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7 Best Parkour Locations Worldwide 2020

By admin / December 14, 2018

A lot of us have seen parkour videos online and have at least an idea about what it involves.  While parkour is a physical discipline there’s also a strong mental and philosophical side that we’re just beginning to scratch the surface of. Understanding the history of parkour is the first step to figuring out exactly what it is and what is involves.

Parkour started out in the South of Paris with a small group of friends training together. They combined various fighting styles, gymnastics, athletics and other disciplines together to form something unique. This began as a training regimen for them but quickly grew into something more.

Parkour has changed and developed over the years and different sects still exist. At its heart there is a core discipline based on creativity and self definition, with a whole community set up to help explore these concepts. Since its inception it’s grown massively with thousands of practitioners (traceurs) around the world now taking part on a regular basis.

Parkour really is an international event with groups around the world taking part every day in training, events and competitions. The use of technology has amplified parkour globally and brought various separate groups together. This has led to a creation of a global parkour community.

What is a Parkour Park?

As this community has grown, dedicated parkour parks and destinations have been set up with the goal of bringing together like minded people with the best talent. These parkour friendly places are where traceurs can come to use the space and ultimately make it their own.

Parkour ParkThere’s no set design for parkour parks. As parkour is just about moving creatively and intuitively there generally just spaces set up with obstacles, like an urban maze, that you can go to town in. Some are indoor, but generally they’re outdoor which is in keeping with the historic roots of parkour.

Whereas parkour parks can be specifically created, a lot of the best parkour spots are just specific areas in cities or urban areas. Most of these have been explored and mapped out by traceurs around the world and this has been shared online through forums and social media.

These destinations are great places for parkour enthusiasts to get involved and meet other people. Even if you don’t feel like you’re ready yet, you can set a goal to get to these places around the world and do parkour with some of the best.

Top 7 Parkour Parks and Destinations

We’ve had a look round and gathered what we think are the top 7 parkour parks and destinations right now. Let’s take you through the list:

1. Gas Works Park, Seattle

Gas Works Park ParkourSeattle, Washington, has some of the best places around for parkour and freerunning. Away from some of the urban centres you have Freeway Park. This park was created for activities and specifically freestyle training. There are lots of obstacles to maneuver your way through so you can get creative in an open and dedicated space.

Further downtown you’ll find the Gas Works Park. This is an old production plant which has been converted into a park but a lot of the old parts remain in place. Not all of this is open to the public but it’s a unique space to train in, and well worth checking out.

2. Ala Moana Beach Park, Honolulu

Ala Moana Beach Park Parkour

Hawaii is one of the most incredible destinations in the world so it’s not as if you needed another reason to visit but if you did then this park is definitely a good one. In downtown Honolulu you’ll find Ala Moana beach park which has become famous with freerunners and traceurs.

Ala Moana has over 100 acres of space with different landscape to explore.

There’s sand, grass and even some water so you can get out and try something new. This is perhaps the best outdoor parkour area in the world and is absolutely one to visit.

3. Ueno Park, Tokyo

Ueno Park ParkourLocated in Tokyo, Ueno Park is one of the best parkour parks in the world because of its history and beauty. There’s a lot of space to explore around all the culture and history of this park which dates back to the late 1800s.

This space has long been used for a number of disciplines including Tai Chi and yoga. It’s a great space for freerunning and will make a fantastic place to record some footage of you in action. Make sure you visit during the cherry blossom season to get the most out of this iconic location.

4. Central Park, New York

Maybe the most famous park in the world has one more notch to add to its belt, it’s a parkour hub. With obstacles to overcome, different spaces to explore and trees to climb central park has some rich variety you might not find elsewhere.

New York is one of the most amazing cities in the world and somewhere everyone should visit at some point. With so much culture and style circulating in Manhattan it’s no surprise that parkour is big here.

A lot of parkour practitioners gather in central park daily, generally later in the day when there are less crowds and tourists present. You’ll likely find a lot of like minded people but most importantly you’ll be able to freerun in perhaps the most famous city in the world. Make sure to get some pictures with the iconic New York skyline in the background!

5. Spot Real, Lisboa, Portugal

Spot Real ParkourSpot Real is the first parkour and freerunning academy in Portugal. It allows and encourages everyone who’s interested in these activities to come together, train and share ideas in order to take themselves to the next level.

Portugal is an extremely parkour friendly country and Lisboa is well known for its open parkour spaces. Locals are all extremely friendly and will often share advice and tips to help, so even if you’re still learning this is definitely one to visit.

6. Century Gardens, Calgary Canada

Century Garden ParkourCentury Gardens is described as the concrete playground because for a long time it’s been used by traceurs and freerunners to develop and explore their craft. Century Gardens are known for their concrete blocks and structures which you can navigate your way up, over and through.

Century Gardens is well regarded by the locals as a hub for parkour enthusiasts and has been defended by preservationists for years. That being said there has been some pressure from different development groups lately so it might be worth pushing this one to the top of your list in case it isn’t there in the future.

7. Catacombs (Paris France)

paris catacombs parkourOk so this one is perhaps not for the faint of heart but Paris has a network of underground catacombs for you to explore, and freerun through. The catacombs spiral under Paris like a maze filled with history and even some graves.

This is an exciting alternative for the high rise spots that traceurs are used to but you need to be careful. You need to have somebody really experienced with you who knows the tunnels, because people have got lost down there in the darkness and never been found.

This may be too spooky for you, but don’t be put off. Paris is where it all started and of the 3000 different locations around the world for parkour there are 888 located in Paris. The city is literally teeming with parkour friendly spots with facebook groups set up to help you find them but with so many in close proximity you’ll probably find them without looking!

Finding Parkour Locations

Parkour isn’t necessarily an activity that needs a dedicated space but you need to make sure you’re doing it in parkour friendly zones. Most major cities will have at least a few spaces for it but some have more than others. Nevertheless you’ll find fantastic parkour locations in Europe, Asia and America which give you the opportunity to explore while training.

One of the best tools now for finding parkour locations is social media. Facebook groups will let you link up with locals who know the area and you can share information back and forth. Likewise some of the bigger parkour websites have information which is regularly updated.

One of the best sources of information about parkour is the World Freerunning Federation:

Here you’ll find a wealth of knowledge about parkour, including location information and event details. If you’re looking to compete or get sponsored then you’ll find more about this too.

Hopefully the list above gives you an idea of what type of locations are available and has given you an idea of where you might want to try next. The best parkour locations are almost always parks but keep an eye out for college campuses, abandoned buildings (that are open to the public) and dedicated urban areas.

Parkour is about freedom and creativity so wherever you are you’ll be able to find somewhere to train. Just remember to be smart and err on the side of caution. Make sure you don’t break the law because that can land you in hot water fast, especially if you’re abroad.

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The Most Important Exercises and Workouts for Parkour Athletes

By admin / November 25, 2018

Parkour is one of the most exciting and interesting activities to watch but one thing is for certain, they make it look easy. Parkour is one of the most intense and challenging physical activities on the planet and there’s a lot of work you have to put in before you can even start.

In order to reach the level needed to become a freerunner you will have to adopt a high level of discipline. That means starting with a daily routine of strength exercises for your whole body. Only after you’ve started this regimen and grown in strength will you be able to get out there and start learning the craft.

Essential Parkour Workouts to Keep You at Your Best

There are a number of specialist workouts designed for those who take part in parkour. In order to have the strength needed you’ll have to ensure that your whole body is ready, that means strengthening three key areas; your core, your upper body and your balance.

