shoes

At last, I will only recommend that if you are a newbie to Parkour training, then you should not wear these shoes. Feiyue shoes are less shock absorptive, and you may get injured while training. You can use them only for the balancing activities or for short precisions.

But is you are an advanced and perfect traceur, then you should go for Feiyue shoes as they are made for the perfectionists. Besides, they also work well for ankle support and hard training sessions. Hope that helped!

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Onitsuka Mexico 66 Classic Parkour Shoes Review – 2019 Parkour Shoes!

By Chris / July 29, 2016


Star Rating 

1. Foam Padded Collar1. A Bit Expensive
2. Mesh Lining For All Day Comfort.2. Not Much Breathable
3. EVA Insole For Shock Absorption.
4. Provides Excellent Arch Support.

Onitsuka Tiger Shoe Review

Onitsuka Tiger, a favorite Japanese company, is offering the services of excellent craftsmanship since 1949. The company has manufactured many stylish and trendy sports products to its customers and has earned a significant goodwill in the competitive market. The products offered by the company are created with fine details, and elegant designs and Mexico 66 is one amongst them.

Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 Slip-on Classic Sneaker is a running shoe, manufactured with great expertise. The shoe is created especially for runners, athletes, and traceurs. The first Mexico 66 was made in 1966 but debuted in 1968 Olympic Games. It is designed to provide comfort but engineered to aid in the performance of the wearer. Let’s explore this wonderful and the most popular shoe in Onitsuka Tiger’s Collections:

Shoe Design:

The shoe looks classic as it has premium white leather canvas upper. Besides, there are red and blue striping overlays on the sides giving it an elegant outlook. Overall, the quality of the leather used is superior and has excellent stitching accents.

Shoe Comfort Level:

The shoe has a Cushioned EVA Midsole to absorb excessive shock. Besides, it has canvas mesh lining for comfort. Also, it is a great product when comes to fitting. The secret is that it has two hidden elastic goring panels that offer a secure and comfortable fitting.

Shoe Grip Level:

The shoe has a rubber traction outsole providing excellent grip on slippery bases or unfavorable surfaces. It helps the traceurs to perform the technical landings and actions without having a fear of falling.

Shock Absorber:

The shoe comes with round-shaped, faux suede, rubber toe bumper that protects the foot from powerful forces or stresses. It secured the foot of the runner from getting injured due to high impact movements, jumps, and landings

Other Aspects:

The shoe comes with a laceless styling system with metal eyelets on the vamp. Besides, the shoe is very durable as it has beautiful stitching. The upper of the pair is made of premium leather, thus, offering an excellent lifespan. There are the logo patches on the heel and tongue of the foot. It adds to the aesthetic appearance of the model.

Final Thoughts on the Onisuka Mexico 66 Shoes

At last, we can conclude that the Onitsuka Mexico 66 Slip-on Classic Sneaker is very adorable running shoe that is serving to its customers from 1968. Also, the company is very renowned, so it will not serve low-quality products to its satisfied customers. I recommend that the Onitsuka Mexico 66 is a great shoe for athletes and Parkour runners. Moreover, the inner of the shoe is designed to minimize the sweat and germs production. It saves you from foot diseases such as athletic foot and smelly feet. If you are looking for a great pair to support your inner athlete, you must give this pair a try. Hope that helped!  If you are interested in other parkour shoes then check out our parkour shoe reviews!

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Under Armour Micro G Velocity RN Parkour Shoes 2020 Reviews & Tips!

By Chris / July 28, 2016

Star Rating

1. Stylish And Comfortable.1. Durability Issue.
2. Easily Washable.2. Order 1-Point Larger Size So As To Fit You Properly.
3. Excellent Material Gives A Good Protection To The Foot.
4. Breathable Mesh of The Upper Gives You Enough Ventilation. It Reduces The Foot Odor Instances.
5. Made of Soft Leather Material That Follows The Contours of The Foot.

Under Armor Micro G Review

Under Armour Micro G is present in a perfect appearance with exceptional durability for sneaker lovers. They are high-quality shoes with a variety of beautiful colors. You can get these excellent shoes at a friendly price with the best quality. The shoes are a perfect fit, easy to wash and provides a soft cushion that offers you a very special comfort on your heel.  Check out our other free running shoe reviews!

Appearance of Micro G:

The presence of UnderArmour Micro G Velocity is simple but precise. The wide color range makes it a perfect pair for casual wear as well. Additionally, the shoes are durable and comfortable. A big logo of Micro-G on the back makes them look further exciting. For the appearance, I rate the product as 8 out of 10.

Comfort Level:

For real convenience, Under Armour products is recognized for it’s soft soles and the right fit. In the footwear industry, Under Armour is one of the brands with high comfort standards. Besides the sole, the leather used to manufacture the pair is also soft and shaped according to the natural contour of the foot. It enhances the comfort experience. For convenience, Under Armour Micro G Velocity gets a score of 9 out of 10.

Price of Micro G:

Prices of products Under Armour Micro G Velocity are quite affordable. Although the price changes with the selection of color and size yet it fits everyone’s pocket. Give it a try if you need a comfortable and stylish footwear yet under a fair price range. For the price, Under Armour Micro G Velocity gets a score of 8.5 on a scale of 1-10 ratings.

Protection Level:

The outsole is formed of solid rubber with a pattern of herringbone traction that helps you for a smooth movement. It gives excellent protection to the foot. The foam of the midsole expands to absorb the shock of explosive takeoffs. Some additional cushion is added in the heel and traces in the forefoot, that work with your steps naturally.

Final Thoughts on Under Armor Micro G Shoes

For all sneaker shoe lovers, the Under Armour Micro Velocity Shoes is the best choice to own because of its top notch quality. These shoes give you new stylish look, comfort, durability, flexibility, and protection. These are all the things; that makes a pair perfect. It is highly recommended for those who want a classic look in their busy activities and a perfect companion in their parkour training. Give the product a try and you will have a great experience.

You Can View Prices and Review on Amazon!

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