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New Balance KL574 Parkour Shoes Review – Great Comfort and Quality!

By Chris / July 28, 2016


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1. Durable And Long lasting1.Designed For Kids And Young Trainers Only.
2. Easily Washable2.Might Not Be Suitable For Professional Athletes Who Goes Through Intensive Training Sessions On Regular Basis.

New Balance KL574 Parkour Shoes Review

The New Balance Parkour Shoes KL574 Running shoe is the perfect combination of comfort and durability that is ideal for runners or traceurs. To make the shoes as a light weight product, a rubber sole is used that gives an ultimate grip on every surface. Moreover, the textile and synthetic upper also helps to make it a light-weight product.  Before we get into our review, there are some other great free running shoe options on our homepage!

These shoes were one of the first I ever owned specifically for parkour, and they really are a great option.  New Balance has always been known for their comfortable shoes, and these are no exception.  These shoes exemplify not only comfort but style and design and grip as well.  These shoes are the shoes that will last you quite a long time and they are extremely The product is a result of advanced footwear engineering that ensures comfort at every step. Here are some of the main advantages of New Balance Running shoes:

KL574 Comfort Level:

These shoes are suitable for all kinds of surfaces because it is made of rubber and synthetic. The company does not compromise on the build quality in any case that makes it a top choice among the athletes and parkour. The porous upper mesh ensures a healthy airflow that keeps the foot sweat-free.

Shoe Design and Style:

The shoe is a versatile product and can be used for indoor running as well. Despite being training shoes; they can also make you look decent in any outfit you select to wear. For the people who prefer sleek and trendy trainers, they can choose these shoes amongst the others.

Performance Level:

These shoes are ideal for those individuals who have wider feet and struggle to find the exact fit. The EVA midsole and heel give further grip while you are running on a treadmill or any other surface.

Moreover, these shoes can also be used by kids as they are available in various sizes. Even if you wear them all day long, you will not feel any sharp edges on your ankles and fingers because they are designed to give the best comfort for daily use as well.

So if you do not consider to purchase costly trainers and still want to get yourself a pair of quality shoes, the New Balance KL574 is the best possible solution.

New Balance KL574 Grip:

While being lightweight shoes, they minimize the impact of jerks on your feet and become sturdy while you are running. The rubber sole is well-textured so as to increase the friction even on the slippery surfaces. The pair is highly slip-resistant.

Final Thoughts on New Balance KL574 Parkour Shoes

The New Balance KL574 running shoes provide the ultimate comfort and performance for the users of all ages. Made of high-quality synthetic and polyester, they can withstand great pressure and do not lose shape. So if you are planning to buy quality shoes at an affordable price, they can prove to be your ultimate choice.

Moreover, you do not run out of options in terms of color choice. The product is available in 8 different colours.

You Can View Prices and Reviews on Amazon!

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Best Puma Shoes For Parkour In 2019 – Puma Parkour Shoes Reviewed!

By Chris / April 29, 2016

Last Updated January 1st 2019 Puma has been a huge name in the athletic world, and they are starting to make a name in the parkour world as well!  Puma has been building a few different parkour shoes, and now they have quite a few options available.  Below I have compiled a quick comparison table of all these Puma parkour shoes, and below that I have gone into more depth for the reviews.

ShoeWeightMaterial TypeTrue to Size?RatingPrice

Puma Carson

10.2 ozBreathable MeshYes5/5

Puma Men's Ignite

Under 3 LbsBreathable MeshYes4.9/5

Puma FWR

Under 2 LbsSyntheticYes4.8/5

If you don’t have a firm grip with the ground, your performance can not reach to its maximum potential. Even worse, it may lead your feet and your body towards injuries from parkour. So selecting the right kind of parkour shoes is very crucial. At the same time, it must fit your budget as well. The best puma parkour shoes must pass criteria such as:

Shoe Weight: The lighter a shoe is, the more freedom you have to perform your maneuvers. It will eat less on your energy and increases your stamina. As per standards, a weight less than 3 pounds is considered ideal.

Type of Sole: The sole of the shoes, ideally, must be made up of as few pieces as possible. In an optimal situation, shoes with one piece sole are considered to be the best. Additionally, the sole should be designed for resistance so as to avoid any slippage.

Shoe Material: A synthetic rubber sole lasts longer and provides the optimal gripping. Further, A thin synthetic rubber sole provides the maximum grip but it’s lifespan is shorter. On the other hand, a thick one lasts longer but some slippery moments may arise.

Cost of Shoe: Last but not the least, the cost is a crucial factor. A high-priced branded shoes do not always mean to be the best choice. There are many great quality shoes available at many affordable prices.

