New Balance KL574 Parkour Shoes Review – Great Comfort and Quality!

By Chris / July 28, 2016


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1. Durable And Long lasting1.Designed For Kids And Young Trainers Only.
2. Easily Washable2.Might Not Be Suitable For Professional Athletes Who Goes Through Intensive Training Sessions On Regular Basis.

New Balance KL574 Parkour Shoes Review

The New Balance Parkour Shoes KL574 Running shoe is the perfect combination of comfort and durability that is ideal for runners or traceurs. To make the shoes as a light weight product, a rubber sole is used that gives an ultimate grip on every surface. Moreover, the textile and synthetic upper also helps to make it a light-weight product.  Before we get into our review, there are some other great free running shoe options on our homepage!

These shoes were one of the first I ever owned specifically for parkour, and they really are a great option.  New Balance has always been known for their comfortable shoes, and these are no exception.  These shoes exemplify not only comfort but style and design and grip as well.  These shoes are the shoes that will last you quite a long time and they are extremely The product is a result of advanced footwear engineering that ensures comfort at every step. Here are some of the main advantages of New Balance Running shoes:

KL574 Comfort Level:

These shoes are suitable for all kinds of surfaces because it is made of rubber and synthetic. The company does not compromise on the build quality in any case that makes it a top choice among the athletes and parkour. The porous upper mesh ensures a healthy airflow that keeps the foot sweat-free.

Shoe Design and Style:

The shoe is a versatile product and can be used for indoor running as well. Despite being training shoes; they can also make you look decent in any outfit you select to wear. For the people who prefer sleek and trendy trainers, they can choose these shoes amongst the others.

Performance Level:

These shoes are ideal for those individuals who have wider feet and struggle to find the exact fit. The EVA midsole and heel give further grip while you are running on a treadmill or any other surface.

Moreover, these shoes can also be used by kids as they are available in various sizes. Even if you wear them all day long, you will not feel any sharp edges on your ankles and fingers because they are designed to give the best comfort for daily use as well.

So if you do not consider to purchase costly trainers and still want to get yourself a pair of quality shoes, the New Balance KL574 is the best possible solution.

New Balance KL574 Grip:

While being lightweight shoes, they minimize the impact of jerks on your feet and become sturdy while you are running. The rubber sole is well-textured so as to increase the friction even on the slippery surfaces. The pair is highly slip-resistant.

Final Thoughts on New Balance KL574 Parkour Shoes

The New Balance KL574 running shoes provide the ultimate comfort and performance for the users of all ages. Made of high-quality synthetic and polyester, they can withstand great pressure and do not lose shape. So if you are planning to buy quality shoes at an affordable price, they can prove to be your ultimate choice.

Moreover, you do not run out of options in terms of color choice. The product is available in 8 different colours.

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