Everest Sling Bag Review For Traceurs And Free-Runners 2019!

By Chris / September 14, 2016

Our Rating 

  • Pros
  • Lightweight and Comfortable
  • Water Resistant Material
  • Relatively Durable
  • Good Looking and Stylish

  • Cons
  • Comparitively Less Storage
  • Lacks a Bottle Holder


The latest offering by Everest Bags is a stylish sling version of its popular backpacks. The product has been created specifically to appeal to extreme sports enthusiasts, primarily free-running and parkour. The bag is high on durability and stability and traceurs can confidently keep important articles in the bag while exercising without any fear of breakage or loss. The bag is available in 8 vibrant colors with varying prices for each colour. The bag is made in China.


The sling design gives off a very sporty look to the bag, combined with the colour combination of a bright colour with black, usually implemented by fitness firms all over the globe. However, the bag has been styled to be wore on only right shoulders. So if you find it comfortable to have bag on your left side then you may have to look for a different option.



The material used for the construction of Everest Sling Bag is 100% polyester, which ensures the bag is durable , stain proof as well as water resistant. The material is very lightweight despite its appreciable durability. The zipper closure is an important attribute and the two exterior pockets are spacious and convenient to operate. There are two small internal pockets as well, to keep important documents such as driving licenses and wallets securely.


The bag is very comfortable even during usage under extreme conditions, with the padded shoulder strap preventing skin abrasions while free running. The adjustable strap ensures a snug fit to the body and the bag doesn’t get flung around while jumping/running. But for a perfect parkour day you might not fill up the bag completely.


The 12” shoulder drop ensures flexibility and convenience while carrying out high-octane activities. The bag measures 18.5” in height and 15” in width. The weight of bag is around 500 grams (empty) and may not be completely filled when taken for heavy workouts. The dimensions prove very appropriate for good parkour runs.


This new product by Everest is definitely worth the hype, and finally parkour enthusiasts can look forward to a compact yet flexible freerunning backpack, which they can use while passionately free running across obstacles. However, it is very unfortunate that such product is available only for a selected group of people i.e right-handers. People who lift weight on left may find it inconvenient. In all, The designs emphasize the adventurous nature of the sport as well, giving the users a sense of belonging.

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