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Picking the Best Parkour Backpack 2019 – Parkour Bags Reviews and Tips

By Chris / January 25, 2019

Last Updated: January 20th 2018 It doesn’t need to be explained why you need a backpack. To say the truth, it’s been evident that backpacks have now become the go-to accessory for every individual irrespective of their age. The question is not whether or not you should get a backpack for parkour but which one should […]


Level Terrain FlipBelt Review 2019 – Parkour and Freerunning!

By Chris / September 20, 2016

Buy Flipbelt From The Link Below Buy Flipbelt Water Bottle From The Link Below Overall Rating  Overview The Flipbelt is a truly unique piece of gear that adds tremendous value to any parkour runner. This amazing accessory can replace a heavy, bulky, uncomfortable backpack that can be a dead weight on your back and distract […]


Everest Sling Bag Review For Traceurs And Free-Runners 2019!

By Chris / September 14, 2016

Our Rating  Overview The latest offering by Everest Bags is a stylish sling version of its popular backpacks. The product has been created specifically to appeal to extreme sports enthusiasts, primarily free-running and parkour. The bag is high on durability and stability and traceurs can confidently keep important articles in the bag while exercising without […]


UNTAMED Fastbreak Backpack Aerial Review For Parkour 2019!

By Chris / September 9, 2016

Our Rating Overview The Fastbreak Backpack from Untamed is truly a parkour dream, though it comes at a price. It’s sleek and larger profile variations make it adaptable while smart innovations in the bag give it a fit tailored to the movements of parkour. The bag is made from quality materials right in Germany, so […]


Osprey Daylite Backpack Review 2019 – Perfect for Parkour

By Chris / September 8, 2016

You Can View Prices and Reviews on Amazon! Our Rating  Overview Osprey has consistently delivered high quality hiking and climbing gear and the Daylite Backpack is no different.  It is perfect for parkour or free-running as its 13 liter size makes it easy to store all the essentials: drinks, snacks, phones, and cameras. It has […]


Ultimate Camden Gear Hydration Pack Review For Parkour and Outdoors!

By Chris / September 3, 2016

A parkour backpack needs to be lightweight, durable, and comfortable. These three combined into one pack at an affordable price point would be a dream product and today we assess this latest hydration pack from Camden Gear. Our Rating  Overview Camden Gear Hydration Pack is perfect for a day of parkour with its ample amount of […]