Instead of offering one rigid workout we have provided a list of different exercises for these areas. This will allow you the flexibility to create your own routine and mix it up where you like. All of the exercises involve your body weight and are well suited for parkour.

Core Exercises

There are a wide range of benefits to having a strong core. A strong centre helps avoid a lot of typical problems of bad posture, back pain, muscle problems and more. It will also help you with all physical activity even if you think it’s not using that muscle group.

For parkour you’ll need to take this to the next level. Having a strong core will be essential for supporting yourself and giving yourself that full range of movement. In order to cultivate that strength try a combination of the following exercises:

  • Plank

Parkour PlanksThis is one of the most important exercises you can use to strengthen your abdominal muscles. For this you won’t need any equipment just some open space around you.

Move yourself into the push up position then place your forearms flat on the floor. Hold this position but make sure you keep your back flat and tense your abs. If you’re a beginner start with 30 seconds and build up each day. You should look to be able to hold this for over a minute.

  • Oblique Crunch

A twist on the classic crunch, this exercise will help you really isolate your core muscles are give them a good workout. Again you’ll only need the open space around you.

Lie down with your back on the floor and keep your knees bent in the air at 90 degrees. With your hands behind your head twist your torso so that your left shoulder moves towards your right thigh. Keep going until your upper back is off the floor then slowly lie back down. Alternate your left side and right side for as many reps as you can manage. Remember this is a daily exercise and you should add more reps in each day.

  • Hanging Leg Raise

Hanging Leg RaisesUnlike the other exercises, for this you will need a pull up bar you can hang off. This is an optional extra but you’ll really see the benefit to your core if you can work it in.

Start by hanging from a pull up bar with your hands around shoulder width apart. Lift your knees up together until they are at 90 degrees with your torso, hold for 1-3 seconds and then slowly lower back down. Aim for as many reps as you can but again, look to build on your performance each day.

Upper Body Exercises

Your upper body will be the key to your strength while you’re training so you need to make sure it’s ready. All the components of your upper body will need to work together so you’ll have to make sure they’re all trained. Below are some bodyweight exercises for each section of your upper body.


Your triceps are located on the underside of your upper arm and are really important to supporting your body. While a lot of people focus on biceps they may not realise that triceps are actually a bigger muscle group and need just as much attention.

  • Diamond Pushups:

This exercise involves the standard push up motion, but with a twist. Instead of your hands being shoulder width apart they will start meeting in the middle, with the index finger and thumbs of each hand making the diamond shape. Slowly lower yourself down and back up and you should immediately feel the exercise on your triceps.


Biceps are an important muscle group, despite being smaller than the triceps. Traditionally people have looked to build their biceps to look good so hopefully this is one which you’re more familiar with.

  • Chin ups:

For this exercise you will need a pull up bar. Start with your hands shoulder width apart on the bar with your palms facing you. Grasp the bar and slowly pull yourself up then lower yourself down. You’ll hopefully feel the strain on your biceps which shows it’s working.


Your back is a large muscle group and if it’s not well trained you can have serious problems down the line. The key to avoiding these and building the strength needed for parkour is to train it regularly.

  • Pull ups:

Again, you’ll need a bar for this exercise, but as it is compound you’ll feel the benefit to multiple muscle groups. Start with your hands shoulder width apart and your palms facing away from you. Grasp the bar and pull your body up, then slowly lower yourself down. This can be a difficult exercise at first, but persevere because you will need to be able to handle pulling yourself up for parkour.

Stability and Balance Exercises

Stability and balance are essential traits for anyone serious about parkour. A strong core and body will help with your balance but the following exercises will specifically help you gain these skills.

  • Single leg squats

Used to strengthen your legs, squats are another compound exercise which have multiple benefits. For this exercise you won’t need any equipment, just some space.

Start by balancing your weight on one leg with the other out in front of you off the ground. Slowly, with your arms out to the side to balance, lower yourself down as far as you can and lower yourself up. Swap legs and repeat as many times as possible.

  • Rolling forearm side plank

This is another twist on the traditional plank which will strengthen your core and improve your balance and stability. Again, all you’ll need is some space around you.

Start in the plank pose and slowly shift your weight to the right, turning your forearm in to support yourself and reaching up with your left arm. Hold for 2 seconds and then slowly go back down to starting position. Then repeat but turning to the left. Repeat this as many times as possible to see the greatest impact.

Strength Needed for Parkour

Parkour requires a high level of strength. You’ll need your whole body working in unison in order to do it effectively and that means some disciplined training, daily. The exercises above are a great way to start so try mixing a combination together as a workout. By varying the exercises you’ll keep your body guessing and you’ll see more benefit.

Parkour is an elite sport and it will time to cultivate the strength needed to do it well. Don’t be discouraged if you struggle at first, just stay focused and keep pushing until you reach the milestones on your journey.

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Best Parkour Gyms in the United States

By admin / November 20, 2018

Freerunning is one of the most intensely fun and exciting experiences around in 2018. Whether you’re taking part of just watching you’ll quickly become hooked and find yourself needing to know more.

Parkour Training GymIt’s hard to believe that for a long time there was actually very little known about free running, but then suddenly it hit us like a tonne of bricks. Mesmerising videos began to circulate and go viral showing just what an individual can do with their body with some hard work and training.

It’s not hard to see why it’s a fast growing phenomenon. Younger people are always attracted to anything that breaks the mold and free running does that with style. More than that is has similarities to the movements shown in the cinematic world with marvel characters like spiderman. It’s something you just want to be able to do but it’s not always clear where to start.

Why You Need a Parkour Gym

Best Parkour GymFreerunning looks easy but it really, really isn’t. You can’t just hit the street and start right away, instead you’ll need to build your strength and train before you can get out there. Freerunning gyms offer a space where you can comfortably train no matter what your level is. In there you can put in the practice and get yourself to where you need to be, without the same risks as in the outside world.

Freerunning is remarkably popular with those who practice it and don’t. The popularity has helped encourage cities to embrace the culture of freerunning and create these gyms. Globally there are now thousands of freerunning gyms but it’s always worth doing your research first because some of them are a lot better than others.

What Makes a Good Freerunning Gym

There’s no set formula for a good freerunning gym and your own preference will play a large part in any decision of where to train. With that said there are some factors that influence how a freerunning gym is ranked.

Equipment is the most important because it determines what you can actually do. The best freerunning gyms will have a range of courses and bars but might also feature some additional assault courses or a foam pit.

Freerunning GymThe trainers and staff in the gym and also massively important. These are the people who will be giving you instruction and you want to learn from those who know the trade. The best freerunning gyms offer a wide range of knowledge to help you on your way.

Before settling in any freerunning gym you’ll want to make sure they have a decent list of classes. The best freerunning gyms offer a schedule of classes which let you develop more than one skill, so look for one with a range of options is possible.

These criteria, for us, are the most important factors when it comes to choosing a parkour gym however your exact requirements will change based on what stage of development you’ve reached. Always remember to look around before signing up anywhere, that way you won’t regret it later.

The Best Parkour Gyms in the U.S

Within the U.S there are a very high number of freerunning gyms, though this is perhaps unsurprising given the size and population of the country. While all of these gyms offer a space to train, they aren’t all alike. To save you the effort we’ve done some research and compiled our list of the top 3 freerunning gyms in the U.S.

