Osprey Daylite Backpack Review 2019 – Perfect for Parkour

By Chris / September 8, 2016

Our Rating 

  • Pros
  • Heat Gear to Reduce Sweating
  • Goat Skin Provides Comfort and Durability
  • Additional, Grip, Support and Flexibility
  • Contoured Wrist Straps for Best Fit

  • Cons
  • Very Little Padding
  • Risky Option on Rough Surfaces
  • Strenous Workout can Lead to Ripping


Osprey has consistently delivered high quality hiking and climbing gear and the Daylite Backpack is no different.  It is perfect for parkour or free-running as its 13 liter size makes it easy to store all the essentials: drinks, snacks, phones, and cameras. It has adjustable shoulder straps that give it a customizable fit.  Adjustable straps at the chest and waist also make this bag quite suitable for a parkour run.  These lock the bag in, while keeping you comfortable, so it is not flopping around, distracting you, or banging in to objects and endangering you on your run.  Overall this is a great parkour bag for those who are looking for a high quality option.

Style and Design

The Osprey Daylite backpack is simple but stylish.  It has an understated design that will keep the focus on you and your run.  Even though it is simple, mostly monochromatic color schemes, it comes in an array of color options. These include gray, red, white, purple, teal, blue, black, green, and orange.  

The bag also has a shoulder support on the straps, making it easier on your body to carry a bit of weight.  The decently wide straps are also well padded, keeping you comfortable.  The back of the bag as well as the straps are lined with mesh.  This mesh keeps it comfortable and well ventilated so on a hot day you do not get soaked with sweat.  

This bag also comes equipped with surprisingly durable and quality materials at this price point.  It is an affordable bag that keeps things durable


Osprey Daylite Backpack is super comfortable due to its simplicity but attention to detail. The back shoulder support on the straps makes the bag easy on your back while the adjustable shoulder, chest, and waist straps lock the bag into a customizable, conforming fit.  This eliminates chafing and will keep your skin comfortable during even the most rigorous runs.  The shoulder straps and back of the pack are well padded and keep it comfortable.  Weight is never an issue and the bag does not dig in awkwardly in any spots or cause any hot spots.  The mesh backing also keeps the bag cool and well ventilated; perfect for a hot day!

Additional Features

The adjustable waist strap is a really nice touch at this price point.  It really helps the bag get locked in and not move around.  This is a feature that other bags should try to incorporate to make sure the bag is not moving around.  The Osprey Daylite Backpack is part of a series of Osprey bags that are compatible with another.  It can easily connect to a much larger bag, increasing capacity.  Though the larger bag is definitely not suitable for parkour, it is a nice touch and makes it a logical, bargain option if you are also a hiker or mountain climber.


At this perfectly accessible price, the Osprey Daylite Backpack checks nearly all the boxes a parkour backpack need. It has a large central compartment that can store snacks and technology with a smaller, mesh lined inner sleeve that can keep your technology or smaller items safe and secure.  The bag is comfortable and with the mesh backing it keeps you cool on the hottest days.  The adjustable shoulder, chest, and waist straps make it easy to get a locked-in fit that eliminates chafing.  This bag is also lightweight, making it such a great bag for parkour! I would definitely recommend it to everyone. 

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