Top 10 Health Benefits Of Parkour & Freerunning (It Could Save Your Life)

By Chris / August 28, 2016

Being a physical exercise, Parkour is very beneficial for an individual’s health. It requires a complete focus and can-do attitude overcome the real obstacles. Thus parkour makes you super strong both physically and mentally. The health benefits of parkour are not limited to a few. Moreover, it is not like a traditional training that you might hate. Parkour is all about getting vigorous strength while having fun. Let’s dive deeper into it:

health benefits of parkour

PARKOUR – A Miracle Worker (Health Benefits)

1. Involves Full Body Workout: From head to toe, no body part remains neutral while performing Parkour. It helps the body to burn off all extra calories hidden in the form of fat. Parkour provides you a perfect body shape and keeps you fit, and healthy. Also, It delays the aging process by slowing down the degeneration process.
Also, as you don’t have to spend some depressing hours in the gym, it doesn’t let you demotivated.

Playing parkour is fun that makes you stick to it for a longer period. Thus, making workout an entertaining activity rather a depressing chore. Parkour is all about nurturing your health while adding a little play to your workout, go out in the sun in the streets, and overcome those obstacles.

2. Promote Quickness: Parkour will make you quick. And not just regarding your physical sense. It enhances your thinking skills, since in a fraction of a second; you’ll have to figure out a way to jump over the road, or to climb a wall, etc.

Thus, Parkour keeps you up to make quick decisions and movements to overcome the obstacles and reach your destination in the least possible time.

3. Boosts Self-Trust: Parkour is a quick game, and so demands the self-confidence. And when in that fraction of seconds you make a decision, you know that you’ll just have to go for it. It makes you habitual in trusting your instincts.

It develops self-trust and boosts confidence in believing that whatever you decided is right, and you are ready to go for it. More importantly, it teaches you taking actions on your decisions.

4. Develops Skills & Creativity: Every obstacle in Parkour requires a different approach, a new strategy; a quicker and safer one. So, your creativity will be tested through it.

It also includes balance, coordination, power, speed while running, climbing or any other activity. And no other game will nourish all these skills together in such a fun and creative way.

5. Strengthens The Bones: Parkour, like many other sport training activities, makes your bones stronger and develops core strength. This activity requires a lot of upper body and lower body high impact movements like jumping, rolling, vaulting, climbing and much more.

Also, while performing such actions, a transfer of balance takes place at a very quick pace. Often in Parkour, your entire body is only relied on a performance of single organ bones, such as arms or legs, thus, strengthens the bones and your whole body.

6. Enhances Cardiovascular Endurance: As mentioned earlier, Parkour is a cardiovascular physical exercise. It strengthens your heart and increases the body stamina. Such a powerful activity increases the blood flow, resulting in more oxygen intake, and making the body healthier than ever.

7. Keeps You Happier, Healthier, and Heartiest: Several studies and surveys have proved that a physical activity like Parkour reduces anti-social behavior. Being a cardiovascular event, It increases the blood circulation, making you stronger and healthier. And not just physically, but mentally as well.

Also, the entire idea of overcoming obstacles and dealing with tough situations makes you more sensitive and more prone to other human feelings.

8. Makes You Fearless: Often in our lives, we are haunted by unknown fears, death being the greatest one of them. As much fun and powerful Parkour can be, it is evident that it is a risky act. And you will fall, you will trip, and you will get hurt.

Parkour will help you in overcoming all those fears of the unknown and will develop a confidence for not to quit. With times, hurdles that you once thought cannot be conquered will no longer be as much scary to you.

9. A ‘Parkour’ Group: It’s almost impossible to indulge in such a creative and beneficial game and not to make friends, or rather a group. Chances are there must be already a gang who practices Parkour in your locality, and to figure that out you only have to go outside and try it. If not, it won’t be long before you make a Parkour group.

Since it is so much fun and tempting, finding members won’t be a difficulty. So, you get to make new acquaintances while doing an excellent workout which is obviously a blessing to your body and your soul.

10. Military Training: One of the most common usages of Parkour is in military training. Since a soldier is required to be quick, healthy, spontaneous and vigorous, It is a more-than-perfect method of training. So, does that mean when you’re practicing Parkour your level of physical training can almost be compared to that of a military officer? Yes, it says the same.

11. Overcoming Obstacles: When we say Parkour is about overcoming obstacles in your way, it could mean so much than just its literary sense. Throughout our lives we’ve been told not to quit, face the difficulties, there’s always a way. And that’s the entire idea behind It. Parkour teaches us that obstacles can be won over, and in the race of our lives, we may encounter many difficulties and many people may try to push us backward, but there’s always a way.

Final Advice

Although parkour is fun and has many health benefits yet it is never to be forgotten that it is a stunt game that requires a lot of physical activity and body movements, and thus, it should never be done without all the instructions, protective gloves, and a professional to guide you. Also, to find a perfect site for Parkour can be a challenge in itself. Always make sure your training site is safe and with only necessary requirements for Parkour. With some caution and discipline and willpower, no obstacle will ever be a challenge to you.

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