Steel City Parkour – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Located in Pittsburgh, Steel City Parkour has a lot to offer anyone who’s interested in freerunning. This is one of the more modern and developed freerunning gyms that incorporates training into the routine with regular free classes and training.

Steel City Parkour GymWithin the gym itself you’ll find a range of varied and challenging obstacles. There’s bars, foam pits and even some trampolines for you to use if you like to mix it up. There’s also a ninja warrior course if you want to put yourself through a more intense test.

Steel City Parkour is one of the best freerunning gyms in the U.S because it caters for people of all abilities. The range of equipment they have combined with the scheduled learning will allow you to develop quickly. This gym offers excellent preparation for the intense freerunning experience out on the streets. If you’re in the area it’s definitely one to check out.

Primal Fitness – Washington, DC

Primal Fitness is located in Washington DC with a large number of regular members associated with the club. Primal Fitness has a focus on functional fitness, supporting a range of different physical activities that will help you transform your body and get into great shape.

Primal Fitness Parkour GymThey have a team of highly trained staff who offer support and guidance to everyone. With classes for all different levels, and the option of personalised classes designed by their trainers, Primal Fitness have a lot of knowledge to share. This makes it ideal for anyone who’s just starting out.

Primal Fitness is a great place to meet other people who share the passion of freerunning because there really are people from all levels. There’s always somebody to learn from and a highly developed facility to train in. One of the best freerunning gyms we’ve come across and a well deserved place on our list.

The Brooklyn Zoo – Brooklyn, New York

New York City actually hosts a number of different freerunning gyms and facilities and the Brooklyn Zoo is the latest one to open. This gym has a diverse range of obstacles and courses which allow you to try new challenges without any of the risk. It’s also one of the best stocked in terms of equipment and there’s even a ninja warrior assault course.

Brooklyn Zoo Parkour GymWith 10,000 square feet split across multiple floors, the Brooklyn Zoo is a great place to train. Experienced staff run regular classes and offer guidance and encouragement wherever they can which is hugely beneficial to beginners. They offer classes to kids and you can book school trips, parties or even Bar Mitzvahs in their gym.

The Brooklyn Zoo also offers advanced classes for anyone more experienced with freerunning and parkour. This allows you to focus and hone your skills to take them to the next level, learning from experts who’ve been there before. This is one of the best organised freerunning gyms in the country and it’s become a hub of parkour knowledge. Definitely one to visit if you’re in the area.

Choosing a Freerunning Gym

The U.S has the most freerunning gyms in the world so you really are spoilt for choice. Obviously the biggest limitation will be geographical region but it’s always worth doing some research to find out what’s nearby.

Our top three have all made the list because they offer a range of service to people of all abilities. They have passionate staff and well built areas so you can train safely and gain valuable insight into the freerunning world. If you’re nearby any of the three above then you should definitely check them out

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Picking the Best Parkour Socks – Reviews and Recommendations

By admin / November 20, 2018

The interest in parkour has been growing year on year, but in 2019 we’ve seen some of the biggest growth in the industry. More people than ever are getting involved with the parkour scene either performing themselves or following some of the big names.

There’s no doubt that the culture has evolved and it’s now more accessible than ever. Beyond the activity itself there’s now a philosophy and style underpinning it.  A distinctive look has emerged in clothing and branding that is spreading internationally. More specialist parkour clothing is being introduced as some of the most popular traceurs set up their own companies.

It’s no wonder that more people are starting to get involved with parkour and take it up themselves. Parkour itself only relies upon you, and no other equipment, but you have to be careful, especially when you’re starting out. Without some of the right gear you risk some pretty serious injury. Thankfully there’s plenty of parkour clothing to choose from.

Parkour Protective Clothing

Parkour has a distinctive style. It’s about finding something unique that fits your personality and getting noticed. However, parkour clothing also has another important function, it’s there to offer protection and support.

Whether you’ve been involved with parkour before or not you’ll be aware of what it entails. It’s intense movement over a range of surfaces, often from building to building. There’s a lot of risks involved if you slip or fall (which you undoubtedly will when training), but even when everything goes right your body will be absorbing a lot of impact and being put under strain.

Before you hit the streets to take part you should consider upgrading your wardrobe. There’s a wide selection of parkour clothing available that offers extra protection, from pants and tops to accessories, and it’s really worth your time getting set up properly.

Parkour Socks: Protecting Your Feet and Giving Your Grip

While you might focus on the more stylish parkour clothing like hoodies or tops, it’s the parkour socks that you really don’t want to overlook. Socks might not seem like they’re important, but when you consider how important your feet are for parkour you’ll suddenly start to realise that they need the right layers on top.

Without the right pair of socks you can easily injure yourself, damage your soles, sprain toes, slip, fall, get blisters or cause other injuries that will put you out of action. In fact there aren’t many other physical activities where the right pair of socks will be so important.

Socks used for parkour aren’t necessarily parkour specific, but there will be certain qualities you’ll want to make sure you have. They need to be thick and durable. This means they’ll offer your feet protection and not tear (or allow your skin to tear) while you train. They also need to be well fitted with excellent grip. This will stop them sliding within your parkour shoe and allow them to hug your feet tightly, maximising your range of movement.

There’s a lot of different choices out there, but we’ve identified what we think are the best 3 pairs of socks for parkour. Let’s take a closer look.

Best Socks for Parkour

Footy Sox: Anti-Slip Socks

Footy Sox Anti Slip Socks look up to the job from the moment you see them. The noticeable ridges show they mean business and won’t compromise when it comes to grip. They’re available in 3 different colours offering a wide range of choice for buyers.

Footy Sox make a range of products but specialize in their socks and accessories. They have designed and delivered solutions to a lot of problems by creating socks which can grip on different surfaces. They’ve incorporated a lot of functionality into the humble sock, and this comes through with this product.

Key Features:

  • Tough but Soft

Made to be durable but comfortable, the Footy Sox Anti Slip Socks are made from 97% and 3% spandex. The material is hand knitted and therefore more durable, making it extremely difficult to tear. The Footy Sox socks are breathable to keep you dry and remove sweat, perfect for intense physical activity.

  • Grip

Ridges along the back of the socks give a high level of grip even on smooth surfaces. This will allow you to keep you balance even at a difficult angle, a perfect quality for traceurs.

  • Great Fit

Suitable even for wider feet, the Footy Sox Anti Slip socks are designed to hug your feet tightly. The increased arch support keeps the sock where it is so it won’t slide at any point.

This sock is designed to be well suited for activities like yoga, pilates or parkour. It’s guaranteed not to slip and will keep your feet dry and well protected. Definitely a strong option when it comes to parkour socks.

Drymax Hot Weather Run Mini Crew Socks

The Drymax Hot Weather Socks are designed to mirror performance socks for runners but with slight tweaks for parkour. This sock has extreme sweat protection, allowing you to stay dry even in hot conditions. This makes it the perfect sock for Spring or Summer.

Drymax themselves are a new company, founded in 2018, that produce socks and other accessories. They specialise in creating socks which are dry and resistant to sweat, using some of the latest technology to do so. With a wide variety of very popular socks it’s no surprise they made the list.

Key Features:

  • Sweat Resistant

The number one feature of this sock is its ability to handle sweat. The wicking used will remove even a large amount of sweat with ease which is important when your having an intense training period. This helps keep you cool and avoid any unfortunate odour problems.