Some of the Best Puma Parkour Shoes Are :

Dwelling deeper into the specifications and comparing the overwhelming range of shoes, available in the market, is a daunting task. To ease your life, I have made this process ready made for you. I did an intensive research and hand-picked 3 best parkour shoes supplied by Puma. The quality of these shoes justifies its affordable price. Pick any of these and you will have a great pair.

1.PUMA Men’s Ignite Mesh Running Shoe 

Top in our list. I warn you. This shoe is so great that it can make you a PumaManiac. It’s an ideal blend of comfort (due to it’s cushioning), flexibility (due to it’s archaic design) and gripping (due to it’s narrow toe). With it’s unique design it helps with bouncing back that supports all your jumping activities. The sole provides enough cushion to your feet so as to avoid any sudden jerks and eventually preventing you from any injury. Lets discuss the pros and cons in detail:


  • The shoes’ upper is made up of a breathable mesh. It helps to control the temperature. As a result, the feet do not sweat. The sweating may cause slippery moments. Moreover, the upper mesh is washable and the tearing possibility is very low.
  • The shoe’s head is inclined inwards from both sides and has a narrow front. At the same time, the heel is studded with silicon. Thus, it grips your feet firmly and allow you to perform with maximum potential, without any worry of slippage.
  • The sole is made up of light-weight synthetic rubber that is imported from China. The quality of the sole is high.
  • The total weight of one pair is less than 3 pounds. Exactly, what we want.
  • The shoes are true to its size. You do not need to order any up or downsize. Just measure your size on a standard shoe measuring chart and order the same. You will get the right size pair.
  • You can choose from 4 different colour options. The quality is same with any colour option. Pick any that suits your style. Same standard paint is used for every colour. Remember, the price changes with size and colour selection.


  • The narrow front may seem a bit uncomfortable to some people. But the shoes adjust itself according to the claw’s shape, within a few days.
  • The white part may get dirty soon as it happens with any white design. Just a matter of personal preference.
  • Although the shoes is a true size product yet if you are a person with wide feet, you may have to order a bit bigger size.
  • The paint may chip off on or around the toe area.

You Can View Prices and Reviews on Amazon!

2.PUMA Men’s Carson Runner Knit Lace-Up Fashion Sneaker

Puma proved to be serving the community with it’s another great product. During my research, the features and price of this product simply amazed me. The design, cushioning, sole material and upper mesh are all designed up to the industry standards.

The product is, not only, designed to perform great but also to look great aesthetically. The arches and knitting of the shoes keep the foot in place and helps to boost your performance. Lets discuss it’s pros and cons in detail:


  • The shoes’ upper is pure cotton fabric. The fabric is knitted that reduces the chances of wear and tear and increases the lifetime of the product. The knitted texture adds to it’s aesthetic look.
  • Synthetic rubber, is used for making the sole. The sole of the shoes is made up as one single piece and not as joined pieces. It reduces the chances for tearing to null. Additionally, one piece sole bends according to the foot contour. Hence, providing optimal comfort and support.
  • The total weight of one pair is around 2 pounds. It makes your feet feel extra light and you are faster at your every move.
  • You can wash up the shoes and dry it out in the air and shine. It doesn’t affect the lifetime of the product. Additionally, washing the shoes doesn’t fade or chip off the colour.
  • The product has a 30-Days return policy and enjoys free shipping option as well. However, 30-Day return feature demands that you abide by their terms and conditions. If a damage occurs to the shoes due to mishandling, you can’t ask for a refund. Read the terms & conditions.
  • You can choose from 7 different colour options. All are designed with keeping quality in mind. No additional charges for different colours. Remember, the price changes with size and colour selection.


  • Out of 7 available colour options, one is pure white. Although the quality is not compromised but you might end up cleaning and washing so often.
  • I can’t say it’s a true-size product. You might need half point up the size to fit your feet in properly.
  • In some rare cases, your toe may pop out of the mesh as it is made up of fabric.

You Can View Prices and Reviews on Amazon!

