UNTAMED Fastbreak Backpack Aerial Review For Parkour 2019!

By Chris / September 9, 2016

Our Rating

  • Pros
  • Good Protection for Items
  • Straps to Lock Bag In
  • Relatively Durable
  • Versatile and Good Looking.

  • Cons
  • Somtimes Feel Uncomfortable
  • Straps are Unadjustable.


The Fastbreak Backpack from Untamed is truly a parkour dream, though it comes at a price. It’s sleek and larger profile variations make it adaptable while smart innovations in the bag give it a fit tailored to the movements of parkour. The bag is made from quality materials right in Germany, so you know you are getting a well-made product. The heavy duty zippers will last a good while and the honeycomb pattern for the bag is water resistant and can withstand minor tugs and pulls. The bag has plenty of storage room for all your technology and snacks while also having smaller enclosures for whatever you value most: a personal affect, a key, your phone. This is a bag made for parkour and it truly is one of the best parkour backpacks available.

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Style and Design

The Fastbreak Parkour Backpack comes in several colors but it is still set in a conservative, monochromatic design. The bag features mesh shoulder straps that are, for some odd reason, unadjustable. This is an oversight and a shame because of the other features included on the straps.  

The mesh straps save on weight but skimp on comfort. Attached is a chest strap that comes together from the two straps and zips closed.  It is a unique and handy design and definitely plays a good role in keeping the bag secure on your back and eliminating chafing. Likewise, the waist strap provides good stability and keeps the bag in place. The bag uses a honeycomb patterned material and its high quality and water resistant. It makes this bag even more versatile.


The bag could truly have been something special in comfort but small design miscues keep it from being completely outstanding. It is still a great bag for parkour or running but it can be a nuisance to carry on your back for long runs and a greater attention to detail from Untamed would have done a great deal to improve the comfort.  

The mesh straps do not provide any relief in carrying a heavier load, though they do save on weight. The zip closure chest strap does a good job of keeping the bag secure and minimizing chafing, just like the waist strap. The bag also have a ventilation tunnel to minimize sweating and it also cuts down on weight.

Additional Features

This bag is clearly made for parkour and it shows with the high-quality additional straps included on the bag. The chest strap comes from the two shoulder straps in a vest type shape with a high-quality zip closer that stays shut, unlike some of the competitors’ velcro type closures. The waist strap included also does its job of cinching the bag down and eliminating rubbing on your back.  

It also has an X-shaped strap over the pockets that make it easy to tighten it around the materials inside the bag. This protects the items inside and makes sure they do not move around either. This is an amazing design element but unfortunately the unadjustable and uncomfortable shoulder pads take away from this bag.

The Skinny

The Untamed Fastbreak Parkour Backpack stands out for its parkour specific designs but it’s unadjustable and uncomfortable shoulder straps can make it a pain to use. The bag comes with tailored interior pockets and is made from high-quality materials in Germany. It also has a zip closure chest strap that secures the bag down along with a handy waist strap. Another X-shaped strap on the bag cinches down the items inside the bag, protecting them from being jostled around. These smart additions are undone by unpadded, unadjustable shoulder pads that just make for a design oversight. This bag could have been truly amazing with these small tweaks but it still stands out as good parkour specific option.

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