  • Great Fit

The Drymax socks are built like running socks which means the fit is incredible. The snug and secure fit allows you to move quickly with confidence that the sock won’t slip.

  • Blister Resistant

The material and fit of this sock helps prevent any blisters on your feet when training. Plus by keeping your feet dry it helps reduce any other issues that might occur. This is crucial to allow you to keep training without interruption.

Drymax know feet and they certainly know socks. They’ve created a versatile running sock which has been adapted for parkour, making it the perfect companion for your training. One of the best socks for parkour out there and definitely one to consider.

Injinji Run 2.0 Parkour Socks

The last sock on our list is the Injinji Run 2.0. This one is slightly different from the others as it’s a toe sock. This means that each individual toe has its own pocket, allowing for a greater range of movement and increased protection for each toe. There’s a minimalist design which is subtle but some strong materials that guarantee a long lifespan for this sock.

Injinji are sock specialists, making toe socks that are well suited for performance. They’ve been operating for almost 20 years creating solutions for athletes and investing in technology to improve sports socks. There aren’t many companies with better credentials when it comes to creating footwear for parkour!

Key Features:

  • Blister Proof

The separation of the toes in these socks lowers the friction dramatically. This essentially makes these socks blister proof, preventing anything nasty popping up to interfere with your training.

  • Better Grip

While the sock itself is built with grip, the separation of the toes allows for greater levels of movement. This in turn allows you to physically grip onto surfaces with your toes much more easily. As you can imagine this has many positive advantages for parkour practitioners.

  • Durable

A similar theme for all these socks, but the materials used here mean that this sock is not very susceptible to damage. A lightweight combination of materials gives you full range of motion but with no risk of tearing the fabric.

The toe sock fit can definitely take some getting used to, but for activities like parkour you’ll likely find you won’t want to go back. This sock is designed to feel like another layer of sick and therefore avoid any of the side effects that can come from parkour. A really well designed sock and worth looking into further.

Choosing your Parkour Socks

Hopefully you’ll now have more understanding of the importance of having the right pair of socks for parkour and all of these socks offer a range of features that make them suitable. There are slightly different styles but all of them will allow you to train for longer, secure in the knowledge that your feet are better for it. 

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Picking the Best Parkour Hoodie – Reviews and Recommendations

By admin / November 20, 2018

We’ve all seen parkour in videos and clips online either through social media or other channels and we’ve all seen the crazy energy being used to travel across, above, and even through cityscapes to get from one place to another in the most creative way. But what do we actually know about parkour?

Well parkour started in France in the 80s but since then it’s been a growing phenomenon internationally. There’s greater numbers than ever performing insane stunts and pushing their bodies to the limit. Combining athletic ability, gymnastic talent and immeasurable drive, parkour is the most extreme urban sport going.

Part of the reason for the popularity of parkour is the accessible nature of it. For most sports, whether it’s a team sport or individual, you will need a range of equipment to get involved. Football needs a pitch and a ball, tennis needs a court, rackets and balls but parkour is simple- all you need is yourself. Parkour is all about your movement and your body. All you need is your own strength.

The other reason parkour has become so popular is because it’s more than just a sport. In fact it’s pretty hard to pin down exactly what parkour is but well known practitioners will often describe it as a philosophy or way of life. All we know is that parkour goes way beyond the activity and a culture has emerged. This has led to the creation of a whole new parkour style.

Do You Need Hoodies for Parkour?

Parkour style is in the way people move, but it’s also in the way people dress. The clothing is a choice that reflects the wearer and you’ll often find traceurs (parkour practitioners) in some striking ensembles.

Best Parkour HoodieIn fact several big brands have emerged which showcase the best of what parkour has to offer. Famous parkour names have looked to establish themselves and have created lines of clothing, from socks to hats, that all parkour enthusiasts can access. In fact all of the main brands have strong ties to traceurs with long histories in parkour and they therefore know what the customer wants and needs.

Parkour is an international, urban, activity and that means it has a unique style. Global cultures mix, bring elements of Asia, America and Europe together to create something different from other sports or brands. Parkour style is about standing out.

It goes beyond mere style though. While I said before all you need for parkour is your body, and that is true, the right clothing can add a lot to your performance. Parkour as an activity requires a full range of movement that most sports don’t demand from you. It’s important that you have the freedom to achieve this, and this means lightweight and loose clothing, including pants.

On top of this parkour has some inherent dangers from slipping or falling. Parkour clothing needs to offer a level of protection to your body in order to prevent injuries. This is especially important for your trainers as your feet take a lot of impact. Specialist parkour clothing will often look to combine comfort with protection in this way.

For these reasons it’s essential to get kitted out the right way for your parkour training.

Hoodies for Parkour

Most of us have got at least a few hoodies which we wear regularly. Hoodies offer protection from the elements and comfort, but also give us a style that represents us. That makes them a perfect representation for parkour.

Hoodie for ParkourParkour is all about getting from start to finish in the most efficient way and you’ll want your wardrobe to reflect that efficiency. Parkour hoodies are popular with most traceurs because they offer protection to your arms and torso. They also offer protection from the weather in all seasons which is important given the outdoor nature of parkour.

For a standard hoodie you might only look at the style, but for a parkour hoodie there’s more to consider. By looking at the quality, durability and nature of the hoodie you’ll be able to determine if it’s practical to fit your needs and your style.

Best Parkour Hoodies

There’s a lot more specialist parkour gear available than there used to be, and that means there’s a lot of choice when it comes to parkour hoodies. In order to make this easier we’ve compiled a list of the top 3 parkour hoodies and given you a quick breakdown.

APK Simple Parkour Hoodie

apk hoodieAmerican Parkour (APK) have become a staple part of the traceur life. Alongside their range of clothing they have a vast array of different learning tools, videos and articles to take you from beginner to pro as quickly as possible. They’re a well established brand and it shouldn’t be a surprise to most people that they’ve made it onto the list.

The APK simple parkour hoodie is simple but effective with all the qualities needed for a parkour hoodie. On top of this the APK hoodie is really cost effective, and retails for around $30 or less. This makes it appealing even to those with a limited budget.

APK Simple Parkour Hoodie has the following features:

  • Lightweight material

Designed specifically to allow your body to move, the APK hoodie is made from lightweight materials that don’t impede movement. They also allow your skin to breath helping lift away and remove sweat while you train.

  • High Performance

This hoodie has a loose fitting to allow for free movement and provides protection to a large area of your body. It’s perfect for traceurs of all levels.

  • Practical

A simple hoodie, the APK is made to be usable with large kangaroo pockets to store your valuables. On top of that it’s machine washable so it’s no big deal if you get it dirty.

  • Classic design

APK are known for their classic look and you’ll be sporting a well respected brand. The logo on the chest is embroidered, rather than printed, meaning it’s tougher and more resilient.

A simple hoodie, but one that is definitely fit for purpose. It is built to withstand a little wear and tear, so if you’re looking to get rough and push yourself it’s probably the right one for you.

Under Armour Streaker Parkour Hoodie

Under Armour are a very well known brand in the sporting industry and beyond. They specialise in clothing which is centred around performance and protection so it’s fairly easy to see how they’ve made it onto this list. One of the older sports brands around, Under Armour know how to make effective clothing.

The Under Armour Streaker made it onto the list because it offers greater protection than a lot of competitors. It’s not a specific parkour hoodie but instead it’s practical for a range of activities and sports.