3.PUMA FWR Cool Running Shoe

Another great product by Puma. A unique FWR technology is used to design this shoes. The FWR philosophy revolves around creating a material that is extra tough and strong but extra light- For Example Titanium. The shoes’ upper is made up of special FWRFoam and the sole if a mix of FWRFoam and standard sole material (Synthetic Rubber) that gives it both durability and flexibility. For hard parkours and long runners, don’t look past this shoes. Let’s discuss the specifications in details:


  • The shoes’ upper is made up of special FWRFoam. It enables the wearer for hard strides. The chances of tearing are almost null as the material is very strong.
  • Sole is a mix of synthetic rubber and FWRFoam. The sole is considered to be the more durable in comparison to other Puma shoes.
  • The shoes have a weight of fewer than 2 pounds. Only the FWRFoam could make it possible. It’s hard to find a parkour shoes lighter than this.
  • The shoes are washable and dryable in air or shine. But don’t machine wash it as the woven texture might rip-off.
  • You may choose from up to 8 different colour variations. The sole colour is also different with every colour variation to match up the contrast. Remember, the price changes with size and colour selection.
  • The heel to toe inclination is as low as 4 mm only. It provides a firm grip with the ground and you make an excellence in your performance.
  • Due to its colour variations and style, you can use it as casual wearing pair as well as it’s not strictly designed for the sports purpose only.
  • Another true size product by Puma. Just order your regular size and it will fit perfectly.
  • Designed keeping big guys in mind who are on their feet most of the time.


  • The foam is good to run on streets and tracks but not good enough to run on fields with rocks.
  • The pink colour is too bright to suit a man. Moreover, it might be a case of personal preference.

You Can View Prices and Reviews on Amazon!

My Final Thoughts on Puma Parkour Shoes

So these were some of the best puma shoes for parkour that i would recommend. The conclusion is obvious. If it’s about Parkour Shoes it must be from Puma. Puma has been infusing excellence to sports person and athletes with its innovative and revolutionary designs. At the same time, Its product is set at a price that fits everyone’s pocket.

I hand-picked the 3 best products and presented their features before you, in a layman’s language. All the 3 products are no less than each other. Choosing any one of them is just a matter of personal preference and budget. None of them is going to disappoint you in terms of quality and performance.

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Best Nike Parkour Shoes in 2019 – Ensure Grip and Comfort With Nike!

By Chris / April 22, 2016

Last Updated January 1st 2019 Buying the perfect pair of footwear for parkour can make the difference between a great run and a run that leaves one with blisters, joint pain, or even sprains. If you look for the best brand for your new pair of running shoes then I am sure no brand strikes your mind before Nike.

The 6 basic qualities that we look in the shoes as a traceur are:

  • Comfort– Level of comfort is very important in a shoe for parkour, as to move along a long distance you will need a shoe that is comfortable enough to support your foot.
  • Durability– Long life is an important feature as you would not want to invest a hefty amount for something that has a short life independent of how comfortable they might be.
  • Fit– Fit is an important factor in choosing proper footwear. The shoes need to be tight enough to grab the foot properly and further they should not be too long or too short to provide any discomfort.
  • Weight– It should preferably be light keeping the sturdiness of the shoes intact. Light weight footwear help feet moving for a longer time.
  • Cost– No one wants to spend their hard earned money for something that is not worth the value. Good Parkour shoes cost something between $80- $120.
  • Look-. Irrespective of what everyone says the good look of the shoes is an important feature as everyone wants people to have a look at something that they have spent their hard earned money to.

Here I will review three classy Nike Parkour Shoes :

1.Nike Men’s Free 5.0 Running Shoe

2.Nike Men’s Roshe Run Running Shoe

3.Nike Men’s Flex Experience Rn 4 Running Shoe

I took into account all the above qualities to determine if this shoe is a good product for runners, and now you can look at the advantages and disadvantages of these three nike parkour shoes.

1.Nike Men’s Free 5.0 Anthracite Running Shoe

One can pair these beautiful Nike Anthracite Running Shoes with trackpants to go out for parkour with friends or for a little jog in the morning. These nice pair of shoes are very light thanks to the flywire technology for ultra-lightweight support for the user to run and workout for longer durations without getting tired.

Now let’s look at some pros and cons of this beautiful pair:


  • Comfort– The cool pair of shoes come from the brand name that is known all over the universe for its comfort. The lightweight and new midsole technology only add to the comfort which is already world class.
  • Weight– Nike uses the advanced Flywire technology for ultra-lightweight support. Also, the Nike Free Phylite midsole doubles as an outsole for the lightweight of the shoes. These groundbreaking technologies in the field of the shoe engineering lead to the total weight of this pair of shoes to 9 ounces.
  • Fit– Deep hexagonal flex grooves for a natural barefoot-like ride while running and wearing for a long time.
  • Look– The evergreen combination of white and black along with the beautiful and classy Nike sign is perfectly made to look good even with blue and black denim after you wear them for a little outing after you are done with the jogging.
  • Cost– Nike Anthracite are cheap for the amount of comfort, weight, fit and the look of normal casual shoes.


  • Durability- The advanced technology that these exclusive pairs of Nike shoes uses does make them very lightweight but since making shoes lighter means using less material, this makes shoes less durable.
  • However the shoes are light but I wish the shoe would have been lighter than it would have been easier to run with.
  • The shoe also does not protect them well against water and got wet very easily also the net gets very dirty and is very hard to clean.

