Is Parkour Illegal? – Arguments vs. Facts

By Chris / January 14, 2017

Now that more and more people are getting into parkour there have been a few instances on the media where a dark side of parkour is shown.  Just like in any sport or activity there are always negative aspects, and parkour is no different.  There have been a few stories online about traceurs being arrested and getting in trouble with the police.That being said, is parkour illegal?

Is Parkour Illegal? – The Facts

Because there have been reports and stories of traeurs running into conflict with the police and other law enforcement, it’s time to take a look at the facts behind the case.

Speaking very generally, there is no law that goes specifically against parkour saying it is unlawful to practice it.  But just because this isn’t the case doesn’t mean that you can practice parkour wherever you want.

Is Parkour IllegalThe main issue traceurs have had with law enforcement have been involving private property and trespassing laws.  According to, trespassing is classified as entering onto someones property without the consent of the land owner.  This is extremely relevant because I know we all have seen some great areas to practice, but of course all of these places aren’t public property.  That being said, it actually makes it illegal for parkour athletes to enter onto this land if it is private property.

How To Make Sure You Don’t Get In Trouble

That being said, because we are all responsible traceurs, we all want to stay out of trouble.  If you follow these guidelines then you shouldn’t have any problems with law enforcement offices:

  • If you don’t own the property or it isn’t public property, then you shouldn’t go on it with out consent of the owner.  That being said, I have been given access to some great zones by simply asking the owner and they said me and my friends could go ahead and practice on the lands.  Now this might not be the case for every land owner, but you never know what will happen if you ask.
  • If it’s public property, try not to bother others who are enjoying the land.  If you are causing a scene on public property then you can get in trouble for being a disturbance.  Also make sure you wear appropriate shoes so you don’t leave scuffs or marks on public property.
  • If you are asked by the law enforcement or land owner to stop, then you should just move on and find a new spot.

That being said, we all want to give parkour athletes a good impression to the world.  We want to respect our peers and our community.  We heard at TBPG want to make sure everyone practices parkour in a safe and respectful manner which gives back to the community and doesn’t give traceurs a bad stigma!  That being said, I hope you enjoyed and hopefully this will put the topic of “is parkour illegal” to an end.

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