The Under Armour Streaker has the following features:

  • Insulation

Under Armour is made to adapt to your body’s needs based on the surroundings. The clothing provides insulation to warm you up but the breathable nature of the hoodie removes sweat to keep you cool when you’re pushing yourself.

  • Fitted Design

Despite not having the loose cut of most parkour hoodies, the Under Armour Streaker has still proved very popular with parkour practitioners. It’s a slimmer look but actually still offers a full range of movement.

  • Anti Odour

Under Armour is a quality brand and they’ve made this hoodie to ensure you look and feel your best. The anti odour technology keeps you fresh even after an intense training session.

Under Armour have opted for a simple, block colour but the logo carries weight and gives it a certain style. This is the ultimate outdoor hoodie in this price range and suitable for all levels of traceur.

H2H Sleeveless Zip Up Hoodie

H2H may not be as recognisable a name as the other brands in our top picks, but don’t let that put you off. H2H have a more unique style which a concentrated urban twist. This generally means their clothing is more recognisable and perfect for a serious traceur.

The H2H Sleeveless Zip Up Hoodie is striking with a distinct look. It’s made our list of the best parkour hoodies genuinely because it’s the parkour hoodie. Everything about it has been considered from a parkour point of view which makes it potentially the best on the list.

The H2H Sleeveless Zip Up Hoodie features:

  • Fitted Protection

The H2H hoodie offers a fitted cut which hugs your body. Underneath is a layer of insulation designed to keep you warm against the elements. This also offers a layer of protection for your torso while you train.

  • Free Movement

While your torso remains protected you’ll have full movement in your arms with this sleeveless hoodie. This is extremely useful for parkour which relies heavily on your strength.

  • Zipped Pockets

When you’re out taking part the last thing you need is your phone to slip out of your pocket. The H2H hoodie comes with multiple zipped pockets to keep all your personal belongings close at whatever angle you end up at.

This zip hoodie is made for performance. It combines the practicalities needed by a traceur with some extra flourishes that made it stand out from the crowd. Just as importantly this hoodie looks great and is a valuable asset to all traceurs.

Choosing Your Parkour Hoodie

The truth is that there is a lot of choice out there when it comes to parkour hoodies. We’ve searched for some of the most affordable brands which offer a lot of value without a huge price tag, but if you have a large budget then you might want to aim slightly higher.

Whatever you choose make sure you consider the range of motion, the protection it offers and most importantly- make sure it fits your style.

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Best Parkour Clothing Brands of 2020

By admin / November 19, 2018

Most of us are familiar with parkour and have seen it either in person or in films, but what exactly is it? Well parkour is actually a really simple concept, it’s about getting from A to B using logic and creativity to overcome obstacles. This means where some people might see a wall and go round, a free runner might look to go up and over.

While parkour is a simple concept it’s not easy in practice. Extreme athleticism combined with gymnastic abilities are used in parkour to maneuver and efficiently overcome challenges. Despite how easy a professional may make it look, it takes a lot of training to be good at and years of practice before you can do it effortlessly.

Parkour Clothing BrandsThe origins of parkour lie in France where Raymond Belle developed the style in the 1980s. It was primarily an urban sport which appealed to young people in cities, with practitioners being called traceurs. During the 1990s and early 2000s it’s popularity began to grow internationally.

Parkour has taken off massively in the 21st century and made its way into the mainstream. Videos and clips of traceurs have gone viral with the help of social media and left viewers astonished at their feats.

More and more people are getting involved in the latest trend but before you start training to throw yourself off a building you will need to get kitted out properly.

 What You Need in Parkour Clothing

Parkour is all about the freestyle and there’s no set dress code or uniform you’ll want to adopt. However if you’re going to be smart about it you’ll realise that given the risks involved having the right clothing will make a big difference.

Clothing for parkour is fairly casual and while there are specialists (which we would recommend) you could go to a lot of high street stores to get what you needed. With that in mind before you get to the there are a couple of key attributes to parkour clothing:

  • Light clothing

Parkour involves a lot of fast paced movement and you need that flexibility. You’ll also likely sweat so having light, breathable clothing is a must.

  • Protection

When you’re out doing parkour you’re going to risk injury a lot, especially if you’re learning. Your feet will take most of the impact so you’ll want a pair that offer cushioned protection when landing. Also make sure you have shoes with strong grip to limit the falls in the first place!

  • Comfortable

Comfort is key when you want the free range of movement. A lot of traceurs opt for a loose fitting outfit for the full range of movement, but if you prefer tighter fitted clothing that can do you well. Ultimately if you’re comfortable you can focus more on the task at hand.

The Best Parkour Clothing Brands of 2020

Given the description above it might seem that any brand will do however, if you’re looking to perform at the highest level you want the best gear and there are some excellent parkour brands out there.

Best Parkour Clothing BrandsFor us there are a couple of characteristics that make a parkour brand attractive. Number 1 is the range of products. We like to see a range of choices but ultimately quality is more important, especially in an activity with this much wear and tear. Top brands offer tailor made clothing which is suitable for parkour.

Secondly we look for style. Parkour hasn’t just taken off because it’s a fun activity, it’s become popular because it’s so stylish and cool. The fluid motion and spiderman-esque moves look incredible so you need a style that will match them.

Finally, we have to consider price. Price isn’t everything and everyone has a different budget but it is important. Make sure you’ve considered your price range beforehand and be realistic with your expectations. Just because you can’t afford to spend a lot doesn’t mean you can’t get some value.

There’s a lot of choice out there but we’ve identified what we think our top 3 brands are based on these criteria:

Take Flight Parkour Clothing

Take Flight Parkour ClothingTake Flight are one of the better known companies around and you’ll see them everywhere. They have a big presence in sports retailers and even more online with a large selection of different products. Take Flight have the full range in stock from shoes and socks to accessories so you can get everything in one place.

Take Flight have done well for over 10 years offering good quality parkour gear that looks and feels great. The brand is reliable and looks good, a strong option when you’re looking for the best.

Farang Parkour Clothing

Farang Parkour Clothing BrandA relatively new company, Farang Clothing was founded by freerunners and they definitely know their stuff. They too have a wide range of parkour clothing which can be found in outlets and online. What sets Farang apart is the fact that they combine styles and designs from across the world to make something unique which stands out.

Norml Brand Parkour Clothing

This brand was also formed by freerunners and has the full range of gear available. This one has made the list because it’s more affordable than our other two but still offers some great value. The quality is still good and the styles look great so If you’re learning or just starting off it might be worth looking at this slightly cheaper alternative.

These are just our top 3 picks but there’s loads of choice out there. Just remember that quality is the name of the game in parkour because that clothing needs to last.

Making a Complete Parkour Outfit

As we said there are a lot of different companies out there and we thought it would be useful to build an outfit from the ground up using all our favourite parkour clothing brands:

Shoes: Take Flight Stealth Ultra Parkour Shoes

It all starts with the shoes in parkour because you need a pair you can trust to offer grip and protection. This pair by Take Flight is made to be durable and flexible so it works for training and with its all black colouring it looks good too. This is one of the newest models out there and is currently our top pick.

Socks: Footy Sox

Socks are practically as important as the shoes because without the right pair your feet will be exposed. This pair by Footy Sox are designed to give you the most grip possible, perfect for activities like parkour. Made from knitted fabric they are durable and won’t tear even under strain. Fast drying and breathable, these socks are getting very positive reviews from users.


