Level Terrain FlipBelt Review 2019 – Parkour and Freerunning!

By Chris / September 20, 2016


Overall Rating 

  • Pros
  • Victoriously Replaces Bag
  • Smooth and Soft Design with no Irritation
  • Easily Washable
  • Available in Many Colours

  • Cons
  • Sizing is a Bit Off


The Flipbelt is a truly unique piece of gear that adds tremendous value to any parkour runner. This amazing accessory can replace a heavy, bulky, uncomfortable backpack that can be a dead weight on your back and distract from your jumps. This comfortable belt has the capacity to store all your necessary accessories for the day like your cell phone, camera, key, spare change and cash, and even a water bottle.  Checkout our guide for other parkour backpacks!

An add-on to the Flipbelt is the Water Bottle that has a sleek and slim profile to make it easy to store inside the belt. The bottle comes in two variations, a 6 ounce and 11 ounce variation. A regular water bottle would be too wide fit to fit inside but Flipbelt makes its own BPA-free bottle that is a perfect accessory for the already incredible belt.

The belt also has a handy key chain inside that makes it easy to attach your house key. The tiny enclosures automatically snap back to keep everything inside but the belt can also just flip over to make everything safe and secure. None of your items will fall out and you can safely do your run.

Style and Design

The Flipbelt is a thick belt that fits easily around the waist.  It is made of 92% Micropoly and 8% lycra. These materials make it lightweight and comfortable while also wicking away the inevitable sweat from your run.

The belt has tiny slit openings that items can be put through.  The material also helps the belt conform to the shape of the item as it is a bit stretchy. Inside, the belt also has a key hook so you can easily keep track of your key inside the belt.  

Flipbelt also makes a wonderfully slim water bottle that fits easily into the belt, giving you access to plenty of hydration and making this accessory truly capable of replacing a bag.

The new revolution of giant smartphones has made this accessory tricky. Big phones from Apple and Samsung do not always fit, and sizing up the belt to a large size will destroy its utility as it will not fit snugly over your waist. Flip belt has responded with a plus size version, but it is still frustrating that the belt cannot fit the latest technology.

The belt, however, is machine washable which is a plus.  It will not develop a stink from all the sweat it absorbs.


The Flipbelt is incredibly comfortable. If you size it correctly, it fits snugly around your waist without being constrictive or restrictive. The material is also stretchy and while it is not plush or luxurious, it does not cause any irritation. The material also wicks sweat, making it perfect for parkour or running.  The tight fit ensures no bouncing or riding up occurs during your jumps and it is clearly a perfect accessory for parkour or running. 

Additional Features

You can purchase an additional accessory for the belt which makes it stand out even more.  The water bottle comes in a sleek profile and in 6 or 11 ounce variations that makes hydration extremely accessible and easy. The belt performs its function well without any frills which makes it uncomplicated and refreshing in a market full of product gimmicks.


The Flipbelt is a truly unique and special piece of gear that is unfortunately not without its quirks and drawbacks.  The belt is comfortable and stretches nicely while sitting snugly on your waist. It can fit snacks, keys, and certain with ease. Flipping it over secures everything safely inside. The belt stays in place and does not cause any irritation and the machine washable material even wicks sweat.  

The only issue with the belt is that it does not hold some of the newest,much larger phones released by smartphone companies. Smartphones are completely tethered to modern society as communication and in parkour, communication is important for safety. This is an oversight and the Flipbelt loses points here, but it can still hold value because it can replace a bulky bag.

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