If you go by my suggestion then these are the perfect pair of shoes for parkour under 100$ for anyone to buy. They are cool, sturdy and very comfortable to wear plus they give an added advantage to replacing the casual shoes in your wardrobe. Most of the people who are beginners in parkour like to buy this kind of shoes.

You Can View Prices and Reviews on Amazon!

2.Nike Men’s Roshe Run Running Shoe

If you are looking for a new pair of nike shoes for parkour, the Nike Roshe Run shoes are a great option for you. I have been using these shoes for street workouts and  for the parkour and nowadays for practicing for the 50KM marathon and these shoes never a show even an inch of the problem. They are as comfortable as the one being barefoot. Further, this sturdy pair of shoes can also be paired with chinos and casual trousers.

Now let’s look at some pros and cons of this beautiful pair:


This product provides you with many different advantages for your running needs.

  • Comfort– This shoe is very comfortable. You will be able to run long distances at great speeds without having to stop because of sore feet.
  • Weight– You will add almost no weight to your feet when running with these shoes as theyhave minimal weight and feel like nothing is there on the feet.
  • Fit– The material is flexible, so your shoes will form well to your feet. The fit of these works very well.
  • Cost– They are a cheap pair of footwear for the universally known brand name of Nike, you will pay a minimal amount of money, which is uncommon for this brand.


  • Durability– Like all the running shoes these shoes are also very less durable, the obvious reason being brands make them very lightweight but since making shoes lighter means using less material, this makes shoes less durable. This is always going to be a tradeoff in running shoes. If you want a light shoe, it will not last as long. If you want a durable shoe, it will be heavier.
  • The shoe material is as such that it gets dirty easily and also it gets wet very easily. Furthermore, the material is very easy to be torn.
  • The rubber sole does make the shoe light but is not that long life material and makes the show good for the ground purpose but is really a waste to be worn on the hard ground.

Go for these shoes only if you want to use them for parkour as well as use them as casual shoes, they are more of the sneakers type. They are light, comfortable and true to size. They go well with jeans or just about anything else casual you wear. Might have to look for another pair in a different color for variety. Go for one larger size as the top material is very thin (yes, it is breathable but only because it is very thin) and will get torn easily if too much force is applied to it. 

You Can View Prices and Reviews on Amazon!

3.Nike Men’s Flex Experience Rn 4 Running Shoe

If you are looking for footwear exclusively for running, jumping, doing flips and covering distances wildly then these are the shoes to go for. Lightweight yet strong enough for the purpose they have been made for. The top layer of these are made up of the PU mesh and the bottom is a rubber sole to provide the sturdiness that shoes like these need. Further, the rubber sole makes them vulnerable to be worn on any surface other than ground.


This product provides you with many different advantages.

  • Weight– Breathable single layer meshes top layer makes the shoes light. Further, the no-sew overlays and the rubber sole makes the lighter.
  • Fit– The fit is awesome they just cover the feet and fit like gloves over it. The material is flexible, so your shoes will form well to your feet. The fit of these shoes works very well.
  • Cost– You don’t get quality of Nike any cheaper. They are a cheap pair of shoes for the universally known brand name of Nike shoes, you will pay a minimal amount of money, which is uncommon for this brand.


  • Comfort– Unlike all the Nike shoes they are not that comfortable. They just do not have the level of comfort that you expect from Nike Brand and this pair make the Toes swell and pain on long-wearing hours.
  • Durability– They are a little more durable than the other running shoes but still not good enough as the life of the shoes doesn’t seem to be much with all those Pu Mesh and Rubber sole like short life materials used in it. This is always going to be a tradeoff in running shoes. If you want a light shoe, it will not last as long. If you want a durable shoe, it will be heavier.
  • The colour, top material and the sole material, nothing out of the three seems to support the shoes to fight the dirt and the water. The thin Mesh absorbs water easily and the mesh also acts as a magnet to the dirt. 

I would recommend the shoes to anyone who has just parkour purpose with the shoes, if you are looking for shoes for long hours in a day then these are not the shoes you must go for.  

You Can View Prices and Reviews on Amazon!

Overall, as many people know, Nike creates great shoes, and they definitely have some great choices for parkour/freerunning.  Overall I think you won’t go wrong with any of the choices I have outlined above!

The main thing you need to be cautious of when you are buying shoes for parkour from Nike is that a lot of their shoes aren’t really designed for an action sport like parkour.  Many of their shoes don’t have the support or durability needed to keep you safe.  That being said there are some great options from Nike, and with any of the three shoes above you can’t go wrong!

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