These Farang Clothing parkour pants are the most striking we’ve found and definitely stand out from the crowd. Designed with a fitted, but loose feel these pants are perfect for parkour with two zip pockets to keep valuables safe. Made from breathable cotton they’re ideal for any traceur.  We have plenty of other parkour pants suggestions as well.


Finally, for our training top we’ve gone back to Take Flight opting for a long sleeve t shirt to give maximum protection. This stylish grey T shirt is made for performance with a breathable polyester. Unlikely other performance tops it doesn’t tightly cling to your skin so you will still have that loose feel for maximum movement while training.

Parkour Clothing Brands For Your Needs

All of these elements and brands come together to give you a great looking parkour outfit. They combine the key elements of protection and comfort in a way that will allow you to train effectively and stay focused.

When it comes to parkour clothing brands everyone will have their own style and preferences. There’s no right or wrong answer so just make sure you like how you look and feel while doing something you enjoy.

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How to Become a Sponsored Parkour Athlete

By admin / November 15, 2018

Social media has changed the world in so many ways. In today’s world, promotion and advertisement are using new channels to reach us directly and show us exactly what we want to see. We all follow the big names on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and whether knowingly or not we’ve definitely been influenced by the products they promote.

This promotion isn’t free though. In fact the biggest names are raking in 6 figure sums for even a single post, not to mention all the freebies they receive. It’s a very lucrative business and you may have decided that you want to be on the promotion side, making a name for yourself and shaping the direction of an industry.

Of course, it isn’t easy because let’s face it if it was then everyone would do it. No it takes dedication, intelligence, determination and most importantly a well thought out plan to get you on the right side of sponsorship deals. Thankfully we’ve got some useful information to impart.

How to Become a Sponsored Parkour Athlete

If you’re reading this then you’re looking to be a parkour athlete and should hopefully know all about it. However for anyone who doesn’t know the background and ins and outs of the sport then here is our first tip- know your craft!

Becoming a Sponsored Parkour AthleteIf you are ever in a position to be picked up by a sponsor then you 100% need to know everything you can about parkour. Though there’s no clear inception point, parkour as we know it started in the 1980s in France as a discipline using gymnastic and fighting skills. From there it’s grown massively and at the turn of the century it exploded. Now parkour is well known and very well respected.

Hopefully you’re reading this because you love parkour and are already taking it to that next level. Parkour is an incredibly unique activity that lends itself really well to sponsorship deals and promotion. For starters it’s an extremely watchable talent and we’re all amazed by some of the clips and videos that have gone viral online. There’s a huge audience ready to see and learn more that you can tap into.

On top of this parkour is more than just a sport. Parkour is a combination of philosophy and style that go hand in hand with the athletics. If you’re looking to be a representative for parkour then there’s a lot of different ways you can approach it.

At its heart parkour is all about creatively making a path for yourself. Getting that route to sponsorship will take the same skills.

Hone Your Skills and Becoming the Best

This is definitely the most important skill and something that you should never stop working on. If you want to be a sponsored parkour athlete then you need to show the world exactly why, and that means being extremely good at what you do. In fact you need to constantly get better because you can definitely be sure that everyone else waiting in the wings is doing exactly that.

In order to do this, you need to train. This means establishing a routine that pushes you further every time and gives you more to offer any potential sponsor. Look at other successful athletes and adopt their working patterns wherever you can. Whether it’s in the gym or out on the streets you will have to put considerable time in.

Becoming a Professional Parkour AthleteYou might think to yourself, well isn’t this what I’m already doing? Ok well if that’s the case then it’s time to think outside the box. Parkour doesn’t just take physical strength but it’s a mental exercise too. A lot of the most successful parkour athletes have used, and have now written, books which act as a guide to becoming better.

Parkour Books like ‘The Parkour and Freerunning Handbook’ will give clear instruction on the steps you need to take to develop yourself and reach new heights. Never underestimate the power of knowledge and of taking the time to adopt a new approach.

What you have to remember is that trying to become a sponsored parkour athlete is about showing the world that you are the best. You’ll need to raise your game, so be disciplined and use every tool available to reach the next level.

Growing Your Following

The next step, which may seem obvious, is to get yourself out there and be noticed. We’ve already mentioned how parkour is an activity with a really wide and varied fan base for you to tap into, well it’s time to start tapping!

The best place to start is of course your social media. This is a dedicated channel for you to showcase yourself in all your parkour glory. It’s time to start documenting everything you do within parkour and get it out there. You might have a small reach at first but by regularly creating interesting and engaging content you’ll quickly see a big growth.

It’s never a bad idea to analyze what other people are doing too. Look at some of the big names in parkour and have a look at what they’re doing, how often they’re doing it and what type of thing they’re posting. You can even see what kind of engagement they have and this will help you shape your own material. You might even find a few hubs of people in specific groups that are readily accessible.

That being said, while it’s great to look at what others are doing it’s just as important to explore what they aren’t doing. Are there any elements missing from their content that you can fill or add to? Having a unique angle that represents you will help you stand out from the crowd and reach more people than ever before.

Use all the tools at your disposal and use them well. It’s not just about social media but also forums, websites and in person events or clubs. All of these will help grow your image and allow you to start carving out a name for yourself. The more you can do of that the easier the next step will be.

Finding Potential Parkour  Sponsors

This might be simple to write down but actually achieving this can be quite difficult. However the truth of the matter is that at some point you will need to find the sponsors and engage in some kind of dialogue with them before you can become a sponsored parkour athlete.

The best place is start is by talking to people within your community. Parkour has grown popular but at its core there is still a fairly small community of people exchanging knowledge and helping each other out. This is a valuable resource and by talking to those people who understand parkour you might learn what’s happening with sponsorship at the moment. This will help you identify any opportunities to capitalize upon.

Competitions are a great way to get yourself noticed and find some potential sponsors. Competitive parkour is nothing new and various events are held internationally at all levels for you to get involved with. By attending these and networking you’ll potentially track down a few leads worth pursuing.

Alongside reaching out to those in the industry, you should start undertaking your own research. There’s a lot of well known brands that have been known to sponsor parkour athletes, like Red Bull and WFPF. By looking into this further online you’ll no doubt uncover a wide list of companies offering some kind of sponsorship.

Paid to ParkourWhile you’re doing this research you need to ask two key questions. What would this organization want from me? And, what do I want from a sponsor? The first question can likely be answered by looking into the company and their ethos. Most of them will want promotion for their product and to help improve sales, but some may have a unique idea behind sponsorship. Identifying this early will help if you did engage with them at any point.

The second question, ‘what do I want from a sponsor’, is a more subjective one. Everyone’s situation is different so you have to look at what you have, what you need and what you want. Ultimately you need to be realistic. If you’re relatively unknown then you’re going to get a lot less than somebody who has a big following already. However in all cases you should ensure you’re getting support. This support is what will help launch you in the parkour world.

Once you’ve done your due diligence and research then it’s time for the final step. Approach the sponsors. This might seem daunting but you have to realize that the majority of the time these organizations aren’t going to reach out to you. Take the initiative and open the conversation and seize any opportunity you can.

Follow the Example of Others

There is no exact road map for becoming a sponsored parkour athlete however the advice in this article will definitely help you on your way. It’s always worth looking at the stories of some of the biggest names and finding out how they got there. This will likely shed some light on what you should, or shouldn’t be doing.

Becoming a sponsored parkour athlete is not going to be easy, but that doesn’t mean it’s an unattainable dream. What you have to do is focus yourself and ultimately decide that this is what you want.

Becoming a sponsored parkour athlete and representing the sport will take sacrifice and dedication but, if you put in the time and work hard then there is absolutely no reason you can’t make it.

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5 Must Read Parkour Books For Traceurs and Free Runners

By admin / November 14, 2018

Parkour is one of the most well known activities around but surprisingly the history is surrounded in mystery, with no clear time or place where it began. Generally speaking the agreement was that it began in France with a few bold Frenchmen starting the trend in the urban centre of Paris. From there it’s spread around the world and taken the international scene by storm.

Parkour itself is a difficult thing to define. It incorporates elements of various different disciplines and brings them together in unique harmony. When Raymond Belle first practiced the sport it was as part of combat training which, given the movement and actions, makes a lot of sense. But parkour is a lot more than that and it involves gymnastics, martial arts and other athletic or sports like abilities.

While parkour grew and evolved it started to develop a following and more of a meaning. Freedom, creativity and style all become a core part of parkour and on the back of this it grew. In the early 21st century videos of parkour practitioners, traceurs, went viral. Social media piqued everyone’s interest and allowed traceurs to grow and influence more people.

Nowadays parkour is well known and hugely popular and more people are getting involved year on year. It’s a discipline that takes years of training to be able to do well so the question has become; where do I start? This is where some of our must read parkour books come in.

Reading Parkour Books

Parkour is viewed as an active, outdoor and creative sport, something you do not associate with books or reading. However if you make this assumption you’re going to miss out on a wealth of knowledge that will do you more good than training.

Just like with other sports or activities there is a lot of value in reading and learning from other people’s successes. Parkour has an even more interesting angle because it is relatively new but constantly adapting. There are a range of different techniques, beliefs and types of parkour and traceurs focus on different aspects.

It can definitely be difficult to know where to start with the mammoth task of learning parkour however thankfully there are now a range of books from some of the best in the business which can give you top tips to hit the ground running. Let’s take you through our top 5 must read parkour books.

5 Must Read Parkour Books

Parkour is a lot more complicated than you might think, with different philosophies alongside different training techniques. In our search we’ve come across books which cover all the angles of parkour so whether you’re a complete newbie, or already well established, it’s definitely worth picking yourself up some of these must read books.

1. Parkour Strength Training: Overcome Obstacles for Fun and Fitness

The first on our list for must read parkour books is Parkour Strength Training. This has been written by two very successful traceurs with a long history in parkour, Ryan Ford and Ben Musholt. Ryan Ford is well known in the parkour world and is involved with a chain of specialised parkour gyms. Ben Musholt is another well established traceur but combines this with a background in physiotherapy. Their extensive experience comes through in the pages.

This book, as the title suggests, is all about building the strength to succeed in parkour. The goal of parkour is to get from A to B, but actually this book won’t teach you any parkour moves. Instead this book provides you with training routines and strength development techniques that get you ready to get out there.

The book makes a number of links to other training methods, seeing the similarities across the board for gymnastics training. It will help you understand the important parts of your body for parkour and encourage you to develop a routine for a full range of movement.

This book is absolutely perfect for anyone just beginning their parkour journey looking to gain the necessary strength. It’s ideal for preparing your mind and body for the challenges of parkour and setting up the right training routine. With glowing reviews from readers it’s definitely one of the must read parkour books.

2. Breaking the Jump

Julie Angel’s book approached parkour from a whole new angle. Instead of looking just at the practical, breaking the jump gives us insight into the history of parkour looking at the humble beginnings and initial challenges that were overcome.

Breaking the Jump is a coming of age story based around parkour that looks at the wider implications that might not have been considered before. It’s a story that teaches some memorable lessons that coaches around the world have incorporated into their training.

Julie Angel is herself a movement coach and has used the history covered in her book to pass on some of the wisdom earned by traceurs over time. It’s great for anyone just starting out or anyone who has experience to learn about the philosophy of what parkour is all about. This will in turn help inspire your performance and training.

3. The Parkour and Freerunning Handbook

Written by Dan Edwarde, The Parkour and Freerunning Handbook is known as one of the essential books when it comes to parkour. Dan Edwarde himself is a heavyweight in the industry and co founder of Parkour Generations, a whole training academy for parkour. He’s more experienced than most and has put so much useful information into this handbook.

This book combines both the physical side of parkour with the mental aspect. He tackles some of the concepts underpinning parkour which give insight into why it exists and how to get the most from it. At the same time he introduces the core elements of the physical side regarding balance, strength and positioning.

This handbook is maybe the most useful of our top 5 must read parkour books because of the incredible amount of directly useful information within it. Whatever stage you’re at, if you practice parkour then this book will be of great value to you.

4. Parkour Roadmap

The Parkour Roadmap is perhaps the most detailed and comprehensive book on the list. It’s written by a long time parkour trainer Max Henry who has won several parkour competitions in his time, there’s certainly no questioning his credentials.

After introducing the history and culture of parkour, this book goes on to give insights into the parkour way of life. It gives instruction on training and working a parkour regime into everyday life. Finally it explores some of the more advanced techniques not covered elsewhere.

Parkour Roadmap also gives insight into how you can fit in with the parkour community. By helping you find like minded people and specialised parkour gyms you can become part of something greater, and that’s why Parkour Roadmap is a must read.

5. Overcoming Gravity

This last book is slightly different from the others but still incredibly relevant to parkour. Overcoming Gravity is all about strength training and creating a regiment that will allow your body to become stronger quickly and effectively.

Stephen Low, the author, has a long history of strength training and certainly knows what he’s talking about. He’s used his experience to create a manual for others to follow, perhaps learning from his mistakes.

This is more of a practical book with information relating to injury management, promoting healthy lifestyle, training your body and getting ready for strain. Overcoming Gravity has a strong focus on the science behind these aspects and is very comprehensive in it’s content and recommendations.

This is certainly one of the more versatile books but still definitely one of the top 5 must read parkour books.

Learning Parkour Through Books

Reading really is the base of all knowledge and a fantastic place to start with any new discipline. All of our 5 must read parkour books offer something of real value to anyone interested in parkour but in combination they provide a well rounded overview of what parkour is and how to do it effectively. So whether you’re just starting out or you’re already out there training; these are definitely books to look out for.

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Is Parkour Illegal? – Arguments vs. Facts

By Chris / January 14, 2017

Now that more and more people are getting into parkour there have been a few instances on the media where a dark side of parkour is shown.  Just like in any sport or activity there are always negative aspects, and parkour is no different.  There have been a few stories online about traceurs being arrested and getting in trouble with the police.That being said, is parkour illegal?

Is Parkour Illegal? – The Facts

Because there have been reports and stories of traeurs running into conflict with the police and other law enforcement, it’s time to take a look at the facts behind the case.

Speaking very generally, there is no law that goes specifically against parkour saying it is unlawful to practice it.  But just because this isn’t the case doesn’t mean that you can practice parkour wherever you want.

Is Parkour IllegalThe main issue traceurs have had with law enforcement have been involving private property and trespassing laws.  According to, trespassing is classified as entering onto someones property without the consent of the land owner.  This is extremely relevant because I know we all have seen some great areas to practice, but of course all of these places aren’t public property.  That being said, it actually makes it illegal for parkour athletes to enter onto this land if it is private property.

How To Make Sure You Don’t Get In Trouble

That being said, because we are all responsible traceurs, we all want to stay out of trouble.  If you follow these guidelines then you shouldn’t have any problems with law enforcement offices:

  • If you don’t own the property or it isn’t public property, then you shouldn’t go on it with out consent of the owner.  That being said, I have been given access to some great zones by simply asking the owner and they said me and my friends could go ahead and practice on the lands.  Now this might not be the case for every land owner, but you never know what will happen if you ask.
  • If it’s public property, try not to bother others who are enjoying the land.  If you are causing a scene on public property then you can get in trouble for being a disturbance.  Also make sure you wear appropriate shoes so you don’t leave scuffs or marks on public property.
  • If you are asked by the law enforcement or land owner to stop, then you should just move on and find a new spot.

That being said, we all want to give parkour athletes a good impression to the world.  We want to respect our peers and our community.  We heard at TBPG want to make sure everyone practices parkour in a safe and respectful manner which gives back to the community and doesn’t give traceurs a bad stigma!  That being said, I hope you enjoyed and hopefully this will put the topic of “is parkour illegal” to an end.

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Best Body Weight Exercises For Parkour (An Ultimate List)

By Chris / September 20, 2016

Body Weight Excercise For Parkour

In Parkour, your playground is your surroundings. You have to adapt to your environment to perform the Parkour. But Parkour requires body strength and fitness. So, what you must do to gain such power and developing of your muscles. So, here we come with most high body weight exercises to build your muscles and strength to perform the Parkour. Let’s explore:

1. General Pushups

The push up is a useful exercise which helps to increase the body functional strength as it activates every muscle present in the body. It mainly strengthens the upper body parts like biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest, and back with the support of lower body parts.

Pushup helps to improve a proper body posture and reduces the chances of lower back injuries while performing Parkour. While performing this exercise, make sure to maintain a good high plank position keeping your core tightened, back flat, neck neutral and eyes straight.

body weight

2. Jump Squat

Jump squat is beneficial for building and toning the lower body muscles like calves, hamstrings, quadriceps, ankles and glutes. So, being a Parkour member or a traceur, this exercise is must strengthen the leg muscles as legs have the primary involvement in performing running, jumping and vaulting actions.

Jump squat helps to maintain the mobility and body balance while performing Parkour. Besides, it contributes to preventing the lower part injuries and is beneficial for burning more calories. While performing jump squat, make sure to land on the toes keeping the hips, legs, and knees bent to absorb the impact.

jump squat parkour

3. Wall or Parallel Bar Dips

Dips, an upper-close kinetic chain exercise which involves the movement of the body while keeping the hands and feet in a fixed position. This exercise helps to build up the upper body muscles and is recommended to be more superior exercise than full pushups. Dips can either be done using a wall top or parallel bars. Dips are mainly focused on building the triceps which, in turn, benefits the runners to perform climbing, hanging and other related techniques more effectively.

bar dips parkour

4. Lunges

Lunges are the lower body exercises conducted to build the leg muscles mainly the quadriceps. Also, it increases the hip flexibility, glute activation, and core stability. Lunges also help to keep the back away from injuries. While performing lunges, make sure to maintain the back straight and the chest lifted. Lunges are unilateral leg exercises where training to develop power in both legs is done independently.

lunges parkour

5. Depth Drop or Depth Jumps

The quality of this training is that it focuses on increasing the shock absorption power of the lower body parts and improving muscular excitation for bilateral landings. As Parkour involves extreme landing impacts, it is a must that the body muscles are strong enough to absorb such pressure while jumping or rolling. Such exercise is also beneficial to improve vertical power and the jump height. 

6. Air Squat

The best exercise to build lower body strength. Air squat toughens the inner thighs, glutes, quadriceps and hamstrings in a powerful way. Also, it helps in pumping up the body fluid and toning the back and lower abs. Besides, it boosts up the Parkour performance by increasing the body mobility and balance. It enhances the flexibility of hip flexor and strengthens the stabilizer muscles and ligaments, thus, reducing the risk of meeting with injuries.

air squat parkour

7. Broad Jump

The broad jump is considered to be the most efficient bounding exercise to develop explosive power in the lower body to enhance large jumps. The most superior benefit of this exercise is that it improves the response of fast-switch muscle fibers. It helps to contract the leg muscles so to produce maximal force with each bound. Besides, it overcomes the risk of getting injured from high-impact jumps and landings.  When doing broad jumps or any advanced movement make sure you have proper athletic shoes.

broad jump parkour

8. Wall Handstand

Wall handstand is best to make the upper body healthy. It focuses on building back, biceps, shoulders and the triceps. As a person has to stand on his hands to perform such exercise, it helps to improve the balancing skills while performing similar activities in Parkour running. This activity contributes to making your mood fresh and away from getting depressed by reducing the stress hormones i.e. Cortisol. Besides, it improves the body circulation in the body and builds the core strength.


9. Step-Up

Step-up is the most useful to enhance the leg training progression. It is a unilateral leg exercise which helps to create strength in both legs by training them independently. Such training helps to improve the symmetry of leg musculature and, thus, the balance. It helps the Parkour runners to overcome the fear of pesky plateaus while performing jumps or other techniques. Besides, it also builds the lower back strength and contributes to performing squats and other deadlifts a lot easier.

10. Toes-To-Bar/Knees-To-Elbows

Toe-to-bar is a grueling core conditioning exercise to develop abdominal and arm power where a person tries to flip his body to make the toes touch the bar. Besides, it also helps to improve your gripping strength which is a must for climbing activities where grip matters the most. It also enhances the hip flexibility and helps the Parkour runners to maintain the body weight balance while performing extreme body movements. Similarly, knees-to-elbows is the exercise where a person using the same bars, touches his knees to the elbows. The main aim of this exercise is to lift the knees closer to the chest while vaulting and jumping over the huge objects.

11. Plant Plyos

It is the combination of various exercises to build the strength all over the body. The fact is that the activities performed under this are the commonly-used movements like crouching, landing, ducking, punching, hitting and much more. Overall, it is a strenuous conditioning technique to enhance the Parkour skills and performances.

12. High Box Jump

It is a plyometric activity to improve the elastic energy in the lower body parts. It aims at exploiting the stretch-shortening cycle of the leg to enhance the shock-absorption capacity. Also, box jump improves your vertical jump, speed, and endurance. Box jumps make your leg strong enough to perform all Parkour techniques with more strength and enthusiasm.

13. Dead Hang Pull-Ups

A calisthenics exercises to build up the forearms and the shoulders. Under the use, hold the overhead bar with arms extended and the feet suspended from the ground. Now, sustain the dead hang and hold for as long as you can. The aim if this exercise is to make your upper strength and the grip holding better to perform the climbing, vaulting, and other activities much efficiently.


14. Commando Crawl

It is an exercise where you crawl from one point to another using your arms and legs. Under this, lie on the ground and using same forearm and foot or toe to push the body forward. This exercise is helpful to strength the mid-section of your body and to sculpt the arms, and shoulders.



Parkour is not easy at it looks. It demands complete dedication, time and efforts to perform all strong movements and techniques come in this game of taking risks. The above-mentioned exercises are especially recommended for Parkour practitioners as all these practices focus on speed, muscles, endurance, jump, flexibility, grip and other essential aspects required to perform best. So, start with these exercises on a routine basis and chase your passion. Hope That Helped!

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